Mt. Wrightson Ascent 10Sept06, 5.2mi.

A very fine morning greeted us to a very fine day on Mt. Wrightson this past 10Sept06. The rains have been heavy this summer and there were two days of storms on the mountain preceding our run and in fact, the later finishers were also subject to some heavy rains. Over 30 runners/hikers showed up for the first run of our TTR series. The trails that we used had actually been closed due to flooding this past summer, but were opened a couple of weeks before our run.

It was spectacular!! Everything was wet and green and the flower show was incredible. The temperature was mild and by the time that we got to the top, some clouds had formed and kept it somewhat warm up there. Often, the skinny, dehydrated, hungry runners stand around shivering as long as they can stand the cold breeze, then descend. This year many of us took the Super Trail down; somewhat longer, but beautiful. We started out above the burn area, where the large trees have been reduced to charred skeletons, but it was breath taking! The ground below the trees was carpeted green with plants that have probably not seen full light for decades. Water was flowing in every draw and across the trail in numerous spots. Clouds were forming around and above us as we descended and opened up about 3-4 hours after the start, in time to drench some late starters and a couple of runners who opted to do a double. Mt. Wrightson is a special place, full of life and beauty, (no bears this day, but a dozen wild turkeys were seen) and this was a truly special day to be there.

It was unanimously decided that this was the best run so far in this season’s series and that the run management was the best so far this year as well. gj


Joel Woppert 1:18

Julius Martinez 1:27

Bruce Johnson 1:36

Raoul Erickson 1:37

Chris Fall 1:37

Jerry Riddick 1:37

Peter Chagaris 1:45

Tonja Chagaris 1:45

Wayne Coates 1:45

Pam Golden 1:47

David Ramirez 1:48

Joe Dana 1:50

Gene Joseph 1:54

Steve Kanoza 1:55

Ross Zimmerman 1:56

Donna Kanoza 1:59

Patricia Wiercinski 2:22

Angie Brown 2:30

Veronica Garcia 2:30

Billie Krebs 2:30

Johnny & Ash Lyons 2:40 (This is a first! Ash rode on Johnny’s back the entire run!)

Mer Otis 2:53 (Mer was having too much fun! Someone please talk to her about this.)

Late Start-Wrightson

Nate Polaske 1:32

Joyce Vyriotes 2:48

Enrique Aviles 2:55

Paul Vyriotes ??

Baldy Saddle

Jennifer Aviles 2:30

Josephine Saddle

The Bachanis, including the ‘WonderDog’ Mollie

Ron and Maggie Lumm

Other runners who did something in addition to having fun; that something being something that was not written down

Rachel Guzman

Heather Woodland

Jill Oldham

Denise Fall

P.S. For those participants who did not sign out, you get 5 demerits, but since it was such a special day, I will give you one week to get times to me (remember, times are important when we split up the cash prizes at the end of the season!). Please email me directly at gjoseph@gainbroadband.com and don’t use the words ‘sex’ or ‘viagra’ or ‘septic system cleanout’ or your email will get junked.

Mt Hopkins Ascent 24Sept06, Up to 23.6mi

This is actually a road run, but what a road. I did it as a mountain bike ride put on by the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA) in 2004. I liked it so much that I added to our trail run series as both a run and a ride. We had 19 people this year, our biggest turnout so far.

I finally had sense enough to recruit an aid station volunteer, Paul Vyriotes, so I could ride the whole thing without neglecting the runners. Paul proceeded to recruit his spouse Joyce so he could ride.

When we were getting organized, Gene pointed out the hillsides to the north of the picnic area at Whipple Visitors Center. They were covered with thousands of “coral beans” an interesting tropical shrub/tree with bright red, very poisonous beans. We got started within a couple minutes of 7:00 AM. Joyce, Emily Scotland, Laura Vogel, and Mindy Horst all drove up the 8 miles of dirt road to the closed gate 4 miles from the top at about 7000 feet. They then proceeded to hike or run to the 8550 peak of Hopkins. Meanwhile, down at 4191 feet, the rest of us were trotting or pedaling up. I fiddled with my saddlebag for a bit and fell back, so I got to pedal past the field on the flatter first half mile. Julius Martinez and Nate Polaske had already pulled a bit ahead of the

crowd, and they pulled away from me as the incline steepened. This route starts over 1000 feet lower than Wrightson, so it’s more deserty at first. Although the vegetation was lush, we had nowhere near the flower carpets of 2 weeks ago. The interesting aspects of this route are the sweeping vistas as you look out from the road as it twists and turns. As roads go, it’s pretty steep in spots. Sometimes I was down to 3 miles an hour on my mountain bike, and working pretty hard to manage that. I chatted with Geno Foushee for a bit as he passed me, then Paul caught me on his bike, looking way too effortless. We were together at the Bear Crossing where one ran in front of me last year, but this year we only saw droppings. Paul, however, saw a bobcat! By the time we reached the aid station, we were well into forest, although more oaks and scrubby stuff than the big pines on Wrightson. There I encountered Steve and Donna Kanoza and Joe Dana. Steve and Donna were doing “ride and lie” where one would ride a bike for bit, then lay it down for the other who was running. I encountered several people coming down in the final 4 miles, in particular Laura Vogel, who ran from the gate to the top, then all the way down to Whipple for 16 miles. I hadn’t thought of that variation…

