Mt. Wrightson Ascent - 9/10/17 - 5.2 miles to the top

Hey y’all – great running today! And what an impressive turnout. We had 45 people for the season’s first run. Lots of new faces, some first Wrightson Ascents, and a number of PRs. The big talk of the day was: “Would there be bear sightings?” but, alas, there were only “squirrel growlings” (Gary P.) :-)

See below for full results, and let me know if you have any corrections!


Dan Nix (27) 1:11

Mike Duer (47) 1:16:50

Patrick Thurber (34) 1:20

Jonathan King (24) 1:21

Ben Markwart (36) 1:22:49

Anne Neuenschwander(44) 1:24

Devyn Thurber (32) 1:24

Joe Delgado (47) 1:25

Ted Rasoumoff (49) 1:25

Jesse Lim (46) 1:26

William Meikle (56) 1:27

John Dragovits (28) 1:34

Mike Ivison 1:35:14

Corey Keppel (32) 1:36

Zelda Keppel (dog) 1:36

Ryan Niccum (42) 1:37

Robert Harris (44) 1:38

Fernando Bustamente 1:38:51

Andrew Youdin 1:40

Kaitlyn Kratter (33) 1:43

Brad Mascal (31) 1:44

Daniel Harris (20) 1:45

Guy McArthur (46) 1:46

Ben Weiner (49) 1:45

Christina Tierney (35) 1:45:26

Billy Oliver (53) 1:47:38

Chad Dailey (32) 1:48

Tammy Kovaluk (42) 1:55

Mike Walker (31) 1:55

Michelle Ziegler (37) 1:55

Bruce Johnson (63) 1:58

Raoul Erickson (49) 1:59

Daniel Barajas (31) 2:03

Michael Sulkowski (33) 2:05

Angela Greynolds (33) 2:09

Megan Joyce (35) 2:09

Courtney Crosson (35) 2:30

Pam Hoyt (61) 2:36

Susan Alexander (51) 2:36

Tonja Chagaris untimed, full route

Kate Nix (27) untimed (Baldy Saddle & Back – 8.6 miles)

Ronnie Sepulveda (70) 0:55 (Old Baldy to Josephine Saddle)

Gary Parcher (71) 1:45 (Old Baldy to Josephine Saddle)

Megan Smithey (41) untimed, 6 miles

Kevin Cross (28) untimed run-hike

Sabino Basin - 9/17/17 - 13.7 miles

Thirty seven runners braved the steamy morning heat today at the 13.6/8 mile Sabino Basin Run. Highlights of the day today were the duel between Kent Warlick (2:01), Rick Mick (2:06), and Mike Duer (2:09) for fastest time after running the first half together, Anne Neuenschwander's repeat women's record performance at 2:21, and a few first time trail runners.

Lost and found: white UnderArmor shirt and a pair of tweezers (Suzie?).

Results and course modifications listed below--please contact me in the next day or two with any spelling or time corrections (handwriting people, handwriting!). Thanks for hanging out with me this morning, everyone!


Kent Warlick 2:01

Rick Mick 2:06

Mike Duer 2:09 *master's record?

John Dragovits 2:15

Daniel Nix 2:15:14

Anne Neuenschwander 2:21 *tied previous record, also held by her

Sean Baird 2:21:30

Jeff Turman 2:23

Brad Mascal 2:30

Andrew Youdin 2:36

Adam Mekelvy 2:37

Jason Kyle 2:38

Kaitlin Kratter 2:39

Kurt Dabb 2:39:20

Brian Janezic 2:45

Morey Brown 2:47

Fernando Bustamante 2:54

Chad Dailey 2:55

Christina Tierney 2:57

Lydia Jennings 2:58

Billy Oliver 2:58

Robert Harris 3:00

Tom Gormley 3:06

Bob Bachani 3:14

Chris Johnson 3:24

Suzie Weisbard 3:26

Tricia Aldridge 3:39

Kate Nix 1:21 --Phoneline to tram road loop

Daniel Harris 2:10 --Phoneline to tram road loop

Kate Callahan 2:50 --Phoneline down to tram road stop, back on Phoneline

Colleen Conlin 2:50 --Phoneline down to tram road stop, back on Phoneline

Ian Crombie 2:00 --10 miles, Phoneline out and back

Courtney Crosson 2:34 --turned around one mile early

Daniel Barajas 1:54 --Phoneline to tram road loop

Rebecca ??? 2:28 --8 miles, out and back

Mike Ivison 1:43 --Phoneline out and back, turnaround at tram connection

Diane Manzini 2:59 --to East fork, back on Tram road

Mt. Hopkins - 10/1/17 - 23.6 miles

Another great turnout for the Mt Hopkins run. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed some part of the mountain and a big congratulations to Kent for a great run and new course record. Happy birthday, indeed!

