Wrightson Ascent, 7Sep08, 5.2mi.


What a day for a run! The morning temps were very mild with nearly clear skies. We had over twenty runners and a few hikers take on the morning. We started at about 7:00 with the route being up the Old Baldy trail. The descent was either Old Baldy or the Super Trail. Only the ascent was timed. This is typically the kick-off for training for those of us who hadn’t done any summertime hundreds (or 135’s). It was a beautiful Southern Arizona late summer day to start our trail run series. This part of the state has had ample monsoonal rains, about 50% more than average. The flowers were not quite at their peak, but were in abundance.

There was plenty of water at the spring on the way up, but as usual of late, the pipe is disconnected, so drinking from the pools was in order. (This runner has been drinking from there for over twenty years and is more or less normal after the fact.) The trail is in good condition after several fire and rain events over the past two or three years. These trails are generally easy to follow, although there are options, but following the signs to your intended goal is simple. This is a mountain with unpredictable weather. In the late 1950’s a group of boy scouts was trapped in a November snow storm, with several of them not making it out alive. On this day, we started in clear weather and after some of us were down and several still on the course, it started to rain gently. There was one small cloud forming over the top and spreading to the west and dropping a gentle rain at the parking lot. As the cloud became larger, the rain became a little heavier, enough to drive the finishers to their vehicles. As the remaining runners finished, they talked of heavy rain and some hail. It was not cold, nor extreme, so it added to the beauty and fun of the day. After some discussion on the runners’ part and after enough rain to chase us off, the run was deemed a success. gj

Note: to see pictures from this day, go here: http://ttraz.wordpress.com/

Nate Polaske 1:15

Joel Woppert 1:18

Bruce Johnson 1:31

Jerry Riddick 1:32

Darren Sandbank 1:42

Mindy Horst 1:45

Tom Gormley 1:45

Alli LaCroix 1:49

Ed Berkeley 1:51

Troy Martin 1:55*

Gene Joseph 1:55*

Deanna Lewis 1:56

Mahendra Jani 1:57

Renee Webb 1:59

Kandi Karuza 2:11

Ross Zimmerman 2:14

Debbie Hedgepeth 2:20*

Enrique Aviles (hike) 2:55

Ascent via Super Trail

Bruce Gungle 2:00ish

Kyle Blasch 2:00ish

Baldy Saddle

Jennifer Aviles (hike) 3:05

Josephine Saddle

Joyce Viriotes 1:04


We had another fantastic day for trail running this Sunday. Twenty runners gathered at 6am for the designated start. The

weather was cool by Tucson summertime standards (about 70F). The skies were perfectly clear. The sun didn't rise above

the mountains until 6:30, and most runners stayed in the shade until the last mile of the run. The brush was quite thick in the 2-mile stretch from the top of Sabino out to Sabino Basin so there were plenty of scratched legs at the end. Thankfully I only heard of one snake sighting. Those who stuck around after the run got to enjoy strawberry ice cream and mango sorbet in addition to the usual salty snacks and sports drinks. Ross took a lot of pictures and will post them at http://ttraz.wordpress.com

The official run was out and back on Phoneline to Sabino Basin.

Ross's GPS showed 13.8 miles for this circuit. The times were:

Bruce Johnson 2:38

Paul Vyriotes 2:38

Gene Joseph 2:41

Daren Sandback 3:04

Troy Martin 3:10

Wayne Coates 3:12

Ed Berkeley 3:49

Ross Zimmerman 4:34

Quite a few people opted for a fast return on the road. This option had a GPS distance of 13.1 miles:

Nate Polaske 2:05

Jeff Azersky 2:47

Mahendra Jani 2:50

Mindy Horst 2:51

Alli LaCroix 2:51

Joyce Vyriotes 3:41

Two people ran out and back on Phoneline with a turnaround just beyond the turn into the upper part of the canyon:

John Hall 2:31

Deanna Lewis 2:31

Three people ran up Phoneline to the top of the road, descended the switchbacks, and came back on the road. The distance for this loop is about 9.7 miles:

Paul Browne 1:51

Erin Browne 1:59

Patricia Wiercinski 2:33

Sabino Basin, 21Sep08, 13.2mi.

Here are the basic facts. It was a good day with a decent turnout given the long drive down. For more details, Troy's account of his day, and photos, please check out the blog-- http://ttraz.wordpress.com. rz

Full 24 mile round trip, plus bike to the gate and back

Troy Martin 5:59 run, 3:14 bike

Full 24 mile round trip

Nate Polaske 3:37 (with a 1:58 ascent)

Joel Stamp 4:32 (2:35 ascent)

Ross Zimmerman 2:38 ascent on bike, didn’t track descent time

Whipple to the gate and back (16 miles)

Mindy Horst 3:05 (1:40 to gate)

Renee Webb 3:05:25 (1:49 to gate)

Michell Miller 3:37 (2:05 to gate), with companionship on bike and vehicle from Darrick (I’m sorry, I can’t make out the last name)

Gate to the top and back

Enrique Aviles and Ron Lumm, no time, but ahead of their better halves…

Jennifer Aviles and Maggie Lumm, 3:18

Mt. Hopkins Ascent, 28Sep08, 23.6mi.

Fellow Runners

Well the day started out pretty good. Temperature at the house in Sonoita was 52 degrees when we left for Patagonia.

