MT WRIGHTSON ASCENT - 9/9/12 - 5.2 mi


What an auspicious start to our running season last Sunday was. 36 runners (and one dog) toed the line at the start and blasted up (well, sort of) that hill. It was a perfect day with photogenic clouds all around and moist soil and beautiful summer wildflowers. The springs were running with cool, clear water, although the need was not great. Lots of runners stopped and drank anyway because that's just what we do. Long Live TTR gj

Wrightson pics - Ross Z.

SABINO BASIN - 9/16/12 - 13.2 mi

Hey Everybody,

Sorry to take so long getting out the Sabino Basin results to you but it's been a crazy week! We had a great time last Sunday and it was nice to see such a good turn out. Of course if you have any corrections in time, distance, or spellings let me know and we'll try to get them fixed. See you all soon!

Mike & Kristi



On Sunday a bunch of people came out to run up and down a steep hill for several hours. Normal behavior? Maybe not, but people (and a dog) seemed to be having a good time. Crew Chief Amelia didn't quite manage to eat all the cookies and pretzels, so some were left for the runners. There were definitely some speedy times seen out there! The runners, for the most part, beat the bikes, which is pretty standard for this one.

Ross posted some photos here: Mt Hopkins - Ross Z.

In the table below, "Aid 1" is 8 miles up the road. "Aid 2" is after the 4 miles to the top and back down, and the finish was the bottom. Sorry, Justin, we didn't get your final time.

24 Miles Aid 1 Aid 2 Finish Notes

Sion Lupowitz 1:11 2:26 3:24

Steve Poling 1:19 2:35 3:32

Dallas Stevens 1:28 2:53 4:02

Joel Dalley 1:32 3:08 4:11

Harry Fagg 1:35 3:06 4:13

Jay Ligget 1:39 3:20 4:34

Renee Stevens 1:43 3:20 4:36

Ken Greco 1:40 3:20 4:39

Gene Joseph 1:53 3:54 5:16

16 Miles

Justin Peschka 1:27 ??? 16 miles - Aid Station and back down

Kathy Wilson 1:38 3:02 16 miles - Aid Station and back down

Amanda Amoros 1:48 3:25 16 miles - Aid Station and back down

Betsy Duren 2:02 3:42 16 miles - Aid Station and back down

Other Distances

Kathryn Nealey 1:46 2:48 4:07 22 miles

Miro Oljaca 1:46 2:37 3:51 21.1 miles

Jane Larkindale 1:12 8 miles - Aid Station to top and back

Jim Holmes 1:24 8 miles - Aid Station to top and back

Enrique Aviles ?? miles - Aid Station down and to top and back

Ron Lumm ?? miles - Aid Station down and to top and back

Maryalice Bachani w/Molly


Ross Zimmerman 2:29 ??? 5:19

Tom Alston 3:29 ??? 6:19

Bob Bachani 2:15 ??? 16 miles - Aid Station and back down

See you next year!


GREEN BUG - 10/7/12 - 18.8 mi

Another great turnout for a TTR event with a total of 31 starters, 5 of which were new to the group.. The weather was perfect with the temp never getting out of the low 80's and a nice breeze for the return trip.. A couple runners bailed early deciding that discretion was the better part of valor.. Joel and Doug did there own thing completing 16 miles most of which was on the same course as the other runners.. Several other runners also chose distances other then the half or full.. The new runners to the group all chose the half to cut their teeth on and found that to be challenging in its own right.. Thirteen hearty souls took on the full course with the front-runners all hitting the turn around together in just under 2 hours but quickly broke up after that with all three coming in under the previous best time.. Despite the speed of the front group the course held it's own and still earned the tag of one tough 19 miler with the average time being around the 4:30 mark... All praised the aid at both the halfway and the turnaround with the fruit provided by Ken at the turn around being "The Bomb".. We had no injuries and no one got lost so all in all a very good day for the TTR group.

See you on the trail


Green Bug - Ross Z.