We also had some "old guard" TTR folks out hiking in preparation for a Grand Canyon crossing. Good to see you out there Ron Lumm, Enrique Aviles, and Wayne Sargeant. Hope you join us again soon! Kristi & I had a really good day talking and eating with all of you. If any of you below have corrections or the additions of age, time, distance, etc please let me know so we can update the database.

Mike Duer

Full Route (24ish)

Kent Warlick (27) 3:15

Kevin Cross (28) 4:07

Ethan Ray (32) 4:13

Billy Oliver (53) 4:43

Fernando Bustamante (52) 4:43

Tom Gormley (47) 4:48

Stacey Cochran (43) 5:37

Gene Joseph (65) 6:23

To Gate & Back (16ish)

Rick Mick (33) 2:09

John Dragovits (?) 2:35

Brad Mascal (?) 2:35

Ian Crombie (?) 2:55

Moira Hough (30) 2:56

Jay Liggett (?) 3:05

Steve Sanchez (47) 3:05

Jason Kyle (?) 3:09

Renee Stevens (49) 3:13

Hans Myer (33) ?

Misc. Routes & Distances

James Frank (51) 20 miles ?

Mike Walker (31) 16 - Gate to top & all the way down ?

Jeff Turman (41) 12 ? ?

Mike Duer (48) 8.1 - Gate up & back 1:30

Florida-Madera Wrightson Double - 10/8/17 - 26 miles

Record turnout (9) this year for the marathon distance-ish course originally pioneered by explorers Gungle and Riddick, a record number of hearty souls completing the total route (7), a record number breaking the 7 hour mark (5), a course record (Lupowitz, breaking his own mark, with an approximate time of 6:11:09.22179453), and the second woman ever to complete the course (Hough).

The mountain drew it's toll in blood with what must have been a total face plant by Davidson (scraps, scratches, and blood on both legs, both arms, and side of one hand) and a sharp poke to the top of the head by one of the many logs strewn about the Crest Trail (Keppel).

Cool, clear water was available from Bellows Spring as well as a hole in the pipe 3.5 mi above the finish, which was unanimously cited as proof that nature wasn't necessarily out to get us even though her chaotic nature had nonetheless strewn single logs across the trail multiple times by taking advantage of switchbacks. That pipe break saved souls today.

The results (please correct any funny math or spelling):

Sion Lupowitz start: 6:34; end: 12:46; elapsed: 6:11:09

Mike Duer start: 6:34; end: 13:29; elapsed: 6:54:10

Corey Keppel start: 6:05; end: 13:00; elapsed: 6:55

Peter Davidson start: 6:57; end: 13:55; elapsed: 6:58

Moira Hough start: 6:57; end: 13:55; elapsed: 6:58

Kevin start: 6:34; end: 14:50; elapsed: 8:16

Tom Gormley start: 6:05; end: 15:25; elapsed: 9:20

Other Stuff:

Brian Janezic [Florida-Wrightson-Madera-Florida sans Wrightson #2, about 24.2 mi] start: 06:15; end: 14:28; elapsed: 8:13

Nathan Augustin [Florida-Wrightson-Florida, about 15.1 mi] start: 07:49; end: 12:42; elapsed: 4:53

Bear Canyon Loop - 10/15/17 - 16.8 miles

Thanks to all that came out for another great BCL. It was a bit warm but everyone seemed to have a good time regardless. There were a few scratches, a little cactus but no snake sightings (that we heard of).

I apologize in advance for the misspelling on some of your last names; penmanship when you just ran 17 miles is a little sketchy.

Cheers to many more great trails in your future!

Trish and Jim

Official BCL Route (BC road out and tram road back):

Kent Warlick 2:23:51

Sion Lupowitz 2:27:51

Mike Duer 2:36:10

Ben Markwart 2:36:55

Doug Loveday 2:42:05

Kevin Cross 2:44:57

Anne Neuenschwander 2:46

Chase Duarte 2:56:36

Charlie Ware 3:00

John Dargovits 3:00:02

Morey Brown 3:02

Rich Wynd 3:02

Russell Higgins 3:12

Tom Gormley 3:16

Kaitlin Kratter 3:24

Allan Couch 3:28

Chris Avery 3:36

Ben Weiner 3:48

Angela Greynolds 3:49

Megan Joyce 4:00

Christina Tierney 4:00

Bob Bachani 4:10

Tonja Chagaris 4:10

Laura Marshall 4:11

Mike Walker 4:15 (BCL with a dip in 7 Falls stagnant H2O)

Hans Meyer 4:24

BCL with return via Phoneline:

James Frank 3:58

Geoff Schmidt 4:16

Brianna Grigsby 4:22

Jenny Flynn 4:32

Other Variations:

Stephen Woodall 1:20:51 - 7 Falls

Lorey Pro 2:10:53 - Bear Canyon Out and Back 10.37 mi.