From there things did not go quite as well. We should have known there were going to be problems when after turning off Highway 82 into Patagonia we found the Harshaw Road torn up and closed. So we had to hunt around a bit to find an alternate route. Did that, and 7 runners plus Patricia and yours truly arrived at the start. We started on the trail slightly behind schedule, with Patricia leaving for the aid/turnaround.

First 3 miles were uneventful with the slow RD lagging behind. Pretty soon all the fast folks came into view - they were lost. Soon all of us were lost. As we ran back and forth on the trail, Joe caught up to us. The ever resourceful?? RD ran back and forth trying to find the trail. Only took 5 times past the turn to find it. As is common in the area the illegal's trail is better traveled than the AZ trail. During this series of events Joe said he had enough and headed back.

The fast folks had decided not to wait for the RD to find the trail and went bushwacking. Soon the group was reunited and all were on their way. Many comments about great run, trail is good etc. Pretty soon the fast folks took off and the RD continued on his way. After a while the RD saw one group of runners obviously off trail up on a ridge and pointed where the trail was to them. He continued on the trail and waited at a gate for the fast group to catch up. Voices were heard in the distance and pretty soon Joel and Troy came out of the bushes. The fast folks were nowhere to be seen. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally the three of us decided either the fast folks had gone cross country ahead of us or had given up and returned to the start so we went on our way.

After that, the group of three only got lost once, for about 1/2 mile, and came into the aid a little over 4 hours after the start. The trail was terribly overgrown and all runners legs can attest to that. Patricia was waiting but obviously concerned since the RD had made the same trip a year ago in a bit over 3 hours.

Then came the decision - what about the other folks? We waited a while and then all boarded the truck for the trip back to the start. We told the hunting crew to water and feed our guys and wait should they arrive at the turnaround. Arriving back at the start, Joe's car was gone. All other cars were there but no runners. Obviously they had not turned back. We encountered a hiker who we had passed on trail, and she said there were only 3 guys out there. Joel and Troy decided to stay, and Patricia and the RD headed back to the turnaround. So 50 miles total later we arrived at the turnaround to find three runners waiting, with the the fourth (Nate) having turned back miles ago. So worrying began, since Nate was not at the start, but his car was.

All 5 of us now got in the truck and we headed back to the start, with the biggest concern being where was Nate. Through a series of phone calls we found out that Joel had headed out to find him since he had heard that only 3 runners had turned up at the aid.

Well as it turns out Joe had returned to the start, driven to Patagonia for coffee then had returned to the start. Nate showed up and they went driving to find the turnaround point, which they never did. However, it seems they found Nogales - unsure which side of the border they were on :)

When the group of 5 showed up at the start there was Joe and Nate, with Joel still out on the trail. A phone call had been made to him so we knew he was on his way back to the start.

So BOTTOM LINE..............

Trail very overgrown...........great weather however Distance was to be 14 miles, but all went 16 or more to turnaround.

Name, Age, time, distance

Troy, 31, 4:09, turnaround

Wayne, 60, 4:15, turnaround

Joel, 48, 4:15, turnaround

Gene, 56, 5:03, turnaround

Bruce, 54, 5:03, turnaround

Darren, 49, 5:03, turnaround

Nate, 26, 3:30, who knows - drove 30 miles with Joe

Joe, 72, 2:00, who knows - drove for coffee, then 30 more miles


AZ Trail 50Kish, 26Oct08, 28mi.

There was a great turnout for Bear Canyon Loop on a beautiful, rather warm morning. We were joined by a trail runners who haven't been at TTR runs lately, at least the last couple of years that I have been doing these - Mark Dorian, who ventured up from El Paso, and Ken Greco. A couple of people started an hour early to try to beat the heat, and some folks opted for shorter runs to Seven Falls and back or up Phoneline and down Sabino Canyon. Most runners did the traditional route, up Bear Canyon, across to Sabino Basin and back down Sabino Canyon road.

Bear Canyon Loop (16.8 miles)

Nate Polaske - 2:42

Doug Kelly - 3:00

Mark Dorian - 3:05

Gene Joseph - 3:15 (?)

Jerry Riddick - 3:18

Raoul Erickson – 3:22

Wayne Coates - 3:44

Jeff Azersky - 3:49

Mindy Horst - 3:53

Paul Browne - 3:53

John Hall - 3:59

Steve Kanoza - 4:04

Tom Gormley - 4:07

Alli LaCroix - 4:07

Rachel Hilgeford - 4:07

Joe Dana - 4:32

Seven Falls out & back (~8 miles)

Joel Stamp - 1:30

Ken Greco - 2:20

Pam Golden - 2:23

Monica Durazo - 2:23

Donna Kanoza - 2:23

Phoneline/Sabino Canyon (9.2 miles)

Patricia Wieranski - 2:25

Ross Zimmerman - 2:35 (via old Sabino Canyon trail)

Let me know about any mistakes. Thanks for coming out and making it such a great morning.

Bruce Johnson (


Bear Canyon Loop, 19Oct08, 16.8mi.

The day started out very nice with mild cloud cover and temperatures in the low 60s. This was an unlucky day for Renee though as she lost her footing descending from the saddle, put her hands down to break her fall... and broke her wrist. She was scheduled for surgery some time today and will likely sport a piece of titanium when it's done. Joyce spoke with her on Saturday evening and she was in good spirits, but disappointed that she didn't get to finish the run. Renee asked us to

pass on her thanks to everyone for being so kind and helpful, especially Joel who was with her when she fell. pv

Joel Stamp 17 4:00

Daren Sandbank 19 4:03

Wayne Coates 9 2:00 (Bailed due to injury)

Renee Webb 14 x:xx (Broke wrist near the saddle)

Patricia Wiercinski ?? 4:00

Joyce Vyriotes 17.5 4:57

Chris Fall 13.4 2:24

Paul Vyriotes 13.4 2:26

Nate Polaske 13.4 1:54

Charoleau Gap, 4Oct08, 13.4mi.