DRAGoON MOUNTAINS DRAGON RUN - 10/14/12 - 17.2 mi Cochise, AZ

***** The above run results, while highly accurate, are unofficial at this time. Please contact me with any and all corrections or omissions. We also had a 24 mile option which had no takers this time out.

THE UNIQUE, OTHER-WORLDLY BOULDERS and rock formations of the Dragoon Mountains towered over these adventuresome runners as they crossed back and forth over historic Cochise Stronghold Divide. The great Apache warrior Cochise and his Chokonen had numerous natural forts in and among these rocks and cliffs. Some historians believe Cochise is buried in one of the rock caves high in the Divide.

The west slope of the Cochise trail was more eroded than I have ever seen it; amazingly, greatly deteriorated since our April run here. I plan to chat with someone I know in the USFS about what I considered one or two truly dangerous drop-offs in this stretch. I surprised myself by managing 15 miles plus a long, fast "warmdown" hike on the trail with my daughter Amalia and son Toby. No matter how hard I try, I can never, ever seem to tire these kids out. I had major ankle/foot surgery with acclaimed Tucson Orthopedist Dr. Eric Anctil 10 months ago, and while I have been doing lots of biking, weight-training, trail maintenance, swimming and other sports, a few very slow walk-runs per week have been about the extent of my "running." Both feet and ankles were sore and swollen after this rocky run, but all being equal I will try to take part in the Gabe Z Half-Marathon next weekend, as well as a few of the easier Tucson trail runs this winter. My family and I thank everyone sincerely for coming out to these beautiful, remote mountains. We were especially honored to have two true legends of southwest USA long distance running-- Gene Joseph and Ross Zimmerman -- join us. We plan on having this run again (any suggestions welcome), and also remind everyone that there are hundreds of miles of scenic mountain trails in southeastern Arizona that are generally reasonable drives from the Tucson city limits. Best wishes to all runners,

Mark Dorion

Dragoons - Ross Z. Dragoons - Joel D.

BEAR CANYON LOOP - 10/28/12 - 16.8 mi

Hi everyone,

It was another great Bear Canyon Loop run. With quite a few folks out that had never run BCL before, it was sure to be interesting. A few people got off course, some making the trek up Thimble Peak (whoops!), others getting lost near the '8th' crossing, and still others taking Phoneline (or other side trails) for a quick detour.

We had a few minor injuries - from falls on the tram road mostly, but otherwise, everyone returned safely.

Most people forgot to bring a cup for my eco-friendly aid at the end, but I did bring a few reusable ones, so that was good. I hardly had any trash!! The dill pickle spears were a hit for the salt-depleted runners. Some runners even finished off the pickle juice when the pickles ran out. :)

I so enjoyed chatting with everyone at the end! I even got to visit with other TTRs out at Sabino - Christy Hall and her husband Dave, John Schweyen (I think you might have left your hat in the back of my car?) and Chris Avery. Dallas even showed up after being up all night pacing Benedict at Javelina Jundred and driving back from Fountain Hills.

Thanks for letting me be of service! I love TTR!

Renee Stevens

AGUA CALIENTE (A/D) LOOP - 11/4/12 - 15 mi


Sunday turned out a big group of great runners, with a mix of regulars and a couple of visitors. Weather was also good for this years run. We had a total of 35 runners of which 23 did the entire route. This seems like a record percentage of runners doing the entire run. I was made aware of one record by Betsy Duren who alerted me to the record number of women who did the entire run, including the hill . She said the previous record was 6 and this year I have a total of 8 who made the trip. I started out the runners, loaded Logan into the jogger, and ran with the group to the start of the trailhead. Once we saw the last runner off, Logan and I ran the first set of switch backs to the top of the first climb and back. He insisted on doing it entirely by himself and did me proud by dusting himself off after every fall and continuing running not bad for a 2 year old. We then ran back to the start and waited for all the runners to come in. There were many tales told, plenty of cake & beer to make everyone happy. Great job by everyone involved. A special thanks to Ross & Pam for always being so generous with their house & supplies. We love you Pam & Ross!

Tom Gormley

Agua Caliente - Ross Z.