Mt. Lemmon Ascent - 10/22/17 - 18.6 miles to the top

We had a great turnout for the early season Mt. Lemmon Ascent with 21 finishers! I also have a nice pink sweatshirt. Let me know if it belongs to you. Run times below. Please let me know if I’ve mis-recorded any times.

Ben “the beast” Markwart 4:13 UP and 7:33 Roundtrip

Kent Warlick 4:26

Franklin Baker 4:26

Kevin Cross 4:47

Morey Brown 4:57

Alek Comeyford 5:09

Charlie Ware 5:09

Joe Delgado 5:21

Aleta Jokisch 5:21

Russell Higgins 5:27

Laura Marshall 5:41

Robert Harris 5:43

Fernando Bustamante 5:47:30

Stacey Cochran 5:48

Tom Gormley 5:52

Rick Mick 5:52

Brianna Grigsby 5:52

Steve Hughes 6:31

Kamran Talatoff 7:04

Bob Arendt 7:47

Susan Alexander 7:47

Alex Peterson Sabino Basin out and back…time?

Green Bug - 11/19/17 - 18.8 miles

Here are the results from last week's TTR Green Bug run. Nobody really got lost, although the little loop at the top was a bit confusing to some.

Everyone posted excellent finish times, especially Charlie Ware, who finished in 2:55 and broke the previous CR of 3:20 by 25 minutes! Sion Lupowitz also broke the CR as well! The CR was previously held by Korey Konga. Congrats guys!

Thanks for letting me and Dallas be of service! I always love being in the company of my TTR friends. Some of the finest people on the planet.


Round Trip - 18.8 miles

Reddington 50k - 11/26/17 - 31 miles

What.. a.. day! That's my first time being involved with this particular run and what a run it was!? Temperatures started off cool enough but it didn't take too awful long for the heat to begin suffocating the landscape as the blazing sun made her way across the southern sky. That angle, too, made finding shade at the finish a bit tricky - but you all managed regardless of what was thrown at you, in true trail-runner fashion, with stoicism, dazed looks, and emptied stomachs!


Tom Gormley 31 miles 7:46:00 Full

Kevin Cross 31.69 miles 7:31:09 Mt. Lemmon from Molino

Moira Hough 31.58 miles 7:31:09 Mt. Lemmon from Molino

Sion Lupowitz 28.35 miles 5:07:00 Out and back to Molino Basin

Corey Keppel 26.4 miles 4:50:00 Reddington turnaround

Lucas Tyler 24 miles 4:58:33 Turnaround

Erin Dial 18 miles 3:52:28 Turnaround

Tonja Chagaris 18 miles 5:04:00 Bellota turnaround

Steve Hughes 16.05 miles 4:05:45 Turnaround

Renee Stevens 16 miles 4:17:00 Turnaround

Lorey Pro 14.04 miles 2:59:16 Turnaround

Myk Brown 13.25 miles 3:48:00 Turnaround

Mike Duer 13.2 miles 2:14:48 Reddington

Pam Hoyt 13.2 miles 3:36:00 Reddington

Bruce Johnson 10.03 miles 2:25:00 Turnaround

Dallas Stevens 10'ish miles 4:10:00 Turnaround

Molly Brown 10 miles 3:44:00 Turnaround

John Mollenhour 5'ish miles

Diane Manzini 3:30:00 Turnaround

Cowhead Saddle - 12/3/17 - 17.3 miles

Seventeen hearty souls came out to the Cowhead Saddle run today. The trail is in decent shape up to Douglas Springs and then somewhat overgrown to the top. There were a lot of scrapes and a few spills. Attached are a few pics of the bloody evidence.


Cowhead Saddle - 17.3 miles

Corey Keppel 2:58

Ben Markwart 3:16

Joe Delgado 3:16

Derek Lemoine 3:19

Kaitlin Kratter 3:48

Erin Dial 4:18

Guy McArthur 4:27

Robert Harris 4:35

Fernando Bustamante 4:35

Julie Arter

Douglas Springs - 13 miles

Brian Hall 2:11

Tricia Aldridge 3:15

Steve Hughes 3:16

Tonja Chagaris 3:59

Laura Marshall 4:00

Other Distances:

Megan Thrasher 1:53 - 8 miles

Courtney Crossan 2:56 - 10 miles

Christmas Eve Honeybee "Marathon" - 12/24/17 - 21.7 miles

On Sunday 35 runners came out to the 2nd annual "Christmas Eve Honeybee Marathon," which I'm considering renaming the "Honeybee Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Orienteering Challenge." The weather was fantastic this year, and we had a visit from Santa and his elves, all of whom got a little lost on the trails, but it seems that they were a little lost being in Arizona in the first place. Congratulations everyone for making it back safely! Hope to see you again next year!

