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Thu, Jul 13 at 5:57 PM

TTR Run Director Responsibilities -




1.      Create a Facebook event (ONLY for the TTR Run Series page) so that people can RSVP and share information. If you need help with this please contact a TTR admin. A TTR admin will likely contact you regarding anyone who has RSVPed who hasn't signed a waiver and/or paid the annual dues.

2.      Print out all forms needed for the run, attached at the bottom of this page. The sign-in sheet has room for eight people, so be sure to have plenty on hand. Have at least five waivers available in case anyone brings a friend who is not yet in the group. The results sheet handles 40 people, so having a couple should be fine. It is a good idea to have maps available, especially if it's a fairly new route for the group, particularly difficult to follow, or for people new to the group. Maps for many of our routes can be found here.

3.      An email will be sent out to the group (ttr_az@googlegroups.com) by a TTR admin at least a few days before that run to remind people and share any additional information that's not in the schedule such as current trail conditions, route options, etc. 

4.      If there are any aid stations and/or vehicle shuttles for the run, make sure helpers and supplies are accounted for, and times & locations are coordinated.

  * Note: if you are unable to stay on as run director due to an unforeseen circumstance, seek out a replacement RD. If unsuccessful, send a note out to the group requesting help. If that fails, contact a TTR admin for a fill-in. 




1.      Arrive well before the run begins and sign participants in using the waiver/sign-in form. Be sure to bring several pages along with pencils/pens. For winter runs, it is often dark before the start, so you may need a couple of flashlights/headlamps. Be sure that people are initialing that they've read the waiver at the top of the page. The info taken is for the safety of the runner and for the RD to account for everyone at the end.

2.      New Runners – Ask if any runner is new to the course, or (hopefully not) new to trail running. If you find a new runner at the start, be sure to talk to the person and get a sense of the person’s experience and ability to do the run. You can ask some of the other veterans on hand to help with this.

3.      Head Count -- Get a head count and make sure that everyone has signed in. If a runner plans on doing something other than the scheduled run, that should be noted on the sign-in form. Although it is the runner’s responsibility to tell the RD what they're doing, it could be helpful to know later if someone is late to arrive at the finish.

4.      Provide a trail briefing. Give a general description of the route and conditions, mentioning only the most important specifics.  (“At Head-Splitter turn left, NOT right!”) Ask if everyone has signed the waiver and make sure that all have before starting. It is better to start a few minutes late than to skip the trail briefing!

5.      Start runners. Please aim for a GROUP START, which adds to the sense of community, and allows those who are competitive to challenge themselves against others. There are two exceptions to this: You may need to spread runners out on the trail due to Wilderness Area restrictions, in which case you will allow people to start within pre-determined time windows. The second exception to the group start is for "day-long" events (Mt Wrightson Massacre, for instance). RDs can let people come and go as they see fit. If allowing self-timing, remember to remind people that we record ELAPSED time, just like a race.

6.      Keep an eye on the event and make sure everyone is accounted for before you leave. You should document this accounting with a list of finishers, ages, what they ran (you can just note those that deviated from the full, planned route) and how long it took. Take down ELAPSED times only.

7.      Wait for Everyone -- It is imperative that the RD not leave the finish until all runners are accounted for. If a runner has asked the RD not to wait for them, it is the RD’s responsibility to account for them later by getting the runner(s) to call/text when finished or by the RD calling/texting the runner(s) later on. 

8.      If a runner is unaccounted for, first ask other trail users about the person’s whereabouts and try to contact the runner by phone. Second, call the emergency contact listed on the missing runner’s sign-in sheet to attempt to locate them. If these attempts fail to account for the runner, then 911 should be called and its dispatch will handle search and rescue options. It is better to call for help early and have to cancel the help than to wait too long. 

9.      Provide some post-run drinks and snacks. It has become custom in recent years for the RD to provide refreshments for the finish. This can be whatever the RD likes to have after a run and does not need to be extravagant. In the past it has included cold water, sports drinks, soda, chips, cookies, etc.


1.      Write a short report with results (NAME/AGE/TIME/ROUTE) and post it to the TTR Run Series Facebook page. An admin will also share this with the people on the email list.

Questions about the schedule or being a Run Director? Contact Mike Duer at 520-867-8594 or sunradolphy@yahoo.com.