CHAROULEAU GAP - 11/11/12 - 18.9 mi (+/-)

This year the rain came two days before the run and the result was that the road was in excellent condition for running. On the other hand, the rain storm brought a very cold front through the area and thus near frost conditions for the 7AM start. As a former Minnesotan I should be used to running in these cold conditions, but to have 16 Tucsonans show up on that morning was quite impressive, especially since it had been 92 degrees only 5 days earlier.

Three days prior to the run I had scouted out the road past the Gap to Mule Ears. The trail was very dry, with lots of loose rocks and a fair amount of grassy overgrowth. Only one brave soul was up for the challenge and Doug even took the bigger challenge by running all the way to the Corkscrew of Death, which is about a mile beyond Mule Ears.

Some runners found the undulating hills and gradual incline more of a challenge than they expected, but really seemed to like the fast downhill on the return trip from the Gap. And almost everyone commented that it was a nice change of pace from the usual rocky, single track trails of most runs.

It was fun to get to meet some of the new runners and even though it remained cool most of the morning, it was sunny enough to mingle in the parking area and enjoy refreshments. It seemed that there wasn't much interest in the adult beverages, but the hot apple cider was a hit.

My sincere apologies to the new runners for the inaccurate distances reflected in the trail description on the website. This will be remedied for next year, along with a link that actually shows a map and elevation profile of the trail. Mary C.

Charouleau Gap - Ross Z.

Long route to "the river" (8.9 with variations)

MT LEMMON ASCENT - 11/18/12 - 18.6 mi

Thanks to all the participants and the volunteers who helped put on this challenging and fun run from Sabino Canyon to the top of Mt. Lemmon! We had our largest turnout in the past few years that I have directed this run. It was a perfect day and everyone enjoyed a great time!

Some runners got a bit off course, but they just appreciated a longer workout:

Ross Z also joined us for about 9 miles and had a workout lasting 4:26.

Thanks, again!

Lynda Hendricks

Director, OP 50

REDINGTON 50K - 11/25/12

TTR Faithful,

We had a fairly successful event, with the usual complement of folks getting off trail here and there. I was a bit concerned by the warming weather last week. Those doing the marathon or 50K, or further, noticed the warm, dry day. We had two toddlers helping out at the aid station, plus one trail chihuahua. Distances, and people, were all over the map. Craig Dabler or Dallas Stevens had the most bonus miles, I think. Craig also managed to come up with an off-route variation I had never heard of before. Coming back where the AZ Trail hops onto a ranch road just west of Bellota Ranch house, he went right on the road toward a water tank he saw in the distance. This took him north instead east. Eventually, he was retrieved by friendly hunters in a vehicle, who took him back to the AZ Trail. Unfortunately, it was back at the beginning of that segment where it crosses Bellota Ranch Road. Craig ran that 2.1 mile section again and went straight (west) instead of right. We found him at Molino Basin, which Dallas run to from Prison Camp looking for our prodigal. Craig was in good humor, as was everyone else once he was accounted for. The company and conversation was very good at both ends of the course.

As usual Pete Chagaris covered the aid station with aplomb and good nature. Thanks, Pete! He was ably assisted by Gabriel Chagaris and Amelia Holmes, our next generation of runners. Carolyn Sowers came out to retrieve Dave.

Here are a few photos-- Redington 50K - Ross Z.

Let me know if you have additions, corrections, or good stories. For some reason, we recorded a lot of ages...

Ross Z, RD

COWHEAD SADDLE - 12/2/12 - 17.3 mi

What a great day on the mountain. The weather was fantastic, although the trail was a bit overgrown in place. Three of us left at 2:50am and enjoyed some excellent night running, Joel, Tom and myself. The moon was bright in the sky and I ran most all the way up with no additional light. My legs got mighty scratched up but that would have happened to me anyway. Lots of new faces I had not seen before. Always a pleasure for me to relax at the end and catch up with people.

We modified the start per the park rangers request and it worked well. We did not do a mass start, as people checked in they left and began there run immediately. I can attest that the pack was quite strung out a mile or two from the start. I was just finishing as others were starting.