Happy Holidays,

Angela & Stephen

21.7 Mile Loop

Morey Brown 3:22

Meryn Corkery 3:38 (visiting from Canada)

Tom Gormley 3:44

Catlow Shipek 3:50 (with 6+ bonus miles)

Lucas Tyler 3:52 (with 6+ bonus miles)

Geoff Schmidt 3:56

Renee Stevens 4:28

Fernando Bustamante 4:30 (with 3+ bonus miles)

Robert Harris 4:33

Erin Dial 4:37 (with 1 bonus mile)

Kyle Ronsick 4:37 (with 1 bonus mile)

Andrew Peck 4:47

Doug Kelly 5:23 (power hiked the whole thing!)

12 Mile Loop

Kevin Koch 1:35

John Mollenhour 1:43

Jake Blais 1:44 (with 1 bonus mile)

Rogelio Hernandez 1:45 (with 1 bonus mile)

Ruben Ochoa 1:45 (with 1 bonus mile)

Mike Wilke 1:47

Benito Gonzalez 1:47 (with 1 bonus mile)

Josh Blais 1:48

Michelle Ziegler 1:56

Tammy Kovaluk 1:56

Hans Meyer 2:01 (with half a bonus mile)

David Buist 2:03 (visiting from Great Britain)

Christian Loeschel 2:03

Jay Liggett 2:10

Christy Hall 2:10

Diane Manzini 2:10


Jason Kyle 2:24 - 16 miles

Amye Chaparro 2:55 - 14 miles

Merry Dearmon 1:44 - 10 miles

Caroline Gardiner 1:41 - 8.5 miles

Devi Dearmon 1:41 - 8.5 miles

Lisa Shipek ? - about 8 miles

Wasson Peak - 12/31/17 - 14.2 miles

This was the last run of 2017 and 34 runners showed to brave the most excellent weather and trails. It was great to see so many old friends and meet new ones. Out for bear, Sion broke his 2:00 hour goal by a full 5 minutes and looked no worse for wear. Aaryn ran almost entirely in the dark, leaving an hour early, and finishing in a close 2:03. I’ll have to ask the Park Service to add a few extra steps to slow these guys down a bit. As with each year, there were a number of assorted distances and routes. Most notable was Lucas with 24.52 miles! I bet there is a good story there. Thank you all for being such a great group. I’m happy to RD again this year. See you on the trails.

Jerry Riddick

Sion Lupowitz 1:55:21

Aaryn Olsson 2:03:17

Kent Warlick 2:10:12

Mike Duer 2:12:15

Kevin Koch 2:32:00

Rogelio Hernandez 2:48:00

Tom Gormley 2:48:51

Fernando Bustamante 2:48:52

Brianna Grigsby 2:49:00

Steve Outridge 2:50:01

Tom Shaw 2:49:50

Josh Blais 2:50:02

Billy Oliver 2:52:00

Chris Avery 2:52:00

Robert Harris 2:57:00

Christian Loeschel 3:09:00

Renee Stevens 3:14:00

Mike Wilke 3:17:00

Anna Summer 3:17:00

Christy Hall 3:30:00

Judith Shaw 3:43:00

Gene Joseph 4:01:00

Other Distances:

Benito Gonzalez 2:12:46 12 miles

Jennifer Chansley 1:55:21 Lower Loop

Tim Ever 2:17:41 16.3 miles

Tito Hernandez 2:24:02 16.3 miles

Bruce Johnson 2:38:00 Hugh Norris RT 10.9 M

Carolyn Audilet 2:30:00 Lower Loop

David Buist 2:40:00 20K

Meryn Corkery 2:55:00 23K

Dallas Stevens 2:57:00 Hugh Norris RT

Laura Marshall 3:05:00 11.2 Miles

Jamie Madden 3:01:37 Hugh Norris RT

Lucas Tyler 4:21:00 24.52 Miles ( !!! )

Bruce Gungle 1:00:00 3.9 Miles

Jerry Riddick 1:00:00 3.9 Miles

Tortolita Mountain Loop - 1/7/18 - 14.3 miles

It was a very mild January morning for the 2018 TTR Tortolita Mountain Loop. We had 18 runners, with half doing the Wild Mustang part of the route, ranging from 9- to 10+ miles depending on what little side tracks were involved, and half did the full route, between 14 & 15 miles. There was a 5 decade age spread, starting with 16 year old Jacob Blais! We even had two father & son pairs and almost had a father & daughter pair, but she overslept. No injuries, and no one got seriously lost.