Runners & Biker,

It was another beautiful day in the Old Pueblo. Ross started us off with some words of wisdom & great direction for our day on trail. This would later haunt some late comers who missed the instructions. Jason soon found out the army training he received would help him in the deserts of the middle east, but not the the desert of the southwest. After not being able to find any trail after the wash he did the smart thing & turned around. He was later found on the road near the start of the trailhead. Nate was the first to the top of A.C. hill. He looked happy & fresh on his way down the hill. Way to go Nate ! A few othere of the army guys Chase had brought also looked to be enjoying the first ttr run. Steve Kanoza & Joe Dana had set out a little early with a twist on the days run. Joe would take of 20 minutes early & see if Steve had what it took to catch him. Steve came up a bit short (way to go Joe) but had a pretty good day anyway. Doug Kelly continued to amaze by running great after a major injury. Wayne finally let me beat him in as a birthday present to me. Ed Berkeley felt the days run would not be enough & rode his bike to & from the start. And last but not least Mindy Horst was nursing some naging injuries & settled on a 33 mile bike ride with about 3000 feet of ascent.

If you have anything to add to the stories of the day I would love too hear them. Again thanks to all who made the day special. It was great to spend the day with you all. Tom

Nate Polaske 2:50 15.2

Chase Duarte 2:52 15.2

Matt Cavanaugh 2:52 15.2

Doug Kelly 3:04 15.2

Gene Joseph 3:15 15.2

Bruce Gungle 3:15 15.2

Jesse Card 3:28 15.2

Tom Gormley 3:28 15.2

Wayne Coates 3:44 15.2

Jason Delos Reyes 5 1/2 hours of some sort of out & back 15.2

Johnny Lyons 2:02 11.4

Steve Kanoza 2:43 11.4

Joe Dana 2:51 11.4

Ed Berkeley 3:09 11.4

Alli LaCroix 2:00 7ish

Ross Zimmerman 2:00 7ish

Mindy Horst ? 33 miles (bike)

Ross Zimmerman ? ?


Tom Gormley

826 N. Desert Ave

Tucson,Az 85711


Agua Caliente Ascent, 2Nov08, 15mi.

Like the others said it was a chilly day but sunny and nice. Paul, Joel and I scouted trail on Saturday and did some minor trail clean up along the way. We meet some other hikers at Romero Pass intersection, they were the only people we saw. The trail was in good shape. Joel and I ran an out and back on Red Ridge Trail while the other ran up. We made it back with a few minutes to spare to see Joel Woppert coming in. Here are the times, great job guys. Time at the top and then the time at the parking lot. cf

Chris, Joe, and Paul Vyriotes did the Ascent the day before on Nov. 22. They found they had to run down the road to ski valley because the gate was closed. I started early on Sunday to avoid making people wait to the end of time for me. I was still last by a significant interval. I was passed by a very chipper looking Joel Woppert. Then Adrian Korosec and Bruce Johnson trotted past, also looking good. I was noticing it wasn't going to be a great day. I was watching my GPS above Romero Pass. Turns out it climbs 850 feet in 0.8 miles, which is darn steep. On the switchbacks up the ridge to Lemmon itself, the phrase "hell on earth" came to mind. This is the first time I've attempted Lemmon is a few years, and it's getting more difficult for me. I reached the top at 4 minutes shy of 8 hours and trotted down the road. My GPS claimed about 18.3 for the ascent, and a total distance to Ski Valley of 20.9 miles. Bruce and Joel Stamp were waiting with good humor and we drove down. Bruce finished in a bit under 6 hours, which is impressive considering he rode El Tour the day before. I heard Joel Woppert finished in 4:17 and Adrian was in the middle somewhere. rz

Joel Woppert - 4:17, 4:34

Adrian Korosec - 5:08, 5:27

Bruce Johnson - 5:54, 6:11

Ross Zimmerman - 7:56, 8:32

Paul Vyriotes\Joel Stamp\Chris Fall - 6:44 to the parking lot on Saturday

Joel and Chris on Red Ridge Trail, Sunday - 6 miles - 1:52

See you on trail Chris Fall

Mt. Lemmon Ascent 23Nov08, 18.6mi.

Nov 16 7AM Saguaro West Loop 22 mi. (shorter versions possible too) 2380-4687ft. ADV Loop from hairpin turn on Picture Rocks Rd. using lesser known trails to Sweetwater Trail, over Wasson Pk., down Hugh Norris Trail to dirt roads, finish on Camboh Trail. Aid at Hugh Norris TH. Johnny Lyons 520-971-8235, johnlyons25@yahoo.com.

This year's run turned out to have the best temperatures of the three years it has happened. The morning was cool, but not nearly cold. And the daytime high was warm and windy, keeping people from getting baked on this low elevation run. Although that same cooling "breeze" removed a hat or two up on the ridgeline, and made the easy dirt road

section a bit harder than it usually is. A couple of GPS units came up with a new distance of 20.4 miles (?), I believe, for the complete loop. And this year, no one got off the route unintentionally. Ross sampled the local fare with a handful of jojoba nuts. Adrian started a bit late, headed out anyway, got a map from Ross and finished the complete route no problem. A tourist milked our group for plenty of hiking information. I was fortunate to have my new wife, Jocelyn, with me this day, as we enjoyed a couple of short hikes. Even my dad, John Sr., and my new step-son, Austin showed up later.