Thanks for a great day - LONG LIVE TTR

LOMA ALTA - 12/9/12

TTR faithful,

We had a great turnout with beautiful weather on the 9th of December for the Loma Alta TTR event. We had a couple of early starters and late starters as well. For the second year in a row Harry Fagg completed the full route of 28.06 miles to Manning Camp and back. Another runner new to the group, Michael, also ran to Manning Camp but inadvertently opted for a more scenic return and came out at X9 ranch. A helpful ranger brought him back to the start where he enjoyed cookies and Gatorade to refuel.

A total of 22 runners ran at least a half dozen route variations. Many of them received complimentary leg washings at the finish from our Border Collie, Reo. Rangas (our Red Heeler) and Reo both ran 6 miles earlier that morning with my wife Trish so I guess he needed electrolyte replenishment too. I hope that cut back on the hot water use at the house when you all got home.

Thank you to Becky for bringing the huge plate of cookies and Trish for showing up later and bringing the leg de-salter. A lot of good conversation took place well into the afternoon and everyone seemed to be enjoying the scenery and weather. With all of the variations below we can almost call this a fatass run. Hopefully all info is correct and I didn't miss anyone. Please let me know if there are any corrections.


It was dark and rainy on the drive to Golder Ranch Road this morning, but the rain stopped by 7am and six runners enjoyed perfect weather while running the Baby Jesus loop. All enjoyed

the trail, views of snow in the mountains, and the refreshments afterwards. Things went well except for a hard fall and shoulder injury to Mark on the Sutherland trail. Thanks to Mary Croft for help with sweeping and to Joel Woppert for help on Saturday with clearing and flagging of the Baby Jesus section.

WASSON PEAK - 1/6/13 - 14.2 mi

Last Sunday kicked off another great season of TTR runs with the annual Wasson Peak loop at SNP west. The weather was seasonally cool and dark, but warmed up as the climbing began. First to return from the full loop was Sion , shortly followed by Polly and David, all posting some really fast times.

Runners continued trickling in without too many stories of lost trail and injury.

As far as we can tell the park service has added no new steps to the Norris trail.( I'll keep you all posted).

It was great for me to see some old friends and new faces as well. I hope to see you all next year.

Thanks for coming!

Jerry Riddick

PS: Good Luck to Gene and any other Avalon runners this weekend

The full Monty:


Ten heavily clothed runners, one hiker, and a dog in sweater showed up for a brisk morning outing in the Tortolitas. Temps were in the mid-20's, so running up the wash with cold air running down it made for some rather cold faces at the start. Climbing onto the ridges brought everyone into some warmer air and sunshine, and it turned out to be a wonderful morning to run. Everyone made it back to the start -- no frost bite, one twisted ankle, and only person off trail for a bit. It was great to some old-timers out there as well as some new folks. Hope to see you all at Bear Canyon on Sunday.

Bruce Johnson

Tortolita Mountain Loop

Full double loop - 14.2 miles

Chrisie Bane 3:00

Becky Graseck 3:12

Nick Mastrandrea 3:25

Jay Liggett 3:41

Bob Bachani 3:57 added some extra on Lower Javelina - 15.2 miles total

Wild Mustang loop - 8.6 miles

Jerry Riddick 1:59

Kathryn Nealey 2:04

Darrel Cummings 2:27

Ruby Cummings 2:27 (with sweater)


Trevor Teeselink 1:59 twisted ankle - Wild Mustang Loop plus?

Christy Holliger 1:59 helping Trevor

Bruce Johnson 44:01 4.05 miles - up the wash then back to the car

Miscellaneous hiking

Clint Nealy

WINTER BEAR CANYON LOOP - 1/20/13 - 16.8 mi

Hello everyone!

This past Sunday was a great day for a trail run. We had great turn out, 25 eager runners, a few of them first timers. We set off just a min or two past 7, just as the sun was rising. The trail to seven falls was marked well, even had orange tape showing us the way. I hear the rest of the trail had been cleared so well, a jeep could pass through. No one got seriously off trail, although one runner visited 7 falls before realizing the trail went up instead of down. Runners were welcomed to the finish by 70+ degree weather and a table full of lovely snacks.