Afterwards, we had some good conversations with those who run this area a lot. Look for a new route in the Tortolitas next January.

Bruce Johnson

Full distance with some variations (14 to 15+ miles)

Adam McKelvey 3:10

Kaitlin Kratter 3:20 (& beautiful dog friend)

Michael Sulkowski 3:33

Andrew Peck 3:35 (14.07M)

David Hicks 3:50 (15.60M)

Dallas Stevens 3:51

Jerry Riddick 4:14

Gene Joseph 4:14

Wild Mustang route with some variations

Jacob Blais 1:28 (8.71M)

Ben Markwart 1:39 (10.02M)

Rick Mick 1:40 (8,82M)

Josh Blais 1:46 (8.59M)

Kevin Koch 1:50 (9.67M)

Rob Malone 1:50 (9.67M)

Jeremy Pager 1:56 (8.66M)

Ray Hensen 2:21 (10.27M)

Chris Fall 2:21 (10.27M)


Glenn Peck 2:58 (11.1M)

Bruce Johnson 45 minutes (3.38M)

Winter Bear Canyon Loop - 1/14/18 - 16.8 miles

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for a run, as indicated by a great turnout of 40 runners for the 2018 Winter BCL! The nice chilly weather aided in some very fast times this year highlighted by a 2:02 by Catlow. There unfortunately was a twisted ankle that derailed one run, but aside from that there were no grisly trips or falls to speak of and everyone made it back in one piece. See times below. If there are any name / time corrections please let me know!

PS sorry for the delay in getting this out, RD suffered from severe writers cramp typing up all of these times and had to pace himself :)


Full BCL - 16.8 miles

Catlow Shipek 2:02 - Not a typo!

Kevin Cross 2:36

Tim Evans 2:43

Kevin Koch 2:46

Ryan Niccum 2:46 - PR! Early Start

Chris Herald 2:46

Heather Hoechst 2:46

Jacob Blais 2:50

Stacey Cochran 2:52

Benito Gonzalez 2:58

Steve Outridge 3:01

Joshua Blais 3:04

Fernando Bustamante 3:11

Chris Avery 3:13

Tonja Chagaris 3:14

Dari Duval 3:16

Chris Fall 3:17

Morey Brown 3:17

Jerome Hesse 3:18

Ray Henson 3:21

Chris Johnson 3:25

Noah Dayton 3:25

Christy Hall 3:30

Tricia Aldridge 3:38 - PR! Early start

Christian Loeschel 3:41 - BCL + extra

Ed Osterhoudt 5:28 - Hike, early start

Mike Bienkowski Twisted ankle - made it back in 1 piece!

BCL back Phoneline - 17.5 miles

Rob McClane 3:06

Tom Gormley 3:23

Billy Oliver 3:36

Seven Falls - 8.3 miles

John Mollenhour 1:17

Angela Greynolds 1:35

Jennifer Chansley 1:47


Jay Liggett injured - short walk

Lindsey Schader 1:24 - 6.9 miles

Mike Duer 1:24 - 7.4 miles, getting over a cold

Adam McKelvy 1:48 - 10ish - up Phoneline a ways

Soldier/La Milagrosa Loop - 2/4/18 - 15.75 miles

It was a great day on a great trail! A lot of excitement with the course record falling twice on the same day! Many other fast times and fun times, thanks everyone for coming out. Lastly, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for their victory in the Super Bowl!


Full Loop - 15.75 miles

Sion Lupowitz 2:17:18 - new and current course record

Aaryn Olsson 2:20:32 - early start, temporary course record

Corey Keppel 2:20:45

Rick Mick 2:38:58

Rob McLane 2:51:30

Ethan Ray 2:55:40

Kris Norberg 2:55:40

Kevin Koch 2:57:30

Mike Wilke 3:02:25

Benito Gonzalez 3:02:25

Stacey Cochran 3:04:25 - late start, time adjusted

Ben Markwart 3:14:40

Kaitlin Kratter 3:15:30

Moira Hough 3:27:15

Kate Woodard 3:29:00

Brianna Grigsby 3:39:25 - late start, time adjusted

Chris Johnson 3:48:25

Ben Weiner 3:53:30

Tricia Aldridge 4:08:10

Christy Hall 4:09:00

Bruce Johnson 1:40:00 - 7.1 miles

Tanque Verde Loop - 2/17/18 - 28.5 miles

TTR’s Tanque Verde Loop run happened yesterday. The weather was great! We had 11 people show up for the run with most doing the full route and some minor variations (wrong turns/ lost people) getting back to the finish. I didn’t hear a whole lot about trail conditions but I snuck out for a short run up towards the campground and it was clean and clear up through there (I believe Mike Duer may be responsible for this, thanks Mike!). Our first runner in was Brian Bhark with a smoking fast time of 4:36! Also, thanks to Stacey Cochran for supporting runners at the Javalina Picnic area. Below are the run times.