As usual, I was unable to pedal the very steep last couple of hundred yards to the peak and the telescope. All the runners I saw seemed able to trot up that part. I think most people took a moment or longer to walk around the top and look at the spectacular views. There’s a big gravel pad with a giant telescope building that spins. The peak drops off very abruptly on 3 sides. Then those of us on bikes got to do a speedy descent. This year, the biggest chunk of participants rode down from that gate rather than running all the way down the road. It was clear the aid station made a huge difference. I got down to Whipple and set up the finish refreshments. Joe Dana had beaten me down by a few minutes, but Laura was the first person down from the top. The others

doing the full distance trickled in and we had our usual social session. The funniest story involved the bat feeders. Emily showed up with a carload of folks who bagged it at the aid station, then Joyce came along after the Aviles’ passed through the aid station on the way down and sent us on home. When I spoke to Enrique that afternoon he said since it was hot and long, he and Jennifer walked most of the descent and enjoyed the day.

There was general agreement amongst those doing the full run that it would be best if we shifted the run into October a bit for cooler weather. I’ll take that into account next season. I really appreciated Joyce’s help. I was very pleased that everyone who came out got to do a decent run, hike, or ride of some sort. rz

Mt. Hopkins Ascent and Descent September 24, 2006

Feet: Round Trip 24 miles, round trip and ascent times

(23.87 by my GPS and mapping software, but that didn’t include the walk

around the scope)

Julius Martinez 3:58 2:05

Nate Polaske 3:58 2:14

Wayne Coates 2:47 4:48

Jennifer Aviles 7:15 3:39

Enrique Aviles 7:15 3:39

Bike Round Trip

Paul Vyriotes 3:15 ~2:20

Ross Zimmerman 3:24 2:25

Bike Ride and Lie

Donna Kanoza ~4:14 Unknown, but a bit slower than 2:38

Steve Kanoza ~4:15 2:38

Ascent, then down to the bottom

Laura Vogel 3:04- Not clocked

Ascent, then down to the gate (Ascent times only)

Geno Foushee 2:30

Gene Joseph 2:55

Reed Harris ~2:57

To the Gate and down, 16 miles

Jorg Hader 2:48 round trip-arrived late, left a note on my Trooper

Joe Dana 1:46 up, 1:18 down

Gate to top and back to Gate 8 miles

Joyce Vyriotes 1:20 up, 0:40 down

Emily Scotland 1:20 up, unknown down

Mindy Horst No times known, but she was running down pretty

strongly when I was pedaling up.

Molino Basin 9+ miles Oct 8, 2006

Lots of new faces and lots of familiar faces arrived anxious to check out a new(to some) route. After the summer rains, the Catalina trails have been reshaped and are reborn to even the veterans.

Such was our out and back. Follow Bill C. was my advice. He went off trail, but as usual, the nearest follower hadn’t seen him for a while.

All made it out and returned in pretty good humor. Bruce sprinted in barely minutes after Bill making the rocks and trees look like they were standing still. Thanks to the Bachani’s for giving directions to any errant runners who chose to see even more of the trails. Fortunately, all returned. Next time, there will be maps.

It was great to meet so many new friends. Hopefully, we will see more of them as the season progresses. jerry

Official results:

Bill Cuculic 1:32

Bruce Gungle 1:41

Doug Boykin 1:42

Lou Monteil 1:43

Bruce Johnson 1:43

Johnny Lyons 1:53

Jorg Hader 1:55

Gene Joseph 1:56

Harry Fagg 1:56

J. Hall 2:19

Ross Zimmerman 2:21

Pam Golden 2:21

Rebecca Gomez 2:21

Angie Brown 2:35

Jen Duffy 2:38

Nate Polaske

Mindy Horst 2:00 (7 miles + Nate’s ride from the west side of town and back!)

Made their own route:

Tonja and Pete Chagaris (prison camp/road back)

Martha Lemen 2:06 (Wilderness Boundary)

Patricia Wiercinski 2:11 (AZ trail sign/ soldier trail vistas)

Maryalice/Bob/Molly Bachani Sweeps/guide dog

Cowhead Saddle Sunday, October 15, 2006 17.3mi

Due to the rains in the summer, this year’s fall Bear Canyon Loop was replaced by Cowhead Saddle. The weather can be very unpredictable this time of year as the Bear Canyon Loop the last few years has been started at 6:00 a.m. due to the heat. Cowhead Saddle was scheduled for 7:00 a.m. and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Eighteen runners showed up for the start with intentions of doing various distances. There was some blood drawn from different runners, which made it almost seem like we were doing Bear Canyon in the fall. Everyone finished in good spirits, looking forward to their next ventures out on the trails.