Here are the results.

7 Falls:

Steve Hughes 1:49 (the day after running a 50K!)

Alli LaCroix 1:58

Caryn Nath 1:58

Full Bear Canyon Loop (no extra)

Chase Duarte 2:43

Jane Larkendale 2:54

Steve Outridge 2:58 A PR!

Tim Sprigs 3:02

Anne Neuenschwander 3:02

Kamran Talattof 3:09

Christie Bane 3:13

Pam Golden 3:45

Bob Bachani 3:19

Dallas Stevens 3:23

Jay Liggett 3:26

Bridget Uzelle 3:27

Bruce Johnson 3:38

Gene Joseph 3:38

Lisa Osinga 3:38

Kathryn Nealey 3:41

Doug Tillman 3:43

Renee Stevens 3:44

Ross Zimmerman ? He called, but I didn't get a time.

Full Bear with Phone line return

Jeff Turnman 3:34

Becky Priebe 3:54

Full Bear + Phone Line + Blackets (20 miles)

Steve Bagg 3:09

Glad to see you all out there!


AZ TRAIL 50K - 1/20/13


We had a great turnout for this run despite having really heavy rain in the days leading up to the run. I got the group over the the gate & off to a prompt 7:01 start. (I will do better next year to be on time!) After the group took off Bruce,Clyde "the dog," & I took off for a 10 mile run. As soon as Bruce took off Clyde's leash, he was off to catch the group and we spent the next couple of miles trying to catch him. Bruce, at some point, said he was picking up the pace to catch him. On the way back from my 10 miler I ran into Kathryn Nealey, introduced myself and made sure she knew where she was going. Bruce and Clyde soon caught up to me as I was listening to something being killed off in the distant desert.

We finished with me getting in 10 miles while Clyde had logged his P.R. of 12 miles. Most of the runners found trail & had a great day with the exception of a few. A group of 4 missed the aid station & ended up doing the full 50k with a different variation. The only runner to get completely lost was Steve Outridge who turned the wrong direction 1 mile from the finish. I would have made more fun of him if I hadn't made the same mistake a couple years ago. Once he told me what he had done I said I knew right where he was and went a picked him up. There were a few sightings of bear or mountain lion prints but they turned out to be Clyde's big dopey paw prints.

Catlow Shipek 4:37 got late start & probably was a bit faster

Polly Cambell 4:39 "part of the alternative 4"

Sion Lupowitz 4:39 "part of the alt 4"

Korey Konga 5:02 "part of the alt 4"

Stephen Bagg 5:02 "part of the alt 4"

Jeff Stevens 5:46

Michelle Hawk 7:00

Christie Bane 7:02

Kamran Talattof 7:03 got a late start & was probably faster

Rebecca Priebe 7:07 "dating one of the Alt 4"

Luis Leon 7:07 " not dating one of the alt 4 that I know of"

Kathryn Nealy 7:10 got late start & ran extra . she had also headed back out when I left for more miles ( 32 miles plus some)

Jay Liggett 7:17 "inspires to be part of the alt 4"

Joel Dalley 7:50

Misc Mileage & routes

David Sowers 4:25 (26.3)

Steve Outridge 7:08 (34 or so)

Doug Tillman 4:04 (20 miles)

SOLDIER/LA MILAGROSA - 2/3/13 - 15.6 mi

Here are the results from this past Sunday’s TTR run:

Catlow Shipek 2:33

Randy Sooter 2:33

Chase Duarte 2:38

Steve Bagg 2:38

Anne Neuenschwander 3:11

Becky Priebe 3:19

Michelle Hawk 3:19

Christie Bane 3:20

Steve Outridge 3:20

Nick Mastrandrea 3:26

Kamran Talattof 3:27

Bridget Uzzelle 3:37

Dallas Stevens 3:37

Kamryn Becker 3:37

Gene Joseph 3:44

Jay Liggett 3:48

Rene Stevens 3:53

Pam Golden 3:53

Craig Dabler 3:58

Christy Hall 3:59

Ken Greco 4:29

Donna Kanoza 5:29

Steve Kanoza 6:21

Ross Zimmerman 6:21

It was a glorious day to be out on the trails, and a very nice turnout of 24 adventuresome souls. Thank you for coming out!