20.4 miles

Gene Joseph 3:58

Joel Stamp 3:58

Adrian Korosec 4:09

Tom Gormley 4:17

~18 miles down Sendero-Esperanza

Doug Kelly 2:58

Bruce Johnson 3:21

~12 mile Out and Back

Ross Zimmerman 3:51

Saguaro West Loop 16Nov08, 22mi.

Reddington 50K went very well, with excellent weather. Once again Pete Chargaris managed the aid station--a huge help for me. Thanks, Pete. Of the 13 starters, 2 actually did the 50K route. Everyone else did something else. The details are on the TTRAZ blog--http://ttraz.wordpress.com/ including a color-coded map of the various routes I could document. The analysis took a bit longer than I intended because my GPS-bearer (Gene) kept getting off-course. I did quite a bit of editing with my GPS mapping tools to recover the standard route for the map. I learned our 50K is perhaps 2 tenths of mile short, so I might shift the turn around (again) next year, giving Gene and Jerry more opportunity for adventure. Here's a list of the finishers and distances run (but check the blog, too). rz

30.8 miles: The standard 50K route (Red on map)­

Alli La Croix 7:16

Wayne Coates 7:37

33.87 miles with an excursion to Bellota Ranch Headquarters (dark blue) and an overshoot of the turn around (light blue)­

Jerry Riddick 7:44

Gene Joseph 7:44

26.6 miles (the red route but turning at the aid station)--

Jane Larkindale 5:31

Jim Holmes 5:31

14 miles to the aid station with a Suzenu start (green) and an alternate route to the aid station (green)­

Donna Kanoza 3:40

Pam Golden 3:40

13.77 miles to the aid station with an excursion to Bellota Ranch headquarters (dark blue)­

Tom Gormley 2:52

13.3 miles to the aid station (one way on the red route)­

Tonja Chagaris 3:07

Deanna Lewis 3:28

13.3 miles from the aid station back to the start/finish (red route)­

Patricia Wieranski 4:25

17 miles on a bike

Steve Kanoza Time unknown, knee hurting

Reddington 50K 30Nov08, 50K

Hey folks-

Sorry for the delay in the run results from last weekend. We had a good turnout, despite the pending storm. 16 brave souls met at the start while it was still dark, and even darker over the mountains as the rain clouds threatened. Most of the runners made it to the finish without experiencing rain, and everyone was really pleased with the weather, as it did warm up for a while out there for them. Doug Kelly came sprinting in looking as if he just stepped out of the car. He was closly followed by Joel Stamp, Gene Joseph. As the rest of the runners trickled in, the wind began to pick up, and with it came the rain.

Ross has provided a map and elevation reading from his GPS. Thanks for all who made it out. al

Donna Kanoza and Pam Golden did the loop today (12/20/2008) in 5:01. They report that included a lunch stop at the saddle just east of Molino Basin.

The map didn't show up on the message I received from Alli. I've also posted the map at

http://ttraz.wordpress.com. Total distance came to 15.85 miles, which is a bit further than I had previously calculated. Total climb was 3720 feet. rz

Doug Kelly 2:50

Joel Stamp 3:07

Gene Joseph 3:08

Jim Holmes 3:17

Jane Larkdale 3:17

Bruce Johnson 3:24

Wayne Coates 3:51

Tonja Chagaris 3:54

Steve Kanosa 5:03

Gary Parcher 5:08

Ross Zimmerman 5:27

Joe Dana 5:01 Thru parking lot at Molino 15.4 miles

Patricia Wiercinski 4:13 14 miles

Charles Denson 1 hr 4 miles backwards on trail

Alli LaCroix 1 hr 4 miles backwards on trail

Soldier/ La Milagrosa Loop 14Dec08, 15.2mi.

Fellow Runners

The day started off cool, some might say cold. When Patricia and Ieft our house it was 35 degrees. The good news, no wind! Twelve (plus Patricia and I) anxious runners showed up on highway 83, after a briefing the group was off at 7:06, with Patricia heading to the aid on Gardner Canyon Road. The day, in terms of weather, turned out great with a high around 62 degrees, and no wind! When I passed through Kentucky Camp, both ways, there was frost still on the grass. Several other low spots on the road to/from Kentucky camp had a bit of ice. First of all thanks for Patricia for tending to the aids, and

waiting, waiting, waiting. She did get in a 5 mile run from the aid out to where the trail drops into Kentucky Camp, this after her 17 mile loop the day before. All in all the day was a great day for the run. No mud, clear with lots of sun, and other than the cattle making a few side tracks the trail was in great shape. Even so some runners managed to find alternate routes - nobody really badly lost, just managed to do a few more miles or hills. wc

The results are:

True 50 K (past aid to OP50 mile 46 aid):

Wayne Coates, 61, 6:40

To the aid:

Gillian Hubble, 36, 6:38 - but did a bit more around Kentucky camp than necessary

past Kentucky Camp:

Joel Stamp, ??, 5:16, went 26.5 miles, same blood on knee as Doug, due to side trip

To Kentucky Camp (about 22 miles):

