It was another beautiful start to our TTR series. The temperatures were relatively mild, so running conditions were great. 23 runners took off a couple of minutes after seven on their ascent up one of the premier peaks of southeastern Arizona's sky islands. Bellow's spring actually had ample water flowing out of the pipe and Sprung spring was gushing. It looked like a hose on full blast. The pipe at Baldy spring was mostly dry, although enough water was in the trough for an emergency. The route up is the traditional Old Baldy trail, while the descent was varied, including back down Baldy, down the entire Super Trail, or Super Trail top and Baldy bottom. Wrightson demands blood and we did our part. Sunday's plan was for everyone to give a little. Nearly everyone did. (I won't say who didn't, but you know who you are!) Together it was almost enough as Ken only had to take a small spill near the end, but ended up smiling. gj

Wrightson Ascent, 5Sep10, 5.2mi

Steve Rourk 1:20

Mike Duer 1:21

Joel Woppert 1:21

Mike Wilkey 1:24

Dallas Stevens 1:27

Tom Gormley 1:28

Mari Lam 1:29

David Sowers 1:33

Sarah Dasher* ~1:35

Joe Plassman 1:35

Steve Hughes 1:36

Jane Larkindale 1:36

Bruce Johnson 1:37

Linda Peery 1:40

Glenn Vencill 1:40

Jim Holmes 1:42

Renee Webb 1:52

Cristie Bane 1:55

Rick Hodge 1:55

Gene Joseph* 1:57

Ken Greco 1:59

Sandy Cliche 2:04

Ross Zimmerman 2:04

*=late start


Sabino Basin, 19Sept10, 13.2mi.


Twenty-five runners came out for the Sabino Basin run on Sunday, including quite a few people who are not regulars on our runs. Please come back for more!

Joel, David, and Chase ran together most of the way to the Basin, but the competitive juices got flowing on the way back and they raced in about 10 minutes faster than the quickest runner from last year. They were soon joined by the rest of the runners. People stuck around for quite a while catching up and telling stories. Rachel reported having seen an Arizona black rattlesnake at the Basin. That invoked Bob into a tale about the most cantankerous snake he's almost stepped on. Then we heard about visions Bob once had while running past Hutch's Pool on a long loop run over Mt Lemmon. There was quite a bit of discussion about the Mt Lemmon marathon and all the crazy logistics that will entail. (Someone please blog about that event when it is over.) I only got one person lost so I apologize for that and promise to do much better at the Starr Pass scramble on January 16.

Here are the routes and times:

Phoneline to Sabino Basin, back on Phoneline (13.8 miles):

Joel Woppert 2:10

David Sowers 2:11

Chase Duarte 2:13

Chris Fall 2:30

Dallas Stevens 2:31

Pete Chagaris 2:38

Jerry Riddick 2:41

Boone Unrast 2:42

Bob Bachani 2:46

Mari Lam 2:48

Renee Webb 3:05

Ken Greco 3:11

Gene Joseph 3:13

Wayne Coates 3:15

Rachel Hilgeford 3:29

Patricia Wiercinski 4:14

Ross Zimmerman 4:28

Phoneline to the top of the switchbacks, return on the road (9.1 miles):

Doug Kelly 1:14

Tonja Chagaris 1:59

Christy Hall 1:59

Miscellaneous routes:

Mike Wilke 1:50 10.5mi, to overlook past switchbacks, back on PhLine

Linda Peery 1:53 9mi, turned a bit before switchbacks

James Frank 2:20 11mi, took switchbacks to road, then turned around

and ran back on Phoneline

Tom Waliser 2:35 11.3mi, turned after 6mi and came back on road

Monica Durazo 4:25 15mi, RT to Basin plus some extra wandering



Green Bug Run, 26Sept10, 18.8mi.

We had a warm, windy start to the 2010 edition of the Green Bug Run. My car claimed 75 at Prison Camp, about 10 degrees warmer than expected. Several people commented after the run that the aid stations were a good idea between the rugged trail and the warmer temperatures. We had another good turnout. 20 people started there, 3 more from my house. 2 more started at Milepost 0 and intersected with the run. I got folks started and sent Tonja Chagaris off to upper Bear Canyon, and Adrian and Kirsten Korosec off to the top of Green Mountain trail. To my surprise, Brandon Wert came back with Stevie Demarest in tow. Stevie started feeling sick from climbing Wrightson the day before and not adequately re-hydrating. She ended up going with me to check the aid stations and taking our results. Brandon took off and managed to get back into the pack.

At Tonja's place, three runners turned around for the 10.2 mile option, so I zipped back down to leave refreshments in the back of Dave Sower's truck. I went down to find Pam Golden, Mari Lam, and Monica Durazo, the 3 who started from our house. They were at Molino and requested cokes, so I zipped back to the refreshments and hand-delivered 3 cokes. Then I went up to snag Stevie and check on Adrian and Kirsten's place. Everyone seemed to be doing fine (more on that later).

