Darrel's Ode to Lemmon Ascent

Darrel has just started running with us in 2010. He's shown himself to be a poet as well as a runner. He wrote this after the Nov. 21 2010 Lemmon Ascent. He's been a good addition to the group.

It was kind of cold at the top and I was getting a little delirious...

On top of Mt. Lemmon,

all covered in fog,

it's starting to freeze now.

What a challenging slog.

Why can't I go faster?

And now here comes Steve.

He just blew past me.

I'm starting to grieve.

I step on the pedal

but there's no more to give.

Romero Ridge trail,

I will never forgive!

The wind is a-blowing,

and ice from the trees

pelts me in the face.

Now I'm starting to freeze.

Step up with my left foot,

slide back with the right,

my vision is waning,

such is my plight.

It's eleven o'clock now,

a mid-morning run,

I bet down in Tucson

they're enjoying the sun.

But wait, there is Alex.

He looks warm and dry!

I guess that I've made it,

I won't have to die.

There's Lynda with snacks and,

by God, a warm car

with seats full of runners

and one door ajar.

Jump in and get warm

and share my grand tale.

Turns out this is normal

when running the trail.

We eat and get toasty,

packed in like sardines.

Thankfully these chaps

eat Gu and not beans!

These TTR runners

are second to none.

I guess I'll stick with it

and share in the fun.