Cowhead Saddle

17.3 miles

Elevation change: 2749 - 6100 ft.

Total gain: about 3500 ft.

Trailhead: This is an easy start to find. Go to Speedway and drive east until the road runs out. The Douglas Springs trailhead and a parking lot will be on your right. This is a fee area for Saguaro National Park.

Route: Out and back on Douglas Springs trail. Ignore the many marked side trails along the way.

This map a part of the Mica Mountain Marathon. Ignore the reference to 26.8 miles. Cowhead Saddle is the first part of Mica.

Top 10 Male Finishes - Roundtrip to Saddle (17.3 miles):

Top 10 Female Finishes - Roundtrip to Saddle (17.3 miles):