We worked our way back down to Prison Camp. Dave soon appeared, having blitzed down. Doug was next, then Jacob, one of Brandon's recruits. I learned that Tom Gormley was missing, although I figured Tom was competent and wouldn't die. The others came in, with Brandon back to mid-pack. Kim and Celestino Fernandez ended up doing the entire out-and-back on the road to prepare for MLM, giving them 20 miles. I saw several new faces and a couple of figures from the ancient past. I was pleased with everything, even Tom's side-trip down Brush Canyon Trail. He got to a place that was hard to follow and had some concern (fear was mentioned), but kept his head and got back in the game. He ended up with the longest run of the day at 22 miles. Adrian and Kirsten tracked Pam, Monica, and Mari once they were done with the other runners, with a couple of rock climbs slipped in while they waited for runners.

Mark Dorion's wife Helen turned up, with kids Toby and Amalia. There was a pretty pleasant post-run social hour in the shade at the finish. I learned about a new place to explore in Death Valley from Dave. Check out my photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/ross.zimmerman/GreenBugRun2010#

Thanks to all; intrepid runners and aid station folks.

Ross Z

Full Green Bug plus some Brush Corral 22 miles

Tom Gormley 5:25

Mesquite Grove Court to upper Green Mountain trail head 20+ miles

Pam Golden 5:05, all three

Mari Lam

Monica Durazo

Prison Camp to upper Green Mountain and back on road 20 miles

Kim Fernandez 4:56, both

Celestino Fernandez

Full Green Bug 19 miles (if my GPS was telling the truth in 2009)

Dave Sowers 3:44

Doug Kelly 4:04

Jacob Owens 4:40

Bob Bachani 4:52

Tom Waliser 4:56

Sarah Dasher 4:56

Chris Avery 4:56

Pete Chagaris 5:01

Brandon Wert 5:09

Mark Dorion 5:10

Ken Greco 5:11

Darrel Cummings 5:19

Gene Joseph 5:47

Green Bug 10.2 miles

Alli LaCroix 2:25

Cristina Lus 2:25

Carmen Sosay Finished

Intersected runners--MP 0 to Windy Point and back down to Tonja (I hear) 17 miles or so

Brian Walker

Sandy Cliche


Mt. Hopkins Ascent, 3Oct10, 23.6mi.

Thank you to all of the many people who traipsed down to Mt Hopkins yesterday to run up and down the road.� It was distinctly less exciting than last year due to the absence of bears, but everyone seemed to have a good time, and there were some very speedy trips.� I hope that Jim and I managed to record the splits and variants accurately, as we had a great mix of runners and bikes (and different shoe options!)




Bear Canyon Loop, 31Oct10, 16.8mi.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to run Bear Canyon Loop on Halloween! This run brought out many of the usual suspects, some returning TTR’s from long ago, some road runners, and some newcomers to TTR. As the RSVP emails kept coming in, the excitement in me grew. My first go at being a run director, and there were going to be lots of runners showing up, and on Halloween! How cool is that. I bought a lot of food and drinks, made cookies (Dallas made the banana bread!) and hoped for the best.

I had run this loop with my girlfriend Shari the day before, and it looked to be in good shape. There were cairns in a few questionable spots, which was helpful.

On run morning, I donned my pink braids and cowgirl hat and headed to Sabino Canyon. 49 runners showed up to run the trail loop billed as ‘run more times, by more runners, than any other route in the Tucson Trail Run Series.’ What a crazy time getting all of these runners signed in! (Good thing I didn’t have to try and call some of your emergency contacts – half of the numbers were illegible!) J

At 7am, I gave a quick trail briefing and then the runners were off. For many, this was their first running of Bear Canyon Loop. Shortly after that, Mike Duer returned and reported that speedwork earlier in the week had given his Achilles tendon some punishment, so he was going on a short hike with his wife instead. I did a short run out and back towards 7 Falls on the trail, about an hour total, knowing that I needed to get back to set up food.

Right after that, the first sets of runners returned from 7 Falls and then from Phoneline trail. It wasn’t long before Doug Kelly came in first from Bear Canyon Loop screaming through in 2:28!!! He was running so fast that he blew right past me in the stone bench area on the east side of the SC parking lot. I think he drank about 6 ounces of water total on the run. He said he was running too fast to drink! Nice job. He was followed a minute afterwards by Sion, who is new to our group, then John, who was returning to TTR after a hiatus. They looked pretty pleased with themselves.

Runners kept on coming. It was a busy day for me, watching for runners, checking off names from the sign in sheets, and recording times. Of course, I also talked to almost everyone coming in – I think I talked for about 5 hours straight! I waited until the last 3 came in – Ross, then Monica and Chris. It was Chris’ longest run ever. He looked happy. He should be.