Doug Kelly, 43, 3:51 - with blood arising from side trip

Tom Gormley, 39, 4:39 - went 24 miles due to side trips (he can explain why)

Tonja Chargris, 35, 4:42 - did not make side trip

Joe Dana, 72, 5:58 - including 22 minute brunch break

Gary Parker, 62, 6:20 - including 22 minute brunch break and slight side trip on return

Mary Croft, 63, 6:45 - including a side trip

Bev Schulz, 66, 6:45 - including a side trip

Excursion of 17 or 18 miles:

Renee Webb, 41, 3:51

Excursion of 15.66 miles:

Ross Zimmerman, 56, 4:59

Steve Kanoza, 58, 4:59

PS by Patricia - as people came to the finish, there was the final gate - hurdle - left to do. The problem was when runners were questioned about if they had they seen so and so - the resounding answer was "No" - this was never the answer I was hoping for because it meant more off-track runners than on-track runners. The good news was most enjoyed their side trips due to the good weather - although going twice up the hill to Kentucky Camp was not the side trip I would have enjoyed. One runner came upon a steer not willing to give the right of way, but everyone was able to get to their respective places with nothing more than a few moos. When Bev and Mary did show up, they questioned how Wayne did not hear them yelling, although he did hear something. I am well aware of Wayne's inability to hear me when I am sitting right next to him at the kitchen island :) I would like to thank Joel for being willing to hang to the end in case someone had to return to trail to find a wayward runner, but by 2PM, all runners were accounted for and on their way home. pw Wasson Peak 4Jan09, 14.2mi.

The prediction was rain and the clouds were building. Nevertheless a respectable group appearaed for the first TTR run of 2009. Given past years, the temp was unseasonably warm, but cool enough for a good run. This course offers numerous variations, and many were taken. Even though the ' official route was the longest, Doug Kelley cruised in first looking no worse for wear. A strean of runners followed and, with the exception of a semi-soggy Patricia, all missed the impending rain. There were no incidents, snakebites , or lost runnersI. All was right with the New Year.

It was great to see all the old and new friends. See you all on the trails. jerry

Full Loop 14.8 Miles/ 3162' ascent

Doug 2:21

Gene 2:42

Bruce J. 2:46

Harry 2:59

Wayne 3:15

Joe D. 3:42

Patricia 4:00

Sort of Full loop

Gary 3:49

Up-the Norris trail ( 12.5 miles)

Renee 3:25

Missy 3:25

Darryl 3:25

Mary 3:25

Beverly 3:27

1/2 loop

Ross Z ( around 2:10- forgot to write it down)

Steve K 2:32

Special Appearance:

Bob Bachani was spotted by several people on his Sweetwater to the picnic area and back route- 21 miles in 5:23

AZ Trail 50K 21Dec08, 50K

Tortolita Mountain Adventure Run 11Jan09, 11.5ish

We had a beautiful run on Sunday, Jan. 11 in the Tortolita Mountains. Chris Fall, Jerry Riddick, and Tom Gromley joined me for a 7:00 AM start at Wild Burro Trailhead. It was a chilly morning, but it was clear and calm and turned out to be perfect running weather. We ran a mile or maybe a bit more up a wash, mostly on a paved path, arriving at a trail junction with multiple options. We took Upper Javelina trail for a mile or so to connect with Wild Mustang Trail. We had a good climb from about 2900 ft elevation at the trail junction in the wash to about 4000 ft on the high point on the ridge. It was spectacular. The trail is new and in good shape. The rocks and desert plants are wonderful, but it is the views that are really special.

About 5 1/2 miles into our run, still on Wild Mustang Trail, we encountered Gene Joseph, who had arrived 10 minutes after we left and headed out on his own, continuing up the wash (Wild Burro Trail) and then getting onto Wild Mustang, heading the opposite direction we were. We encouraged him to continue on so he could enjoy the great views from the ridge. We kept going down the trail and crossed the wash, connecting with Alamo Springs Trail, We rose quickly up another ridge and ran back down along it for a couple of mile before dropping down a fairly steep, rocky section of the trail bringing us back to

the junction and back down the paved path to the parking lot. Our distance was about 11 1/2 miles or just a bit over that, and our time was 2 hours 38 minutes, including a number of stops to enjoy the view. We found Ross Zimmerman's car in the parking lot. He arrived about 8 AM and spent 2 1/2 hours on the trails as well. Gene arrived back only a minute after we did, having taken a spur trail that led him through a new development rather than back to the trail junction. He had no trouble finding his way back to the parking lot.

This is a great spot if you are looking for trails to run in the winter. Check out the link to the Dove Mountain Civic Group's web site for information and a map of the trails. Thanks to Chris Fall for finding this site.

This was on our list as an Adventure Run for the first time this year. (Ross will need to explain the rules between a regular run and an adventure run. I think this was a great run but not nearly as adventurous as something like Esperero Loop - fortunately.) Everyone here Sunday agreed that we should make this a regular part of our series, so lobby Ross and Gene. Bruce Johnson


Winter Bear Canyon Loop 25Jan09, 16.8mi.

Hello Trail Runners,

The day dawned bright & clear as 37 runners lined up for their fair share of abuse. There were no casualties, no lost souls, only a few minor scrapes and many wet feet, but it sure didn't slow anyone down as most ran a new pr.