Full Route - 28.5 miles

Brian Bhark 4:36

Derek Lemoine 5:25

Kevin Cross 5:48:24

Morey Brown 6:30

Tom Gormley 7:05:19

Benito Gonzalez 7:05:19

Courtney Crosson 7:10

Jenny Flynn 7:40

Geoff Schmidt 7:45

Javelina finish - 20 miles

Sandra Bhark 5:30

Ronni Rudolphi

Mt. Kimball Ascent - 2/24/18 - 5 miles to the top

Good weather and not terrible trail conditions made for some "fast" times on Sunday. Charlie, Mike, and Jacob reached the summit in an impressive 1:29, then finished up together with a time of 3:01.

-Tim S.

Ascent Total

Charlie Ware 1:29 3:01

Jacob Blais 1:29 3:01

Mike Duer 1:29 3:01

Ethan Ray 1:35 3:12

Mike Wilke 1:49 3:32

Anne Neuenschwander 1:41 3:32

Josh Blais 2:08 4:06

Brianna Grigsby 2:08 4:06

Esperero Canyon Loop - 3/11/18 - 21 miles

The weather looked a bit iffy with rain in the forecast. Fortunately the forecast was wrong and there was only some drizzle and fog encountered on top. The parking lot remained dry and warm for the aid station. We had 15 people start. There was also a Morey Brown and Steve Hughes sighting as they were doing their own thing, but dropped in for refreshments. Sion blistered the course in 3:28:07 for a PR of 5 minutes for 1st place. For this he got 1st choice of beer. Other than a few scratches there were no injuries reported. Everyone but 2 made it back safely. By mid afternoon Kristen Alford and Martha Castillon had not returned causing some concern. Fortunately they called and informed us they made a wrong turn and went exploring and ended up at Catalina State Park. Pam took a cooler of refreshments and rescued them at the park.

-Gary & Pam

Full loop of 21 miles:

Sion Lupowitz 3:28:07

Jonathon King 3:57:27

Corey Keppel 4:10

Rick Mick 4:10

Rob McLane 4:38

Kevin Koch 5:17

Bridal Veil Falls:

Marcia Woodburn 4:47

Amye Chaparro 4:50

Joan D'Alonzo 4:50

Heather Hopkins 4:57


Geoff Schmidt 7:01 Full loop plus Bear Canyon approximately 27 miles

Chris Fall 6:13 Esperero to the Window and back for 16.5 miles

Steve Outridge 6:19 Esperero to the Window and back for 16.5 miles

Morey Brown ? 2 tram road loops plus a few extra for 17+ miles

Steve Hughes 2:34:31 on the GO bike for 34.3 miles

Martha Castillon 7-8 hours 19.2 miles to Catalina State Park

Kristen Alfred 7-8 hours 19.2 miles to Catalina State Park

Mica Mountain Marathon - 3/18/18 - 26.8 miles

It was a chilly morning to start and a chilly day until the end. Despite the cooler conditions the trail was packed all morning with hikers and runners of all sorts. Veteran RD Joe Dana joined me at the start. He provided copies of some wonderfully detailed maps for all runners. We had a total of 14 runners with various distances and times. Randi Steiner joined me around 11:00 a.m. and by then a few runners had come and gone. The after party got started once Gary showed up and by that time a few finishers were hanging out enjoying the refreshments. A couple of trail runners visiting from out of state sat with us for a while. Big props to those who embraced the winter weather and to Ben, Geoff and Nathan who made it to the Mica Mountain winter wonderland (attached is a picture courteous of Geoff). I left around 12:30 p.m.