During the run, I handed out bumper stickers with the coined motto, “Long Live TTR”, which included a tagline crediting that saying to 'g. joseph'. I loved it when Gene Joseph said that in an email back in May, so I had the stickers made. Some runners seemed confused by that - here is the email string that includes Gene's Santa Catalina Ascent report (he ends his email with the saying):


Pictures from the run are on my Picasa:


Here are the long awaited results:

Great job everyone! Wow, I was impressed by the turnout and the times that were clocked out there today. Overall, it seemed to be a success. There were a few falls reported on the trail – nothing serious, just some minor flesh wounds, the East Fork trail sticker bushes scraped everyone’s legs up nicely, and nobody really got lost.

Happy Halloween indeed! I think Dallas scared a few tram road walkers with his skull mask, Ross' beetle outfit was the bomb, and someone actually asked me if my hair was really pink.

The only thing missing from today was…you guessed it. Gene Joseph. Long Live TTR!!!

Renee Webb


Agua Caliente Ascent, 7Nov10, 15mi.

On Sunday, November 7, 2010, a hardy band of trail runners gathered in the chill of the morning at the Zimmerman/Golden driveway. Everyone got the race briefing noting the trail gap at the Agua Caliente creek. At 7:00 everyone was on their way, but then Ross came back (he forgot socks). Then Sarah showed up and Gene Joseph didn’t. I settled in for a spell until runners came back – here’s how they did:

15 Miles

Doug Kelly 2:55

Joel Stamp 3:10

Ken Greco 3:42 (15 miles plus some wandering off trail)

Steve Hughes 3:46 (15 miles plus some wandering off trail. Steve also claims that this trail was harder than Bear Canyon Loop.)

Sarah Dasher 3:57

Gene Joseph 4:02 (Yes he did come out, but not until his sinus headache went away. He claims that he couldn’t miss this run since he needs to be reminded what “steep and rocky” really is. Also Ken ran an additional 4 miles with Gene to the trailhead and back.)

11 Miles

Darrel Cummings 3:05 (11 miles plus some wandering off trail)

Wayne Coates 3:06 (Actually only 2:40 but he waited to show Patricia the route in some places.)

Patricia Wiercinski 3:32

Kristina Rask 4:00 (Plus some extra from starting and finishing at AC Park and wandering to find the trail.) (Please note that Kristina had an extra special finish by finding a Ben’s Bell on her return!)

Kim Fernandez 4:00 (Ditto Kristina’s comments.)

Ross Zimmerman 4:06 (Plus some back and forth at the start.)

There was lot’s of good food to finish the day and make up for the steep climb and scratches. Let me know if there were any errors.


Romero Pass and back

Harry Fagg 25.7 miles in 5:45.

Long live TTR!!!!!!!!


AZ Trail 50K, 28Nov10, 31mi.

Fellow Runners

Indeed it was quite a turnout for the Birthday Run, with 33 people and 3 dogs in attendance. WOW!

It was cool and somewhat windy at the start. Thank goodness the day was mostly clear and the wind did not increase until later in the day, although rain and sleet happened at the house on our return home.

After a briefing, and handing out maps to those interested, the herd was off, with a number choosing to go North on the Arizona Trail, others heading South toward Kentucky Camp and the aid. Patricia left and drove to aid station on the Gardner Canyon road after determining how many people would be "going the distance". On arriving there, and while waiting for the first runners to arrive, she did go for a run along the road in an attempt to keep warm!

Quite an interesting day as people kept coming in with the first in less than 2 hours, the last just under 8.5 hours. Many stories of people getting lost, although not seriously. As Harry put it "I just want to hang around to see how this all unfolds" and unfold it did. Sadly there were some bumps, bruises, and blood had by a few - Renee, Chris and Jerry seemed to have an up-close and personal relationship with the trail. Of course, Tom went south but reappeared on the highway coming from the north as only Tom could do.

Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes Patricia made for the Old Man's B-day, the Beer brought to celebrate the day, and the many other food offerings.

Times, distances, and routes below based on increasing times spent enjoying the day. Names may be misspelled, but what do you expect from an old man and poor handwriting.

Wayne Coates - 1.45 - North 8 miles to Rosemont road and back.

Jerry Riddick - 2:03 - South 7 miles to Box Canyon road and back. Time includes 2 bad falls, injured hamstring, and limping back.