16.6 mile Bear Canyon w/ road return

Matt Cavanaugh 2:28:45

Chase Duarte 2:28:45

Doug Kelly 2:43:32

Mark Martin 2:44:41

Jane Larkindale 2:45:32

Joel Stamp 2:52:27

Chris Fall 2:53:20

Bruce Johnson 2:58:00

Harry Fagg 2:58:00

Gene Joseph 2:59:15

Geno Foshee 3:06:30

Jim Holmes 3:06:56

Tom Gormley 3:08:00

Bruce Gungle 3:10:15

Jerry Riddick 3:10:30

Glen Vencill 3:10:35

Bob Bachani 3:20:00

Raoul Erickson 3:20:00

Wayne Coates 3:37:00

Donna Kanoza 3:53:20

Joe Dana 3:54:50

Pam Golden 3:57:20

Mahendra Jani 3:59:55

Jesse Card 3:59:58

Alli LaCroix 4:08:53

Fran Katz 4:08:53

Patricia Wiercinski 5:00

Bear w/ phoneline return

Adrian Korosec 3:40

Renee Webb 4:50:55

David Mariarti 4:50:55

Different Aspects

Ross Zimmerman 3:03

Monica durazo 3:30

Agelica Durazo 3:30

Trish Duarte 3:00

Joyce Vyriotes 2:38:50

Deana Lewis 1:33

Cowhead Saddle (and points in between) 8Feb09, 17.3mi.

With temperatures forecast to be in the low 50's, short patches of sunshine, and lots of moisture-laden clouds, nineteen folks showed up at the trailhead with intentions of traveling to Cowhead Saddle. Visible at the start was a snow line down to about 5200 feet and fast-moving rain showers coming in from the west/southwest. The trail the first few miles has been lengthened/is in the process of change with new sections being carved out to avoid eroded rock clambering and long ruts. Jojoba and fairyduster were in bloom; the fairyduster in patches of pink, white and occasionally red. Other familiar leaf

patterns have started to appear but no wildflowers yet. Reports from returning runners included sleet, snow and rain at the

upper elevations, particularly above Douglass Springs but most made the round trip with a few taking a fall on slippery ice or mud but no serious injuries. Storms are predicted over the next few days and if more follow, it's likely Tanque Verde Loop will offer snow and ice on the north facing slopes and plenty of water. – JHA

Cowhead Saddle

Chase Duarte 3:05

Harry Fagg 3:25

Joel Stamp 3:30

Adrian Korosec 3:35

Geno Foushee 3:39

Tom Gormley 3:39

Bob Bachani 3:51

Tonja Chagaris 3:52

Mark Martin 3:59

Raoul Erickson 4:00

Mark Dorion 4:02

Wayne Coates 4:06

Joe Dana 4:23

Catherine Crawford 4:39

Alli Lacroix 5:00

Trish Duarte 5:01

Patricia Wiercinski 5:28

Between Douglass and Cowhead

Gene Joseph 2:57


Ross Zimmerman 3:59 (taking photos)

Along the way

Enrique Aviles hiking

Jennifer Aviles hiking

Tanque Verde Loop 22Feb09, 28.5mi.

It was a warm and bright day Sunday, with the temperature eventually reaching a record high of 83º. Fifteen adventurers headed out just after 7 AM.. Snow was encountered in the protected areas giving Tom packing for his hat to help keep him cool! Gene enjoyed a refreshing cool drink from the stream, hey that water is just fine. The 20 mile Javelina aid station was the pull out place for all except Joel, Harry, Bob and Gene. Harry caught a ride after about 24 miles the other three finished the entire adventure. And where did those red shorts Wayne was wearing come from? Others, Joe went to Douglas Ross, Steve and Gary turned at Bridle Wreath trail and Patricia did the park loop. jd

Entire 28.6 miles

Joel Stamp 5:52

Bob Bachani 6:33

Gene Joseph 6:43

24 miles

Harry Fagg 5:44

Javelina 20 miles

Bruce Johnson 4:58

Tom Gormley 5:02

Will Conway 5:02

Tonja Chagaris 5:03

Wayne Coates 5:17

Steve Roark 5:20

Randy Bourn 5:20

Douglas Springs 13.1 miles

Joe Dana 2:55

Bridle W. 5.1 miles

Ross Zimmerman 2:00

Steve Kanoza 2:00

Gary Parcher 2:10

2 Loops of Saguaro plus~18 miles

Patricia Wiercinski ~4:30

Esperero Canyon Loop 15Mar09, 21mi.

It was a fine southern Arizona day, and times were predictably fast. Everyone commented on the lack of snow, and we all speculated about how long the super highway trail would last once Monsoons hit. gf

The List of Full loop Finishers:

Joel Wolpert 4:24

Bob (big Dog) Bachani 4:38

Doug Kelly 4:40

Mark Dorian 4:40

Gene Joseph 4:46

Some nameless woman engineer

Harry Fagg 4:57

Joel Man, am glad to see you Stamp 5:02

Chris Fall 5:04

Paul Vyriotes 5:08

Glenn Vencill 5:12

Bruce Johnson 5:22

Wayne Chia Coates 5:28

Steve Olsen and Bob Bachani 5:41 (Saturday)

Steve Roark 5:44

Randy Bourn 5:48

kandi Karuza time unknown Saturday completion

Others ran:

Pam, Brenda, Donna, and Monica ran Bear

Patricia ran Sabino Basin via phoneline out and back

Ross ran up Esperero to Bridal veil or thereabouts

Mica Mountain Marathon 29Mar09, 26.8mi.