Steve Hughes

TANQUE VERDE LOOP - 2/17/13 - 28.5 mi

We had a good turnout Sunday with really perfect weather, If I made any mistakes, correct me. A good strong showing by every one, and all returning safe & sound.

TV Loop

Polly Campbell 5:29

David Sowers 5:39

Michelle Hawk 6:02

John McLean 6:10

Christy Bane 6:27

Bob Bachani 6:35

Abraham Moreno 6:55

Calvin Baker 7:25

Renee Stevens 7:32

Alli LaCroix 7:34

Joe Plasman 8:00 plus TV Peak!

Javelina Picnic Area

Sion Lupowitz 3:52

Christy Hall 4:50

Dave Hall 5:51

Steve Outridge 6:08

Tricia Aldridge 6:08

Craig Dabler 6:19

Other Runs

Ken Greco Doug Springs 3:16

Dallas Stevens Cowhead 4:23

Mike Duer Cowhead 3:39

Tim Spriggs 11 Mi. 2:11

Steve Kanoza 5 Mi. 1:08

Ross Zimmerman Cowhead 7:20

Pam Golden Cowhead 5:15

ESPERERO CANYON LOOP - 3/17/13 - 21 mi

We had a gorgeous morning for the Esperero Canyon Loop.

My apologies again for leaving early, and I'd like to thank Steve and Becky for stepping up and filling in for me. Thank you!

Full Esperero Loop

Sion Lupowitz 3:38

Steve Bagg 4:10

Dennis Pollow 4:10

Chase Duarte 4:15

David Sowers 4:18

Mike Duer 4:24

Jeff Mitchell 4:26

Anne Neuenschwander 4:30

Jim Holmes 4:42

Dallas Stevens 4:58

Andy Gillespie 5:19

Tali Robich 5:19

Becky Prrobe 5:21

Mark Dorion 5:48

Tom Gormley 6:00

Michael Walker 6:11

Alternate routes

Joe Dana (Phoneline to tram road 9.0 miles) 2:23

Kathy Wilson (Phoneline to West Fork 10.0 miles) 2:26

Ross Zimmerman (7.2 miles) 3:08

Randy Souter (included Cathedral and Phoneline trail 25.71 miles)

Thank you for a great day!


MICA MOUNTAIN MARATHON - 3/24/13 - 26.8 mi

Another Mica mountain completed. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy a day on the mountain. The day started clear and cool with the temperature hovering around freezing! We launched just after 06:30 with 16 runners. Half would do the whole run except maybe Mike who did make it to Mica Meadow via Manning camp but I think that counts. Several of the runners spotted deer but that was the only wild life I heard about. Ross recruited a new runner on the way back from Cowhead, Bruce Atrmes, welcome Bruce.

Not counted below are: Donna and Steve Kanoza, Gary Parcher and Joe Dana who did the modified route from Cameno Loma Alta via Grass shack, Manning, Mica and Italian Springs to Redington road a 27 mile 12 hour hike on Friday. And Bob Bachani who did the regular route on Saturday and who’s time I don’t have.

To the top:

Randy Sooter 4:57

Sion Lupowitz 5:03

Polly Campbell 5:13

Chase Duarte 5:37

Mike Duer 6:52

Renee Stevens 7:07

Tom Gormley 7:19

Ken Greco 8:28

Past Cowhead to get 20 miles

Kathryn Becker 5:12

Bridget Uzzette 5:12

Cowhead plus to get 18 miles

Kathryn Nealey 4:42

Kathy Wilson 4:58

Craig Dabbler 5:25

Mary Croft 5:44

Ross Zimmerman 6:30

Douglas Springs 13 Miles

Pam Golden 3:38

Bruce Atrmes 8:40


The Inaugural Oracle Ridge Loop was a great success with 7 runners making their way to Oracle this past Sunday, April 7. Although not planned at the start for some, only 1 runner would complete the actual course, with the other 6 doing some other variation. It was as if these runners, specifically Kathryn and Miro, decided midway through the route that the scenery was far too beautiful to leave, as they galloped back and forth along Oracle Ridge without a care in the world.