-Rachel & Randi

Mica Mountain - 26.8 miles

Ben Markwart 5:05:06

Nathan Augustine 6:04:26

Geoff Schmidt 7:03:31

Douglas Springs Campground - 13.3 miles

Corey Keppel 2:00:30

Blair Libby 2:34:44

Ryan Niccum 2:35:11

Other Various Distances

Carrie Henderson 4:27 - 20 miles

Robert Harris 6:25 - 20 miles

Susan Alexander 4:58:59 - 14.3 miles

Bob Arendt 4:58:59 - 14.3 miles

Emily Morrison 3:28 - 12 miles

Maria Woodburn 2:24 - 10.4 miles

Amye Chaparro 2:46:17 - 10.4 miles

Keystone Traverse - 4/8/18 - 15 miles

We had a good turn out for the traverse along with some nice weather. No major critter sightings to speak of(during the run) and no major mishaps other than a few catclaw encounters on the 1 mile single track portion of the run. Really good times on a day that was really getting warm when the wind died down. There was a Mountain Lion Sighting as well when the RD was pulling flags at 8:30 at night at Shiloh Pass near the bench up in a tall Juniper tree That ALL the runners passed earlier in the day. There is a video on Facebook of the encounter (please excuse the horrible video and Audio but you can make out the lion 30 yards away).


TTR Long Loop and Short Loop

Steve Outridge 2:07 - 10 miles-then 15 for 25 miles Total and a 5:30 total time!

Jonathan King 2:34 - 15 miles-then 9 miles for 24 miles Total and 4:06 total time!

TTR Long Loop - 15.0 miles

Ethan Ray 2:52:15

Michael Piety 2:55

Joshua Blais 2:58:32

Kaitlin Kratter 2:58:32

Stephen Woodall 3:11

Chris Fall 3:12

Francis Hemmah 3:13

Tom Gormley 3:16

Nick Farley 3:18

Dallas Stevens 3:22?

Bruce Gungle 3:23

Andrew Youdin 3:29

Billy Oliver 3:38

Fernando Bustamante 3:38 - Boston Bound!

TTR Short Loop - 9.6 miles

Kent Warlick 1:39:56

Angela Greynolds 2:18

Short Loop plus bonus miles

Molly Gebler 2:08 with 10.42 miles

Christine Natilini 2:56 with 11.10 miles

2nd Half of the TTR Long Loop

Courtney Crosson 2:20 with 8.8 miles

Box Camp / Mt. Bigelow / Palisades 50K - 4/15/18 - 31.6 miles

This Sunday the new route for Boxcamp/Mt. Bigelow/Palisades 50k was run by 13 brave souls. Some stopped at the top. Others cut the run a little short. We even had a couple near death runners. We started in pretty cool weather. Start temp was 43 degrees with a finish temp in the 90's. Ronni Rudolphi still holds the course record at 6:31.


Full route up Phoneline/Boxcamp/Mt.Bigelow/Palisades/Phoneline - 31.6 miles

Mike Duer 6:44

Ryan Niccum 7:17

Doug Loveday 7:17

Kent Warlick 7:59

Jonathan King 7:59

Kevin Cross 7:59

Billy Oliver 9:58

Robert Harris 10:48

Phoneline/Palisades via rd/Palisades/Tram Rd - 29+ miles

Wieke de Boer 8:13

To Palisades via Bigelow - 16.5 miles?

Michael Piety 4:37

Dallas Stevens 5:09

Boxcamp out & back - 18.2 miles

Jeremy Pager 5:42

Catalina Peaks Run - 4/22/18 - 19.5 miles

The third running of the New Catalina Peaks route occurred on Sunday, April 22. This route consists of an easy 19.5 mile uphill from Gordon Hirabayashi Campground to the Mt. Lemmon Ski Area, with a slight 6500 vertical feet or so of intervening climb.

We had fifteen starters, and three no-shows, only a few epic detours and no injuries. It’s always nice when things don’t get too exciting.

Brush Corral Trail seemed to be the favorite detour, and we had one excursion (we think) on to Aspen Loop Trail.

Whole Route Finishers (19.5 miles):

Mike Duer 4:17 - Near CR, proof that terrible fashion sense doesn’t rule out being a good runner.

Stephen Woodall 4:52 - (late start)

Blair Libby 5:12 - First TTR run?

Chris Avery 6:07

Tonja Chagaris 6:11

Chris Fall 6:16

Other route variations:

Note - I THINK that the leg from Bug Springs (Bear) to San Pedro via Brush Corral adds 1.5 miles to the route for a total of 10.9 miles from Prison Camp. Strava logs should be examined though.

Brush Corral variation:

Christy Hall 5:22 - Dropped at Sunset, prob. took Brush Corral excursion

Kamran Talatoff 4:22 - Dropped at San Pedro after confirmed Epic excursion on BCT

Turned or stopped at Bear Canyon (top of Bug Springs Trail, 5.1 miles):

Tom Gormley 1:20 - Turned at Bear

Christian Loeschel 1:35 - Stopped at Bear

Kristin Trapp 2:01 - Turned at Bear

Kevin Trapp 2:01 - Turned at Bear

Started at Bear Canyon and possibly took Aspen Loop for ~20 miles??:

Jenny Flynn 6:28 - Aspen loop? Unconfirmed!