Mica Mountain Marathon 2009 boosted 21 participants some on Saturday most on Sunday. Sunday was a fine day cool at the start warming up comfortably with a breeze by the time most had finished. Comments included "this was tougher than I remember", "I don’t remember that much climbing" , "who put all those steps in above cowhead" and "that run whipped my butt".

Adrian and Tom turned left to soon taking the North Slope Trail about 2 miles before turning and heading back down. Wayne also headed out the North Slope for about 10 minutes before realizing his mistake, correcting that and going on to the top of Mica. Bob run up on Saturday and liked it so much he did it again on Sunday, the only known Mica double!

After most had finished Bob Bachani gathered everyone around for an announcement. He was to present the much coveted "Johnny Walker Award for Ultrarunning Excellence" by the 40 mile aid station Old Pueblo 50 mile endurance run. The award, a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and an accompanying certificate, went to a very surprised and honored Joe Dana. It was a very special day for the RD, thank you Bob. jd


Mica 27 miles

Bob Bachani 7:10

Harry Fagg 7:10

Cowhead 18 miles

Steve Olson 4:30

John Litteer 4:43


Mica 27 miles

Steve Roark 5:46

Doug Kelly 6:08

Joel Stamp 6:12

Bob Bachani 6:36

Tonja Chagaris 6:45

??? 6:45

Glenn Vencill 6:49

Bruce Johnson 6:55

Chris Fall 6:56

Wayne Coates 7:20 includes 20 min off course

Kandi Karuza 10:09

North slope trail wander ~26 miles

Adrian Korosec 6:45

Tom Hickenlooper 6:45

~2 miles above cowhead ~22 miles

Randy Bourn 5:26

Cowhead 18 miles

Mary Croft 5:49 first time to cowhead

Douglas Springs 13 miles

Reed Harris 4:42

Patricia Wiercinski 4:38

Ross Zimmerman 5:22

Bridal Wreath trail head 5.1 miles

Joe Dana 1:05

Mt. Bigelow Ascent and Descent 12Apr09, 30.8mi.

Easter Eggers,

OK, I admit after reading Bob's account of Saturday I was a bit concerned. Kandi, could you please report in? It wasn't clear from Bob's report if you hooked up with him once he caught you.

Sunday, I drove up to Milepost 0 on Mt. Lemmon Highway. Closed. I drove to Sabino and 9 tough (or deranged) runners turned to attempt this. People started on the assumption that they might have run the entire route unsupported. I drove home again via Milepost 0. Still closed. I had breakfast, collected the layers and odds and ends I would need if I could drive up the mountain. At 8:30 or so, I checked Milepost 0 again. OPEN!

I called Maryalice Bachani and Pete Chagaris, then drove up to Palisades. It got snowy from the 16 mile post on. As I expected, Organization Ridge Road was impassable for a sedan, so I parked at the Palisades parking area. Maryalice, Molly, Pete, and Tonja's mom turned up. It was 36 when I got there, and not inclined to warm up real fast, but when runners started arriving at 4 hours from the starting time, they didn't seem to have any trouble with the cold. I learned Jerry Riddick decided to peel off and do a reverse Bear. There was some trouble with the snow, which Harry said started at 6100 feet. Several people observed the fresh mountain lion tracks about 2 miles down. Everyone continued on to Bigelow, and everyone came back down the road to Palisades rather than the trail. Harry Fagg took off down the mountain pretty quickly. Chris Fall decided to give his knees a break. Rather than run down, he and Tonja Chagaris run up to Sunset Trail, then rode down with Pete. Everyone else started down. There was general agreement it was a fairly magical day.

I made my way down to Sabino with another stop at home. After about an hour, Harry turned up, followed shortly by the others. There was still general agreement it was a pretty interesting day. Bob put in another very impressive back-to-back run weekend. Ross Z co-run director

Full 30.8 (more or less...)

Harry Fagg 7:42

Raoul Erickson 8:02

Geno Foushee 8:11

Bob Bachani 8:13

Glen Vencill 8:13

Noted engineer, too

Sat. crew

Bob Bachani 8:37 (Hell assailed)

Steve Olson 8:37 (Hell assailed)

Kandi Karusa ??????

Ascent, back to Palisades, then up road to Sunset (~20 miles)

Tonja Chagaris (4:53 to Bigelow and back down, Sunset unknown)

Chris Fall (4:43 to Bigelow and back down, Sunset unknown)

Reverse Bear

Jerry Riddick

Multiple Wrightson Massacre 9May09, 10.4mi.

Though few people indicated they were showing up, we had a good turnout for this year's Wrightson Massacre. The day proved to be quite warm and discouraged a couple of runners to not go for a third repeat. Fortunately, because of the staggered starting times, everyone was done for the day in a close timeframe giving everyone an opportunity to visit and have some refreshments and snacks together before heading home.

It was a good day. Thanks to all that participated.

The next TTR run will be the final run of the 2008-2009 season. It is the Sunset Loops run on May 31 at 7 am. I will be sending out information on the run the week of the event. I hope alot of you can make it, it is a good run.

Harry, I'll make sure and bring some Coca Cola.

BTW, does anyone have Glenn Vencill's contact information? If so, please forward it to me offline. Thanks.

Rick Kelley RD

Santa Catalina Ascent 17May09, 25+mi.