Oracle Ridge Loop (14.5 mi)

Kathy Wilson 3:31

Oracle Ridge Loop plus extra on Oracle Ridge (19.5 mi)

Kathryn Nealey 5:59

Miro Oljaca 5:59

Oracle Ridge out-and-back (13.6 mi)

Ross Zimmerman 5:10

Clint Nealey 5:10

Mount Lemmon Highway out-and-back

Nate Polaske 3:05 (23.0 mi)

Mindy Polaske 4:09 (25.0 mi)

For next year I plan to physically mark the course and update the map with additional landmarks. Also, I hope to move the date of the run to 1-2 weeks prior to Crown King 50k. Based on the pictures I have seen of the Crown King 50k course, I think this run would be a great training run based on the steep and loose climbing and rough singletrack. If there appears to be interest, we could easily add a 20-25 option.



Thanks everyone for coming out and thank you Mark for your aid support and friendship! Another hot one on the tram road for the 4 brave souls running the whole route - nice work! You'll thank yourself in 2 weeks!



Multiple Mount Wrightson Massacre 2013

This year's MMWM started with my trot up to Mount Wrightson on Saturday to check out the trail condition. Old baldy was in great shape and I found the weather to be perfect. Dallas planned on starting his multiples on Saturday afternoon and work through the night only to discover the weather was not cooperating.

Not finding out about Dallas’s experience until later in the morning, ten runners started their journey. Out of the Sunday starters, Tim started at 5am and experienced the worst of the wind and cold conditions and the other nine started off between 7 and 8:30. Unfortunately, one ascent was all it took for most of our crowd this year. A new comer to the group, David Valenzuela, did go for a second after a long rest. Adrian showed up later to assist with aide for those going for multiple ascents but ended up just enjoying a Sunday afternoon in Madera canyon.

Next year let’s get a larger group of dawn starters out there and see some triple ascents.

Thank you all for coming. And thank you Dallas for your account.


Dallas Stevens 2 ascents both Saturday afternoon / night SOLO!

Trip #1

1:35 up 1:12 down 2:47 elapsed

Trip #2

2:05 up 1:42 down 3:47 elapsed 6:24 total elapsed

Tim Spriggs 30 1 ascents Sunday morning 5:00 start 3:14

Ken Greco 45 1 ascents Sunday morning 7:00 start 3:40

Dennis Pollow 26 1 ascents Sunday morning 7:15 start 2:30

Jamie Madden 24 1 ascents Sunday morning 7:15 start 4:35

Daviid Valenzuela 54 2 ascents Sunday morning

Gary Parcher 66 1 ascent Sunday morning 7:30 start 4:45

Pamela Hoyt 56 1 ascent Sunday morning 7:30 start 4:45

Andy Gillespie 47 1 ascent Sunday morning 8:15 start 3:50

Tali Robich 31 1 ascent Sunday morning 8:15 start 3:50

Ross Zimmerman Jack Mine Trail 6.45 miles

SANTA CATALINA ASCENT - 5/19/13 - 25.9 mi

Runner Start Palisades Sunset Ski Area Elapsed Comments

Steve Outridge 5:48 9:26 11:50 6:02 Finished at Sunset. Visited airplane wreck, Allergy attack

Tonja Chagaris 5:00 8:48 3:48 Started early, finished at traditional aid on Palisades

Pete Chagaris 5:00 8:48 3:48 Started early, finished at traditional aid on Palisades

Scott Davidson 6:05 9:23 10:57 12:43 6:38 First TTR run! Recommends Hokas for Butterfly

Jerry Riddick 6:05 9:45 11:38 12:56 6:51 Top via Summerhaven, then back down Romero and Hutches