Cowhead Saddle 17.3 Miles

Bill Cuculic 2:46

Nate Polaske 3:17

Jerry Riddick 3:38

Gene Joseph 3:43

Bruce Johnson 3:55

Paul Vyriotes 4:28

Steve Kanoza 4:29

Joe Dana 4:56

Ross Zimmerman 5:05

Raoul Erickson 5:05

Donna Kanoza 3:52 1/2 mile past Douglas Spring

Douglas Spring

Jorg Hader 2:34

Linda Williamson 2:53

John Hall 2:53

Laura Vogel 3:25

Joyce Vyriotes 4:37

Martha Lemen 2:10 8 miles

Tonja Chagaris 1 hour out and back

Agua Caliente Loop, Oct. 22, 2006, 15mi

We had a nice turnout for this year’s Agua Caliente Loop. 17 people turned up for the 7AM start, including several new or infrequently seen faces. I got folks started and run a few miles, then trotted back home to hop on my mountain bike and go meet the leaders as they came down Soldier Trail Road. As I’ve mentioned, AC Loop is a route Pam and I put together a few years ago to show off trails near our house that are spectacularly scenic. From our place, runners trot 2 miles to Agua Caliente Trailhead, off of the east end of Ft. Lowell. That trail crosses a couple canyons, then ends 2.5 miles later on a saddle. There runners doing the full route take a 2 mile spur east along the ridgeline to Agua Caliente Hill. Near the top is one of the steepest slopes in our series. Coming back down to the saddle, one continues north down to Agua Caliente Creek, then zags northeast along the creek for about a quarter mile. As usual, several people had trouble keeping on track here. From there the trail climbs to the ridge separating Agua Caliente and La Milagrosa Canyons. They follow La Milagrosa Trail out to a neighborhood at the east end of Snyder, then come back out to Soldier Trail Road and back to our house. A lot of folks decided to do the 11 mile route this year. I heard the usual stories of getting off trail (which is why I rate this run Advanced). It got a bit warm, but that didn’t stop Gene Joseph from setting out at 11:15AM (late night…). We fed runners bagels and other brunch tidbits, and left an ice chest in front of our house for Gene while we went to the movies that afternoon. People seemed to have fun. I bounced ideas for a route to replace Lemmon Ascent, which I’ll share with the group in a day or two after Bruce Gungle and I sort out details. Thanks to all for joining us. rz

15 mile route

Julius Martinez 2:54

Mike Wilke 2:54

Matt Chamberlin 3:02

Geno Foushee 3:08

Doug Boykin 3:24

Bruce Johnson 3:36

John Carruth 3:36

Raoul Erickson 4:05

Pam Golden 4:10

Gene Joseph 4:17 (Got hot enough to drink from Agua Caliente Creek, which is a first for this run)

11 mile route

Harry Fagg 2:25

Jorg Hader 2:25 (Met his first Gila Monster near the saddle)

Steve Kanoza 2:55

Mitch Levitts 2:58

Tom Kittle 3:04

Angie Brown 3:06

Donna Kanoza 3:07

Joe Dana 3:07

Charoleau Gap Oct. 22, 2006, 13.4mi

The 7am start was brisk with temperatures in the low 50′s, but it got warm by late morning. Ross said it was freezing at the top. All streams were dry. There was a dead cow just off the trail – everyone smelled it, but only Ross saw it. Nate said the trail was 95% runnable and Ross suggested this could be a gentle introduction for new trail runners. pv

Saddle and back:

Nate Polaske 2:18:30

Jerry Riddick 2:18:30

Chris Fall 2:20

Mindy Horst 3:06

Ross Zimmerman 3:58


Mary Croft 2:43

Joyce Vyriotes 2:43

Mt. Lemmon Ascent Nov. 12,2006, 17.4mi

Lemmon Ascent became Lemmon Loop this year for all but a couple of accidental hikers unassociated with TTR who came into the parking lot finish area around 9:30 AM (they completed the 18.6 mi. Ascent in 25:30:00 or so). The rest of us got to enjoy a chilly & breezy start that gave way to a fairly nice, sunny day and a beautiful but fairly steep run. GPS returns for the Lemmon Trail to Romero Pass back through Wilderness of Rocks loop were around 13 mi., and the Wilderness of Rocks loop sans Romero Pass checked in at 9.6 mi. with ~2800 ft. of ascent (uncorrected).. I believe Ross indicated that the Lemmon Trail out & back to Romero Pass was 11.0 mi. (correct Ross?), and the 6.0 mi. for the Lemmon Lookout loop is a total guesstimate.

16 folks started out at 8:04:00 AM with temps probably in the 30s. Clyde the bloodhound and I headed out a short time later, and he wanted little more than to track the rest of the troop and about pulled my arm out of the socket in his pursuit. Not counting the free agents who hiked up from Sabino and spent the night shivering under a rock, Chase was the first one in, in just under 3 hours, having gone straight down to Romero & straight back on the Lemmon Trail. Ed Berkeley, out on his first TTR run after having helped out with Bear Canyon trail work last weekend, rolled in a couple of minutes later off of the Wilderness of Rocks loop, followed by Trish and Alli who got creative and ran a Lemmon Lookout loop (does anyone know the distance for that route?). Julius and Mike were the first to check in from the longest loop of the day, down to Romero Pass and back up through the Wilderness of Rocks. The Wilderness of Rocks trail got rave reviews from a number of runners for its scenic beauty on this crisp fall morning.