Tucson Trail running history was made this past Sunday. The first time in the running of the Santa Catalina Ascent that the first overall finisher was female. Looking strong all day Tonja Chagaris waltzed into the finish wearing her signature smile from ear to ear. It was a beautiful day to be on the mountain. The temperature was warm in the beginning but cooled as the runners climbed higher. Everyone reported that most of the trails were in good shape compared to prior years though there were still a few trees down. Ross stopped by on his bike to raid the aid station and to collect GPS data from Gene. A good time was had by runners and AS personnel alike. There were no complaints about the food. I would like to thank Ken Greco and Rick Kelley for helping out. bb


Santa Catalina Ascent 25.8 miles

Tonja Chagaris 7:48

Gene Joseph 7:53

Harry Fagg 8:05

Renee Webb 8:51

David Marrianti 8:51

Bruce Johnson 9:05

Kandi Karuza 10:49


Doug Kelly 6:45

Stella Stupenski 4:00


Santa Catalina Loop 43 to 45 miles

Geno Foushee 12.37

Bob Bachani 12.37

We would like to thank every one for coming out and spending their Sunday with us.

Maryalice, Molly, and Bob

Sunset Loops 31May09, 17mi.

What a gorgeous day! Though the participants experienced some uncomfortably warm stretches in the run, it was a beautiful day on the mountain. Last year, only 3 runners showed up and all did the long option. This year 13 people showed up and there were participants in all the 3 options plus a few new options as well. The group was cheerful and pleasingly rowdy and seemed to have a good time. In addition to the group, Chris Fall and Jerry Riddick ran up the recently worked Box Camp trail from Sabino and arrived at the parking lot we were staging from shortly after the arrival of the 6 mile runners. Tom Gormley showed up on his bike in that time frame also. Tom had ridden his bike up the mountain and stopped and visited. Ross Z and Pam Golden showed up later on their bikes as well. Everyone visited and seemed to have a genuinely great time in the final event or the 2008-09 TTR season.


Ross and Gene will be sending out information in a few weeks about the schedule for the 2009-10 TTR season and the yearly potluck. Keep an eye on your email Inbox for that! Rick Kelley RD

Sunset Side Door 5Jul09,

TTR_AZers and others,

As I drove up Mt. Lemmon Highway Sunday morning, I watched my Prius's outside temperature gauge drop to the mid-60s. I'm pretty sure we never got past the 70s on the trails I was on--that was the point of this run in the heat of summer. A few runners were already at the trail head, which we shared with one of those big machines that grabs logs--I think it could have handled Joe Dana's Mini Cooper. I tried to get a reading on all the different routes people were planning. I had them list their actual routes out for me on the results--let me know if I messed anything significant up. We got started a few minutes after 7. I ran with Joe Dana in front of me and Joe Theobald behind me for a bit--bracketed by joes. At Marshall Gulch I stopped, got Joe Theobald to be my scale factor in a picture of a big Southwestern White pine, and returned to Sunset to meet my son Gabe, who comprised the second wave at 9:00 AM. Gabe and I ran out to Marshall Saddle and back, seeing several of the other runners along the way. I deputized Ken Greco to be my refreshments and finish minder, since he was closest to Sunset when I encountered him. When Gabe and I got back, I learned Jane Larkindale and Jim Holmes had made it safely up Box Camp trail and gotten a ride with a friend who turned up (Should we consider a run on that trail folks?). Gene ended up being our last finisher, just as a gentle rain started to fall. The previous rains seemed to have sent the deer flies elsewhere--the only insects of consequence we encountered were Pleasing Fungus Beetles like the one that landed on Gabe. I took a fair number of pictures, admittedly mostly trees. I'll post them to Picasa.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a great turnout for an ad hoc run. The camaraderie of runners was excellent, as usual. I'm going to add this to next season's schedule. If we do it on Sunday, it will fall on July 4th. I'm happy to direct it again, unless someone else would like to volunteer. Thanks, Ross Z

Sunset Side-door Sunday July 5th 7:00 AM (for most of the runners)

Listed by finish order on the results sheet--14 participants, some hiking

Ken Greco 2:09 7 mi. Aspen Loop: Sunset-Marshal Gulch-Lower Aspen Loop-Marshall Saddle-Marshall Gulch-Sunset

Jane Larkendale 3:59 ??? mi. Sabino to Box Camp then up Mt. Lemmon Highway.

Jim Holmes 3:59 Same

Joe Dana 2:53 ~7mi. "Wander Walk" to Marshall Saddle, a bit past, then back

Patricia Wiercinski 3:01 ~9mi. (I think) Sunset-Aspen-Marshall Saddle-Mint Spring-Carter Canyon Rd-Summerhaven Rd-Marshall Gulch-Sunset

Connie Theobald 3:50 7 mi. Aspen Loop

Joe Theobald 3:50 Same

Elizabeth Little 4:00 7 mi. Aspen Loop

Julius Martinez 4:00 14.6 mi. Sunset-Marshall Saddle-Wilderness of Rocks-Lemmon Ascent- Upper Aspen- Marshall Saddle- Sunset

Ross Z ~4:45 8-10 mi. Sunset-Marshall G-Sunset-Marshall G-Marshall Saddle-Sunset

Gabe Zimmerman ~2:30 6 mi. Sunset-Marshal Saddle-Sunset

Wayne Coates 4:33 18.6 mi. Sunset-Aspen-Lemmon-Meadow-Lemmon Down-WOR-Marshall-Sunset

Renee Webb 4:56 16.4 mi. Same route as Wayne

Gene Joseph 5:35 17.7 mi. Sunset-Aspen-WOR-Lemmon-Meadow-Meadow-Lemmon Ascent-Aspen-Sunset