Tricia Aldridge 6:05 10:05 4:00 Done at Bigelow (recorded 16:40 pace)

Kathy Wilson 6:05 11:10 5:05 Done at Bigelow 15.62 - “Senior Moment” detour on West Fork

Abraham Moreno 6:05 10:05 4:00 Lost at plane wreck, bushwhacked to Catalina Highway

Chrissy Park 6:05 11:10 5:05 Done at Bigelow 15.62 - Followed Kathy up West Fork

Jamie Madden 6:05 11:48 5:43 Done at Bigelow, no other details

Anne Neuenschwander 6:05 9:10 East/West Sabino Trail Junction, 12 miles in 1:50

Kamran Talatoff 6:05 10:30 4:25 Done at Bigelow

David Valenzuela 6:05 9:52 11:41 1:36 7:31 Finished at Ski area

Tim Stackhouse 6:05 9:12 10:50 12:27 6:22 Ski area

Tim Spriggs 6:05 9:31 14:27 Done at Bigelow - took a nap

Polly Campbell 6:05 9:08 12:51 10:50 AM 19:13 12:09 PM 16:00 6:04 14:51 Ski area - missed Aspen Draw trail and went down ski hill.

Fred Roberts 6:05 9:37 14:53 - - - - 3:32 14:53 Biked down from Bigelow

Renee Stevens 6:05 9:52 15:56 11:43 AM 20:54 1:30 PM 21:40 7:25 18:10 finished at Ski area

Dallas Stevens 6:05 9:25 14:02 11:11 AM 19:58 1:03 PM 22:40 6:58 17:04 finished at Ski area


Bigelow Aid 1 14.25

Sunset 19.56

Summit 24.5

Pal to Sunset 5.31

Sunset to Summit 4.94

West Fork detour to Bigelow 15.6

SUNSET LOOPS - 6/2/13 - 17 mi

16 runners showed for this year’s Sunset Loops run. Most ran the full course while others were creative in their journey around the trails. There was a little confusion finding the WOR trail from Aspen and a few wrong turns were taken, but overall everyone had a good run and made it back without too many extra miles. Ken Greco suffered from his plantar fasciitis but still had good time. Tricia ran CCW the Marshal Gulch to Aspen loop twice and a few other runners did a similar route. Ross and Pam showed up at the trail head during their day hike in the area.

This was my first time as RD for the Sunset loops run so Saturday afternoon, the day before the run, I ran the course. I found a little difficulty finding my way around but was fortunate enough to have not made too many wrong turns and made it out before dark. I was rewarded by a sunset as I finished my run on the Sunset trail. See you all next year. Raoul

Dennis Pollow 26 full loop 3:20

Dallas Sevens 51 full loop 3:47

Renee Stevens 45 full loop 4:11

Rebecca Priebe 28 full loop 4:24

Doug Loveday full loop 4:55

Adam Mckelvy 30 full loop 4:55

Bridget Uzzelle 34 full loop 5:14

Kamryn Becker 38 full loop 5:14

Kathy Wilson 39 Lookout Route 12.8 4:07

Ken Greco 45 6.26 miles injury 1:47

Tricia Aldridge 44 CCW lower loop 2x 10.1mi 2:47

Jim Edwards 52 Short loop CW 1:51

Jay Ligget 56 10mile

Ross and Pam A day hike

Steve Bagg random run


11 smart Tucsonans showed up at the Sunset Trail Head this AM for a run in some cooler temperatures. We all had a fun run/hike and conversation. It seemed everyone ran something different and nothing specific, here are the distances and their times.

Jim Holmes 17 miles 3:59

Katheryn Nealy 13 3:15

Chris Fall 12 3:08

Sion Lupowitz 11 2:13

Steve Hughes 10 2:45

Pam Hoyt 9 2:41

Ken Grecko 6.5 1:55

Joe Plassman 6.5 1:42

Gary Parcher 6.5 2:38

Denise Fall 5 1:05 on the road

Clint Nealy he has no idea distance he hiked, but he hiked 2:58

It was a fun morning, see everyone next season

Denise Fall