Lots of folks hung around to shoot the breeze and refuel & re-hydrate after the run, which is always a pleasure, and Nate hopped on his bike and pedaled down the big hill for a little bonus exercise. The mountain extracted a fairly typical toll in blood: Pam took a scratch to the nose, Mike, I think it was, took a bit of skin off of a knee & shin, and one of the free agents poked himself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Start time: 8:04:00


Julius Martinez 11:12:20 3:08:20 Romero WoR 13.25

Mike Wilke 11:12:20 3:08:20 Romero WoR 13.25

Nate Polaske 11:47:46 3:43:46 Romero WoR 13.25

Tonja Chagaris 12:22:20 4:18:20 Romero WoR 13.25

Mitch Levittts 12:22:20 4:18:20 Romero WoR 13.25

John Hall 12:44:42 4:40:42 Romero WoR 13.25

Chase Duarte 11:02:47 2:58:47 Romero O&B 11.0

Pam Golden 11:57:50 3:53:50 Romero O&B 11.0

Ross Zimmerman 13:02:13 4:58:13 Romero O&B 11.0

Joe Dana 13:11:00 5:07:00 Romero O&B 11.0

Donna Kanoza 13:11:00 5:07:00 Romero O&B 11.0

Angie Brown 11:26:04 3:22:04 WoR loop 9.6

Ed Berkeley 11:04:08 3:00:08 WoR loop 9.6

Trish Duarte 11:06:12 3:02:12 Lemmon LO lp 6.0 (?)

Alli Menear 11:06:12 3:02:12 Lemmon LO lp 6.0 (?)

Bruce Gungle unknown Lemmon LO tr 3.5 (?)

Sir Clydesdale Huntington McBride unknown Lemmon LO tr 3.5+

Saguaro West Loop November 19th, 2006, 22mi

With a comfortable start temperature, the predicted warm finish to the run was accurate. Aside from the warm finish and the arrhythmic steps at the bottom of the Hugh Norris Trail, the run was well received. Alli and Trish skipped the side trip to the summit of Wasson Peak, instead opting for a scenic cross-country route through the lower desert hills and washes. Being my first run directing attempt, I learned a bit about providing aid and making it to the finish before the first runners. All runners did receive aid, but Jerry, Gene and Chase didn’t get greeted or snacks when they finished. I believe the road crossing at the end was actually the most dangerous part of the run. Did anyone wear a GPS and figure out any distances and elevations?

Thanks for trying it out everybody! Johnny

22 Mile Loop:

Chase Duarte 3:58

Gene Joseph 3:58

Bruce Johnson 4:41

Alli Menear 5:11

John Hall 5:12

Reed Harris 5:12

18 Mile Loop:

Jerry Riddick 3:16

14.5 Mile Point to Point:

Angie Brown 3:48

Trish Duarte 4:07

Reddington 50ishK Dec. 3, 2006

The first Reddington 50ishK had a chaotic start, which set the tone for the day. High winds and cold temperatures had runners scurrying over to my Trooper to sign up, then back to their vehicles to hide out. I yelled and waved at start time, then gave a hurried briefing to a shivering group jammed into the windbreak between 2 vehicles. Once the runners were off, Pete, Tonja, and Rika Chagaris followed me out toward Italian Springs trail head. I snagged Ed Berkeley on my way past his house.

Up at the trailhead, it was a bit less windy and a bit warmer, but not great. Tonja trotted up Italian Springs trail to mark a 3 mile turnaround, which would give us a 50K route if the other distance estimates were correct (they weren’t). Rika (the dog) and Pete held down the fort, with Ed waiting for some runners to show up to run back with. I unpacked my sons’ mountain bike and rode about 2 miles out Bellota trail toward the runners, turning a bit after I encountered the leaders. I rode out Italian Springs to catch them again. Gene Joseph egged folks on to Tonja’s marker. I turned and met more runners heading out. Chris Fall went after Gene & co., but Raoul Erickson and Wayne Coates decided to turn at the Arizona Trail sign, nominally for 29 miles.

Everyone trundled back to the aid station, got organized and headed back toward Prison Camp. Joe Dana turned up in his Subaru to let us know he was having a bad day and had turned with Pam Golden at the unsigned turnoff to La Milagrosa, where it turned out a couple people got off the route. Tonja and Rika headed out Bellota Trail to look for Ali Menear, who was one of those people. She decided to hitch a ride with me back to the start rather than run back. Even more people missed the Bellota Trail turn and headed toward Bellota Ranch. One of them was my designated GPS porter, Chris Fall. More on that later…

Back at Prison Camp, the wind was just as bad as before, but it was a bit warmer with some sun. I touched base with Tom Kittle who was holed up in Raoul’s truck at Molino—another La Milagrosa miscreant. I set up some refreshments in the lee of the Trooper and waited for windblown runners. People started to appear with comments about how nice the course was and how awful the wind was. We may use this for our 50K even after Sabino is fully opened. We learned Ed took a fall, cut his leg, and hitched a ride with the Bellota Ranch manager, Kean Brown, back to Reddington Rd. Then he walked a couple of miles before snagging another ride back home. I spoke to him later as he waited with good humor, but disappointment regarding his shortened run, at Urgent Care, waiting for stitches. There were also a couple of phantoms, but I’ll say no more.

After more huddling to avoid the wind, people headed home. Chris got me a good GPS trace, and with some correction for his 1.5 mile side trip, it turns out that the run is longer than my estimates. Turning at the Arizona Trail sign 2 miles out Italian Springs gives an honest 50K. Since everyone who ran out and back either went to Tonja’s 3 mile marker or did a sidetrip toward Bellota Ranch, they all did more than 50K. Total climbing was close to 4000 feet, with an uphill finish. I ended up doing about 8 trail miles on my bike, thanks to Pete’s help. He’s recovering from a car encounter on his road bike, 3 days after a strong 4:33 finish at El Tour.