San Pedro to Summit (~9.8 miles)

Angela Greynolds 3:26 - Standard route finish!

Sunset Loops - 6/3/18 - 16 miles

This past Sunday many of us ventured up to Mt. Lemmon for the annual Sunset Loops run. It was reasonably warm but still cooler than Tucson! Big thanks to Amye Chaparro and Jonathan Culp for stepping in to RD and providing some especially awesome food for everyone!

Full Loop - 16ish miles

Mike Duer 3:15:50

Ethan Ray 3:35

Kent Shaddoch 3:35

Doug Loveday 3:38

Kent Warlick 3:40:03

Steven Terry 3:49

Dallas Stevens 4:07

Jeremy Pager 4:24

Jonathan Hepner 4:26

Stephen Woodall 4:40

Elliot Schwartz 5:07


Angela Greynolds 15ish Full loop but stopped at Marshall Gulch

Kelly Wild 3:21 12.2 miles

Joel Davis 3:21 12.2 miles

Molly Gebler 3:21 12.2 miles

Chris Peebles 2:23 9.8 miles

Jesse Lim 2:09 9 miles

Christian Loeschel 2:28 9 miles - ski lift and back

Kristin Schmidt 2:50 8 miles

Clint Nealey 2:50 8 miles

Kevin Koch 1:51 7.85 miles

Jim Porter 3:32 6.4 miles

Lisa Glick 3:32 6.4 miles

Tom Gormley 1:42 6.21 miles

Rick Mick 1:05 6.2 miles

Marcia Woodburn 1:30 6 miles

Chris Avery 4:24 Lollipop

Kamran Talattof 1:32

Jacqueline Curtis

Sunset Side-Door Festival of Routes - 7/1/18

Thank you to everyone that came out for the last run on this season's schedule, Sunset Side-Door Festival of Routes. A big thank you to Randi Steiner and Susan Alexander for the great post-run treats and making sure no one got lost! Here are the results:


Michael Duer 4:36 18.5 miles - Sunset, Marshall, WOR, Lemmon LO, Aspen Draw, Sunset TH, Butterfly to Crystal Springs O/B

Steven Terry 4:36:25 18.97 miles - Sunset, Marshall, WOR, Lemmon LO, Aspen Draw, Sunset TH, Butterfly to Bigelow

Sunset Loops

Peter Davidson 2:59:19

Kevin Cross 4:15:37 16.06 miles

Chris Herald 4:15:37 16.06 miles

Dallas Stevens 4:24

Ben Markwart 4:40 16 miles

Moira Hough 4:40:06 15.86 miles

Lydia Jennings 4:40:25 15.88 miles


Alex Aldridge 3:30 14.3 miles

Ethan Ray 3:05 13.7 miles

Corey Keppel 2:40 13.5 miles

Benjamin Weiner 3:21 11.3 miles

Angela Greynolds 2:31:11 10 miles - Sunset, Marshall, Upper Aspen, Aspen Draw, Summerhaven, Sunset + O/B

Marshall to Towers

Christine Ferraris 2:20 10 miles - to Towers+

Valentine Ferraris 2:20 10 miles - to Towers+

Renee Stevens 3:14 9 miles

Diane Manzini


Tricia Aldridge 2:24 8.43 miles

Kristen Trapp 2:48:36 7 miles

Kevin Trapp 2:48:36 7 miles

Saddle Loop

John Mollenhour 1:28:30 6.08 miles

Christian Loeschel 1:29 6.08 miles

Amy Willmon Dillon 1:56 6.18 miles

Amye Chaparro 2:09 6.43 miles

Bruce Chalk 2:09:53 6.48 miles

Tammy Klein 2:09:53 6.48 miles


Honore MacCoy-Patty 2:43 6.34 miles

Bob Arendt 1:03 4.84 miles

I’d also like to give a shout out to everyone that helped with logistics on Sunday, which for this run is significantly more complicated than most TTR runs, including:

Gary Parcher: Aid station crew extraordinaire - Provided timing, support and transportation.

Bob Bachani: Race Director Extraordinaire - Timing, support and transportation, also rescuing the poor souls that pooped out at San Pedro.

John Mollenhour: Volunteer extraordinaire, even with his infernally bum foot, provided transportation from the summit.

Denise Fall: Crew extraordinaire, providing transportation during run and from summit.

Thanks to everyone!

Joe P.