Tucson Trail Runners 2000-2001 Results

Mt. Wrightson Ascent Sept. 10

Bill Cuculic 1:10:05

Ken Greco 1:25:59

Tom Wiper 1:29:59

Joe Dana 1:36:36

Gene Joseph 1:43:14

Ross Zimmerman 1:51:00

Rich Hastings 2:03:47

The weather was good. Scattered clouds over the peaks that increased in size by late morning. These clouds later coalesced and dumped over an inch of rain on Tucson. By Josephine saddle, the finishing places were set by all runners. At the top we encountered a large group of men and boys from Nogales, who were camping at Baldy Saddle. There was water in the spring. We had an enjoyable, casual run down. Near the bottom, Ross got intimate with the trail, leaving some blood behind; not an unusual occurrence here. GJ

Sabino Basin Sept. 24

Bill Cuculic 1:56:32

Ken Greco 2:16:40

Gene Joseph 2:16:49

Glenn Vencill 2:38:10

Ross Zimmerman 3:22:27

Rich Hastings 3:22:27

After months of hot days and warm mornings, a cool morning in the mid-sixties greeted the six runners who came out for a new addition to the trail series-Sabino Basin. The course is an out and back along the phoneline into Sabino Basin- a total of 14 miles. Bill ran a fast pace and came in first. Ross had an encounter between his head and a tree in the basin and took a little tumble along the trail. He got the award for the most blood shed. Rich, who recently moved to Tucson, joined the small group and ran with Ross. Everyone enjoyed the new course since it provided shade almost the entire distance with the runners getting sun only the last mile and a half. JA

Bear Canyon Loop Oct. 15

Bill Cuculic 2:36:52

Ken Greco 3:06:53

Ron Beard 3:16:34

Tom Wiper 3:21:42

Gene Joseph 3:27:50

Bob Bachani 3:34:06

Allyn Cureton 3:39:50

Enrique Aviles 4:04:43

Rick Kelley 4:56:20

Joe Dana 4:56:20

At the 6:00 a.m. start the temperature was 54° and there were no clouds. The trail was in fairly good condition because of all the work Gene had done pruning. Because of construction on the tram road we finished by coming down the Phoneline Trail which made the distance 17.5 miles. BC

Agua Caliente Ascent Oct. 29

Ken Greco 4:51

Gene Joseph 4:52

Tom Wiper 4:52

Pierce Cornelius 4:52

Pam Golden 4:52

Rich Hastings 5:00

Ross Zimmerman 5:00

Mt. Lemmon Ascent Nov. 19

Benito Gonzalez 4:28

Garrett Ford 4:50

Ken Greco 5:12

Martin Pena 5:48

Julie Arter 6:08

Bob Bachani 6:08

Pam Golden 6:16

Rick Kelley 7:26

Joe Dana 7:48

Duane Arter 7:50

Alex Kiss 8:23

Sally Brisbane 8:24

A morning temperature of 29° greeted 12 runners for the start of the Mt. Lemmon Ascent Run. Because the Forest Service was shoring up the tram road, the road was closed at the last bridge. This forced the course to be run out the Phoneline trail instead. This detour added 1.4 miles to the traditional route of 18.9 miles. This added as much as a half hour to the finishing times. The cold morning warmed up quickly as the runners headed up the front range in the morning sun. The recent October rains left the trails very moist and creeks that are normally dry were running. The rains also provided a growing spurt to the poison ivy along the trail. There were several areas where avoiding the poison ivy took some creative thinking. The recent valley rains turned to snow in the higher elevations of the Catalinas. Runners encountered the first snow not far above Romero Pass. The snow was fairly light until the switchbacks below the dirt road at the top. The snow along the dirt road was 8 to 10 inches in places and that made the final 1.5 miles more difficult. Joe Dana decided the course was not difficult enough and added a short diversion up the Cathedral Rock Trail. Rebecca and Paul Tyson drove to the ski area with their newborn twins to provide cookies, oranges and hot chocolate to the runners. JA

Sabino 50/50 Dec. 12

Trish Duarte several miles

Chase Duarte "


Bill Cuculic 5:22:38

Glenn Vencill 7:39

Julie Arter 7:39

Bob Bachani 7:49

Joe Dana 8:53

Rick Kelley 9:54


Gene Joseph -----


Ken Greco 12:08

Desert Discovery Run Dec. 17

9 mile loop

Mary Croft 3:00

Al Winzerling 3:00

16+ miles

Ross Zimmerman 4:45

19 miles

Buck Schmidt 4:45

Gene Joseph 4:45

Ken Greco 4:45

Julie Arter 4:45

Joe Dana 4:45

Enrique Aviles 4:54

Jennifer Aviles 4:54

Wasson Peak Jan. 7

Bill Cuculic 1:58:22

Gene Joseph 2:34:17

Tom Wiper 2:44:20

Ross Zimmerman 3:00:00

Enrique Aviles 3:20:10

Mark Dorian 3:25:10

Joe Dana 3:26:00

It was a beautiful day for a nice run. Seven runners began and completed the run, all without difficulty (obviously, the RD wasn’t out there on the course! Ed.) After the run we all relaxed eating muffins and fruit. JE