Ross Z


Chris Fall 34.23 miles, 6:55

Jerry Riddick 32.72 miles, 6:55

Gene Joseph 32.72 miles, 6:59

Wayne Coates 31+ miles, 7:13

Raoul Erickson 31+ miles, 7:26

Ali Menear 18-20 miles, (I missed her time. Sorry Ali)

Pam Golden 10.6 miles (out and back to La Milagrosa junction. No idea of time)

Joe Dana 10.6 miles (likewise)

Tom Kittle 8-10 miles (From Molina to La Milagrosa, then out La Milagrosa a ways and back)

Tonja Chagaris 8-10 miles (Ranging from Italian Springs trail head)

Ed Berkeley 6+ miles (4 miles or so on Bellota Trail, then 2 miles or so on Reddington Rd.)

Soldier/La Milagrosa Dec. 17, 2006, 15mi

The weather was perfect for those that ran. For those that waited, it was a bit chilly (although my Golden Retriever seemed to be a bit more comfortable than I was). We had a nice turn out, and the majority of the running pack chose to do an out and back, rather than the entire loop. All runners departed at 7:01 am.

Entire 15 mile loop:

Matt Chamberlain 10:10 am 3 hrs 9 mins

Gene Joseph 10:19 am 3 hrs 18 mins

Wayne Coats 10:39 am 3 hrs 38 mins

Jerry Riddick 10:39 am 3 hrs 38 mins

Shorter Loop (11.2mi)

Joe Dana 3hrs. 30 mins

Steve Kanoza 3hrs. 30 mins

Various Out and Backs

Trish and Montana 7:52 am– To the wash and back, Montana led and climbed a few hillsides unnecessarily because of it.

Patricia Wiercenski 9:45 am– Patricia took the “designer” route back.

Ross Zimmerman 9:58 am– to the 10 mile turnaround and back (Ross was a bit bewildered when he got to the turnaround and realized everybody in front of him was lost)

Kim Ferranti 10:22 am

Celestino Fernandez 10:22 am–Kim and Celestino also decided to march to the tune of a different drummer….I think Kim said it was “The Blonde leading the Blind” ??

Donna Kanoza 10:34– I believe Donna was also taken in initially by the blonde.

Chase now owes me one. Trish Duarte

Wasson Peak Jan. 7, 2007, 15mi

Sunday started out cold and clear as usual. A small but determined group set out at 7:00. About 12 minutes later Joel Woppert showed up after following my poor directions and took off chasing the group. Eventually he caught Gene, who was also having a good day. Wayne was

close behind and Reed and Ross followed shortly after. No injured, no lost and a lot of good conversation followed the run. I’ll probably change the route a little after some exploring of my own that morning. You will have to come next year to see. jerry

Full Loop

Joel Woppert 2:31

Gene Joseph 2:42

Wayne Coates 2:54

Reed Harris 4:17

Ross Zimmerman 4:17

Short Loop

Patricia Wiercinski 2:15

Winter Bear Canyon Jan. 20, 2007

Fellow Runners:

Well 9, plus little old me, showed up Saturday for a cold, wet, dreary run up into the clouds and snow. Yes it was snowing at the top!

Bear will never be the same, that is for sure, and no fast times will ever be seen again – unless you are a mountain goat!

The falls were running, but if anyone wants to go swim in the pools, forget it – they are now like Hutch’s Pool – completely full of sand.

All in all it was a good day and it was good to see some other folks out for one of our runs for a change. Where were the rest of YOU???? wc

Times ……….

To upper creek crossing:

Jerry Riddick – 55 – 3:04:44

Mehendra Jani – 52 – 3:04:54

Wayne Coates – 59 – 3:04:44

To top out:

Billy Still – 53 – 4:50:20

Mary Croft – 60 – 4:56:44

Beverly Schulz – 64 – 4:58:42

Patricia Wiercinski – 42 – 5:01:31

To head splitter:

Reed Harris – 56 – 4:52:50

Joe Theobald – 55 – 6:09:58

Ross Zimmerman – 54 – 6:10:07

To pick up a book and hopefully solve his hamstring problem:

Steve Olson – ?? – 0:00:00

Cowhead Saddle, February 4, 2007, 17.3mi

Start: 7 a.m.

Temperature: 27 degrees F

Wind: Calm until about 9:30 am when a slight breeze picked up from the west

Clear skies with a developing high cloud overcast that eventually cleared up

Fifteen people, including your two run coordinators, showed up this morning. Ten went all the way to Cowhead Saddle, two ran to Douglas Springs, two ran towards Douglas but turned around with about two miles to go, and one hiked as far as the Three Tank trail sign before

heading back to be at the finish to set out refreshment and keep track of those coming back. Very little snow was encountered above Douglas Springs and the temperature kept the soil frozen. Newcomer John Artley gave Mike Wilke a challenge to the top but Mike pushed the return and finished just shy of ten minutes ahead of John, a 2:58 road marathoner, and today’s youngster. Those who went beyond Douglas all commented on the artistic cairn. Hopefully someone will take along a camera and if the cairn is still standing in two weeks for TV Loop, take a picture and post it here.

Cowhead age topout finish

Mike Wilke 43 3:14

John Artley 27 3:23

Gene Joseph 54 3:53

Tonja Chagaris 34 2:27 4:21

Christy Kane 35 2:27 4:21

Alli Menear 30 2:27 4:26

David Ramirez 50 4:32

Steve Kanoza 56 2:21 4:39

Joe Dana 70 5:19

Donna Kanoza 56 5:19

Douglas Springs

Bruce Johnson 52 2:31

Jorg Hader 38 2:35

Top of Jennifer’s Hill (real oldtimers will know where this is) – 2 miles from Douglas

Doug Neill 45 2:55

Enrique Aviles 51 3

Three Tank sign (4.6 round trip)

Jennifer Aviles 62 no time taken

Friday Run

Joe Theobald 5:04

Alli wishes to add: after top out –Stopping for gas, 5 minutes

Technical difficulties, 10 minutes

Fat and out of shape, 15 minutes

Beautiful Sunday morning run and looking forward to eating whatever she wants, priceless.

Enrique and Jennifer Aviles, co-race coordinators

Tanque Verde Loop Feb. 18, 2007 28.5mi

Twenty people turned up at the Douglas Spring Trailhead by 7 am on Feb. 18 to do the Tanque Verde Loop or various parts thereof. It was cool and overcast for the start and although, the clouds partly cleared, temperatures stayed mild. Eight folks did the whole loop (28 miles), nine stopped at Javelina Picnic Ground, Mindy Horst ran to Douglas Springs and back, Patricia Wiercinski ran to Cowhead and back, and Joe Dana and Hedley Bond strolled to Bridal Wreath Falls, solving the world’s problems on the way. Although there was considerable snow around Tanque Verde Peak 3 days before the run, little remained on Sunday.

Emily Scotland was on hand at Javelina Picnic Area with food, fluids, and good cheer (Thanks Emily!).

Times are not complete; let me know if you have a time where one is missing and I’ll update this. Apologies in advance for any & all bad spellings, etc. hb

The full loop (28 miles):

John Artley 27 5:14:05 Road

Matt Chamberlain 34 5:20:05 Road

Geno Foushee 45 6:10:00 Trails+Road

Harry Fagg 47 6:21:40 Road

Tonja Chagaris 34 6:27:35 Trails+Road (?)

Raoul Erickson 38 6:27:50 Road

Wayne Coates 59 6:29:45 Trails

To Javelina (20 miles): (I don’t have most times here; the ones I do are pretty approximate)

Julius Martinez 40 4:09

Nate Polaske 24 4:?:?

Steve Kanoza 56 5:45

Bob Bachani 51 ?

Jorg Hader 38 5:15 ?

Bruce Johnson 52 ?

Alli Menear 30 ?

Laura Vogel 21 ?

Ross Zimmerman 54 7:32

To Cowhead Saddle:

Patricia Wiercinski 42 5:33:26

To Douglas Spring:

Mindy Horst 23 3:14:30

Mica Mountain Marathon Mar. 25, 2007 26.8mi

The day dawned bright and clear as 15 runners began their trek up the Douglas Springs trail toward Mica Mountain. Temperatures were about as good as one could want. A cool start and just slightly warm as the last finishers made their way back. No falls and no wild animals were encountered. Everyone got to greet Duane as he was coming down from a night climb of Mica. Everyone except the RD who was off having coffee when he finished.

There was lots of water on the route and about 4 inches of snow on the top. All times have been adjusted for a variety of starts both early and late. If a mistake is noted please let me know and I’ll correct it. jd


Nate Polaske 5:49:57

Geno 6:16:39

Jerry Riddick 6:45:03

John Artley 6:46:21

Bob Bachani 7:41:01

Ross Zimmerman 10:25:01

Manning camp trail junction 24 miles

Wayne Coates 6:00:41


Bruce Johnson 3:54:50

Tonja Chagaris 3:58:48

Mindy Hunt 4:32:38

John Hall 4:39:17

Steve Kanoza 4:52:09

Donna Kanoza 5:29:10

Joe Dana 5:45:58 Saturday


Patricia Wiercinski 4:30:04

Sunset Loops 2007, April 7-8

Spread across Saturday and Sunday, it looks like we had 10 people do some variation of the Sunset Loops Run. Most people did the full distance, which appears to be 16-17 miles based on Kandi’s and my GPS readings (I designated Nate my GPS carrier this run.). My GPS also claims over 4000 feet of total climbing, which is probably a bit of an underestimate. And it’s spread over multiple climbs, like the one Steve encountered getting back up to Marshall Saddle. I remember that long climb well–in years past one of my training runs in the summer was to do most of the Lemmon Ascent route, but turn on WOR to Marshall Gulch and get picked up there.