Winter Bear Canyon Loop Jan. 20

Two Loops

Rick Kelley 10:26

One Loop

Chase Duarte 2:27:30

Joel O’Bryan 2:57:20

Ken Greco 2:59:24

Bob Nordone 3:13:05

Tom Boyle 3:14:00

Bob Bachani 3:21:17

Pam Golden 3:40:50

Ross Zimmerman 3:50:25

Joe Dana 3:57:15

Craig Haymowicz 3:57:15

Grinder and Back

Trish Duarte 4:11:05

Alli LaCroix 4:11:05

Cowhead Saddle Feb. 4

Chase Duarte 2:47:46

Ken Greco 3:38:32

Bob Bachani 3:56:44

Trish Duarte 4:16:53

Joe Dana 4:22:56

Alli LaCroix 4:36:07

Ross Zimmerman 4:36:08

Kandi Karuza 5:14:43

Rick Kelley 5:14:43

Enrique Aviles (Sat.) 6:29

Jennifer Aviles " 6:31

14+/- miles

Mary Croft 4:20

Chase was the only person to run a one bottle round trip. The temperature was a cool 40° at the start but as we often discover during runs in this mountain range, the promise of snow cover and water at the higher elevations often tricks us into thinking the entire run will be pleasant. As usual, especially for those who ran for four or more hours, the final three miles of the approximately 17 mile course under clear skies were very hot. Twelve runners ventured into Saguaro National Park east to enjoy poppies, lupine and other wildflowers as they climbed more than 4000 ft. to Cowhead Saddle. Along the way they encountered running washes and streams, muddy trails, and snow both ankle and shin deep once they hit the ravine and north face of the trail about a mile or so above Douglass Springs. The snow and icy spots slowed everyone down but overall times were pretty good given that two of the runners had covered 29 miles in Patagonia the day before, one had never run the trail before, and one, accompanied by her husband, was returning to this trail after at least a ten year hiatus. E&J A

Tanque Verde Loop Feb. 18

18 miles

Alli LaCroix --

20 miles

Trish Duarte --

Jennifer Aviles --

Enrique Aviles --

28.5 miles

Garrett Ford 5:42:12

Chase Duarte 5:42:12

Ken Greco 5:54:09

Joel O’Bryan 6:09:00

Gene Joseph 6:10:19

Tom Boyle 6:29:51

Bob Bachani 6:51:40

Rick Kelley 7:59:00

Joe Dana 8:04:00

Another typically warm day for T.V. loop. Duane Arter and Rich Guth provided a much needed aid station a couple of miles up from the picnic area that was mistaken as a concession stand and bypassed by one participant. RK

Esperero Canyon Loop Mar. 25

Gene Joseph 4:44:49

Ken Greco 5:07

Raoul Erichson 5:18

Bob Bachani 5:27

Pierce Cornelius 5:28:41

Rick Kelley 6:48

Jennifer Aviles 7:32:43

Enrique Aviles 7:32:43

Mica Mountain Marathon Apr. 1

13 Miles

Jim Shea 3:10

17 Miles

Tom Wiper 3:54

Ross Zimmerman 4:51

Jennifer Aviles 4:58:15

25.2 Miles

Pierce Cornelius 7:44

26.8 Miles

Chase Duarte 5:02:55

Garrett Ford 6:12

Ken Greco 6:29

Gene Joseph 6:38

Bob Bachani 6:44

Tom Boyle 6:45

Joe Dana 7:26

Duane Arter (3 a.m.) 9:15

Rick Kelley 9:50

This was a beautiful spring day in the mountains for a bunch of April fools. Duane started long before sunrise and broke the trail through what would be very little snow at the higher elevations. While Chase was puking into the finish line, Rick was at the top doing what we had all dreamed of doing in that beautiful, cool meadow; napping. GJ

Mount Bigelow Apr. 14

13.5 miles

Melody Varner ------


Garrett Ford 6:38

Ken Greco 7:31

Gene Joseph 7:43

Bob Bachani 8:18

Joe Dana 9:33

Paul Manning 9:59

Duane Arter 10:40

Rick Kelley 12:23

Darla Demlong 12:23

Multiple Wrightson May 19

Ken Greco 4 trips

Garrett Ford 2 "

Dave Van Wicklin 2 "

Duane Arter 2 "

Bob Bachani 2 "

Rick Kelley 2 "

Joe Dana 1 "

Trish Duarte 1 "

Chase Duarte 1 "

John Mendola 1 "

Santa Catalina Ascent June 2&3


Ken Greco 7:25

Melody Varner 9:55

Duane Arter 10:30

Geri Kilgariff 10:40

Connie Hayes 10:40

Rick Kelley 10:40

Santa Catalina Ascent was added as a two day run officially this year. There was a good turnout on both days. On Saturday, eight runners started, with six finishing the official route. Darla Demlong skipped the Butterfly Trail Section after getting the wind knocked out of her while looking at Poison Ivy (Don’t ask, it’s a long story!). After a rest, she continued on from the Sunset Trail up to the top. Joe Dana ran a modified route. After not being able to find the Sunset trailhead, he ran the paved road up to the ski area. Garrett Ford called it quits at the Palisades Ranger Station due to a sore IT band. Bob Bachani started at the end of the Palisades trailhead and ran with Melody to the finish at the top. Duane had the best animal sighting-a bear near Mud Springs. The bugs were thick and somewhat bothersome at the aid stations, but all in all, everyone had a good time. JA


Chase Duarte 6:37

Ken Greco 7:10

Duane Arter 10:15

On Sunday, five runners started, with three finishing the official route. Rick Kelley and Trish Duarte started from the end of the Palisades trailhead and ran the rest of the route up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. Jennifer and Enrique Aviles started from Sabino Canyon, but decided to finish at the start of the Sunset trailhead. They had a rattlesnake encounter between the end of the tram road and Sabino Basin. Fortunately, all survived. Both Ken and Duane did the "Animal" version and ran the route both days and each of them ran faster times the second day! The bugs from the day before were blown away by the high winds, along with the aid station at the Sunset trailhead. JA