For the big loop, you run from Sunset to Marshall Gulch, then pick up Aspen trail, which swings around up to Marshall Saddle and on to the top of Mt. Lemmon. Then you take the Lemmon Ascent route down several miles to the Wilderness of Rocks trail, take that back to Marshall Saddle, then straight down to the Gulch and back to Sunset trail. Lots of climb and descent with an uphill finish. The weather was cool and pleasant both Saturday and Sunday. Four people did the run on Saturday. The Sunday crowd got to take advantage of my table of snacks. Nate Polaske commented that this isn’t an easy loop, so it’s just as well he had a guardian angel. He and Mindy Horst were also pretty eager to get down the mountain to find real food instead of snacks. Jane Larkindale and Jim Holmes finally made it to one of our runs. There was a small world

moment. Remember a few years back when my son Gabe and his mom Emily got into trouble trying to get down the Lemmon Ascent route after the fire? The trail problems they encountered resulted in our first cancellation of Lemmon. Jane and Jim were part of the group that came into Romero Pools and helped Gabe find his way out (a helicopter helped Emily down from the pass where she had gotten ill).

John Hall and I did the 10ish mile version of the run. John had run down to the Lemmon Rock Lookout turn off to help Mindy sort out the route choices, then graciously stayed with me on the return trip. I learned more about the organization he founded in Florida to help people train for marathons (www.friendsintraining.net ). He, Jane, and Jim hung around and visited while Nate went back to check on Mindy, who was doing fine.

It was a good day. From what I heard from Steve and Kandi, Saturday was good too. rz

Sunset Loops 2007, April 7-8

Big Loop 16-17

Nate Polaske 3:42

Jane Larkindale 3:51

Jim Holmes 3:51

Steve Olsen 4:55 (Sat.)

Daren Sandbank 4:55 (Sat.)

Kandi Karuza NT (Sat.)

Rick Kelley NT (Sat.)

10ish mile Loop

John Hall 3:38 (Plus at least .4 mi.)

Ross Zimmerman 3:38

Sonoita 50ishK April 14, 2007

The day started off cool, 40F. When Joe Dana found that it was warmer waiting on the other side of the parking lot in the sun, the day improved measurably. A total of 14 individuals showed up at the official start time, with 2 others showing up later. We had an assortment of routes, distances, means of locomotion, etc. Not all distances were measured, timed, etc. And with a few people making side trips, some planned and other unplanned, it turned out to be an interesting day. Generally I think that all had a good, time, some maybe enjoying the scenery a little longer than they had planned.

Many thanks to my good wife Patricia for being at the start, going to the turnaround and then being back at the finish and supplying aid to all. Also I must add – thanks to her putting up with me for the past year – Sunday was the end of year one!

Also thanks to Joyce for running the aid at the start/end until Patricia returned.

Distance – 27 miles (out and back) – ascent out 3000 feet, ascent back 1806 feet, total 4806 feet.


Runners out and back:

Wayne Coates – 5:51

Jane Larkindale – 5:59

Joe Theobald – 7:50

Bikers out and back:

Jim Holmes – 5:35

Runners out and back to the corrals and red cliff: (approx. 13 miles)

Donna Kanoza – 3:20

Steve Kanoza – 3:20

Mary Croft – 3:30

Beverley Schultz – 3:40

Monica Durazo – 3:50

Joe Dana – 4:00

Bikers other routes:

Paul Vyriotes out and back part way, side trip, 28.6 miles – 5:35

Ross Zimmerman out to aid, return by road, 35.6 miles – 6:35

Ed Berkeley out part way and back, 2 flats on the route, 11 miles, – 4:00

Matt Bossler, out part way and back, 15 miles, – 3:00

Runners other routes:

Joyce Vyriotes, out part way and back, ????

John Artley – who knows where he went, I found him coming out from

the bushes along the AZ trail, – 5:00

Other (unknown by us) biker:

This guy was participating in some type of long distance ride from

Parker Lake (I think) to somewhere up north (300 miles

total). Anyway Patricia provided him with drinks, cookies, etc

before sending him on his merry way.

Green Mountain Run April 20, 2007 8mi

I wasn’t expecting a big turnout for our first TTR_AZ run on the Green Mountain trail. In fact, initially the only runner was John Hall. I had brought my road bike with the idea I was going to do some uphill training while people ran. It was nippy at the start in Upper Bear Canyon, but not unpleasant. After John took off, I got organized and started pedaling up to Windy Point. To my surprise, about 1.25 miles up Bruce Gungle and Kyle Blasch pulled up beside me in Kyle’s truck and asked where the run started. I said “follow me” and zipped back down. Once they were on track, I rode up to the Palisades top out and came back down to wait for runners. Folks took a bit longer than I expected–from what John says, there’s been more tree falls than the last time I ran the route before last winter. John did the base out-and-back. Bruce and Kyle took a side trip a short ways down the Brush Corral Trail (on purpose), then came back down Mt. Lemmon Highway. Bruce tells me the canyon the Brush Canyon trail descends through is very scenic, so I want to go see what he’s talking about. Everyone agreed the run is very pretty. I think it would make a good introductory run in the early part of next season, so we’ll discuss that. We had a nice visit and everyone headed back down the mountain. rz

John Hall 2:45

8.8 miles (Green Mountain Tr to the top trail head and back)

Kyle Blasch 2:56

Bruce Gungle 2:56

12.8 miles (Up Green Mountain Tr, side trip on Brush Corral Tr, return on Mt. Lemmon Highway)

Multiple Wrightson Massacre May 12, 2007 10.4mi loops

Sorry for the incomplete results. Please review and let me know of any corrections/additions that need to be made and I will update and post more complete results.

The turnout was much more than there has been for several years. It was nice seeing some old friends and meeting some new folks that have gotten involved with the trail runs.

Thank you for coming out.

Best regards,

Rick Kelley

Age Time

2 Trips Baldy

Nate Polaski ?? 5:28:30

Bob Bachani ?? 6:20

Daren Sandback 48 7:06

Unidentified runner ?? ????

1.82 trips Baldy (Turned around at Baldy on second trip)

John Artley ?? 5:25

1.42 Trips (To Josephine on second)

Bruce Johnson 52 ?????

1 Trip Baldy

Chase Duarte 39 ????

Joe Dana ?? ????

Geno Foushee 45 ????

Ross Zimmerman ?? ?????

Joe Theobold ?? 4:28:14

Hillary R ?? ~4:00

1 Trip Up Baldy Down Super Trail

Patricia Wiercinski 42 ????

Chris Fall ?? ????

Wayne Coates 59 ????

Rick Kelley 56

1 Trip Super Trail to Josephine Saddle Old Baldy Trail to top and return

Mer Otis 50 ????

Jill Oldham ?? ????

1 Trip Super Trail

Bruce Gungle ?? 4:15 (SUNDAY)

Santa Catalina Ascent May 20th 2007 25+mi

Eight runners started this early morning training run, some coming from as far away as Sonoita. { I hear we may be moving the trail series down there } (This year’s run started at Molino since Sabino was closed.)

Julie and I had covered most of the course the previous day and I had all but stuck my foot into the mouth of a black rattler on Palisades. Fortunately it must have been out overnight and still lethargic and it never moved. I never saw it but Julie certainly did. So after warning everyone of snake danger and a brief trail description, the runners were off.

Maryalice, Laurie, Molly and I proceeded up to the Palisades TH to set up the AS. It was a bit cool compared to last year. This years aid consisted of watermelon, oranges, various cookies, chips, TURKEY WRAPS, gatorade , soda and water. No one was going to lose weight on this trip.

Joe Dana showed up for a little jaunt down to Mud Springs as did Reed Harris after waiting at the top for 1PF. Patricia Coates opted for a more stimulating adventure on the Butterfly Tr. .

After all the runners were thru Palisades we moved to the Butterfly TH. and set up there.{ On the way we saw Patricia just smokin’ down the highway with a big smile on her face.} Several runners somehow got to see some airplane parts that were not on the schedule. Maybe someday I’ll go check them out. 2 runners saw a black rattler and Patricia saw 2 whitetail. The temps did not rise much as they did last year when the Butterfly was an inferno.

When all the runners were thru we proceeded to Ski Valley and set up for the weary.

It was cool at the top. Especially when a slight breeze picked up. We had set up in the sun due to limited parking but decided to move into the shade, which may not have been a good idea.

It turned out to be a great training run for all those who participated. The weather was perfect, the food was good. {I hope}. Laurie and Steve left just a bit too early. They had just left when Cathy Riddick and her daughter arrived with a big bucket of Eggees slushes , putting a smile on everyone’s faces. A good time was had by all. And most importantly, Molly had fun as did China.

My guesstimate was 25 miles. Wayne came up with 27 and Julius came up with 24.

Wayne will let us know shortly.

The consensus was that this route was a bit tougher than the original route from Sabino due in part to the relatively quicker 3.7 miles of tram rd. at Sabino. As opposed to the uphill trail start at Molino.

I’m interested in what Wayne comes up with in total mileage.

Thanks to everyone for showing up to run and help out. bb




KYLE BLASCH 3:35 stop



DIANA ROADES 3:52 stop



JERRY 5:34


BRUCE G. 6:15 stop



JERRY 7:16

WAYNE 7:34

BRUCE J. 7:42

Arizona Trail 50K June 3, 2007 (In place of Palisades Loop)

Well the inaugural AZ trail 50K took place yesterday. Great day for heat training for sure! My Polar unit showed middle 90′s for all of the sections from Kentucky camp back to the start/end of the course. Really the course is very runnable the whole way. Lack of shade is the biggest problem.

Anyway 6 hearty, and perhaps not too brilliant, people showed up for the 7:00 AM start. For all of those interested some of the commuters said it took less time to get to the start, by far, than it would have taken to get to the Palisades trail head, the location originally set for the run.

After introductions took place, and congratulations to Jim and Jane were handed out regarding their recent marriage, the group was off….

Along the way there were several sightings of deer, a few crazy dune buggy drivers, and a guy panning for gold in the wash near the OP mile 3 aid.

Times and distances ……….

Julius Martinez – to OP50 Mile 46 aid and back to Gardner canyon road

aid, 16.2 miles, 2:36 including long cool down at the aid when he first arrived

Jim Holmes – to Kentucky Camp and back, 20 miles, 4:36

Jerry Riddick – to Gardner Canyon aid and back, 28.8 miles, 5:57

Bruce Gungle – to Gardner Canyon aid and back, 28.8 miles, 5:57 -

for this part of course total ascent is 4370 feet

Jane Larkindale – to Gardner Canyon aid and back, 28.8 miles6:05

Wayne Coates – to OP Mile 46 aid and back, 30.6 miles, 6:36 – for the

entire course the ascent it 4470 feet.

Once again a great big thank you to Patricia Wiercinski for being at the start and finish, and setting up the aid for all of us.

This really is a great run and could be added to the trail series although it might be a bit more palatable in the spring or fall when it is cooler. wc