Bruce Gungle, Carolyn Campbell and 2 bloodhounds, although unnamed were cute and ready for business, talking about the dogs here, but Bruce and Caroline looked cold and cute too- 2:52 and 2:57, respectively, South to Box Canyon road and about one mile further

Jane Larkendale - 3:09 - North to Rosemont road plus two miles further

Pete Chagaris - 3:21 - North on mountain bike approximately 24 miles total

Joe Dana - 3.38 - North 12.5 miles

Kim Fernandez and Celestino Fernandez - 3:47 - North approximately 14 miles total

John McLean - 3:47 - South to Kentucky Camp

Steve and Donna Kanoza and Hombre - 3:51 - North 12.7 miles total - not sure on Hombre's mileage

Jim Holmes - 3:57 - South to Kentucky Camp

Mary Croft - 4:03 - North 13.5 miles total, but started at 7:25 after touring Highway 83 to Sonoita and visiting rest stop there

Sarah Dasher - 4:03 - South to Kentucky Camp

Tonja Chagaris - 4:06 - South to Kentucky Camp

Tom Waliser - 4:06 - South to Kentucky Camp

Monica Durazo and Chris Roll - 4:06 - North 12.7 miles total

Brandon West - 4:30 - South to Kentucky Camp

Doug Kelly - 4:32 - North on exploratory route over Gunsight Pass, through Helvitia and back on Box Canyon Road - 24 miles total

Renee Webb and Dallas Stevens - 4:17 - South to Aid and bailed (took some side trips for total of approximately 18 miles)

Chris Fall - 5:23 - South the whole enchilada

Leila Degrave - 5:23 - South the whole enchilada

Harry Fagg - 6:00 - South the whole enchilada

Tom Gormley - 6:25 - South the whole enchilada, then north up AZ Trail to road, over to highway 83 and south to start for total of 34 miles

Boone Unrash - 6:37 - South the whole enchilada

Sion Lupowitz - 6:43 - South the whole enchilada plus exploring for a total of 40 miles

Steve Hughes - 6:55 - South the whole enchilada with a mile of exploration

Jacob Owens - 7:09 - South the whole enchilada with some exploration

Gene Joseph - 7:27 - South the whole enchilada with a mile of exploration

Ross Zimmerman - 8:27 - South Kentucky camp, walking back to accompany a bike rider with flats.

For the record, the day before:

Wayne Coates - 4:55 - South to Kentucky Camp

Patricia Wiercinski - 3:47 - North total of 12 miles

Wayne and Patricia

Cowhead Saddle, 5Dec10, 17.3mi.

Sunday, 12/5/2010, was a beautiful sunny day with pleasant running temperatures. The turnout was great, 32 runners. All ran varying distances from Bridal Falls to Cowhead Saddle. Pete Chagaris was out as well, probably riding his bike? I even ran a few miles with Tom Gormley's son Daniel. There was a lot of blood on trail and surprisingly it was not mine. Raoul and Doug seemed to be the most banged up. Just another miserable day in the desert ( - :

Long Live TTR Chris Fall

Bridal Falls 6 miles

Rodd Mcleod - 1:25

Douglas Springs 13 miles

Joel Woppert - 2:12

Deborah Rubens - 2:24 (With a side trip up Ernies Falls Trail)

Gwendolyn - 3:10

Tonja Chagaris - 3:10

Christy Hall - 3:13

Kristina Rask - 3:24

Celestino Fernandez - 3:25

Kim Fernandez - 3:50

Donna Kanoza - 4:00

Pam Golden - 4:00

Monica Durazo - 4:04

Cowhead Saddle- 16.25miles

Ross Zimmerman - 6:09

Cowhead Saddle 18 miles

Doug Kelly - 3:00

Chase Duarte - 3:12

Dallas Stevens - 3:20

John McLead - 3:27

Adrian Korosec - 3:31

Tom Gormley - 3:39

Chris Avery - 3:47

Raoul Erichsen - 3:51

Steve Hughes - 3:52

Joe Plassman - 3:53

Ken Greco - 3:54

Glenn Vencill - 3:54

Gene Joseph - 4:03

Alli LaCroix - 4:16

Darrel Cummings - 4:20

Jason Adler - 4:29

Wayne Coates - 4:31

Steve Kanoza - 5:39

Joe Dana - 5:53

Redington 50K/A-7-50mi, 19Dec10,Up to 50mi

This was an epic event. The weather was decent overall, although it ended up being too warm and dry for some. Some water miscalculations occurred, resulting in a bit of suffering. Tom Gormley and Dallas Stevens started the 50 mile route at 4:30 from Sabino Canyon Visitor’s Center. The 20 person 50K and variant crowd started from Prison Camp at 7:06,although Pam Golden and Monica Durazo slipped out early. Before Pete Chagaris and Tom Walizer could leave for the Italian Springs trailhead to set up aid, Tom and Dallas arrived. They resupplied and continued by 7:32.

When I got to the IS aid after a stop at my house, a few people had come through. After a bit, we began to hear reports that Renee, Alli, and Glen were nowhere to be found. Eventually Tom Walizer drove to Bellota Ranch Road to scout for them, so of course they appeared shortly after he left. They were in good humor, and since they had 17.6 miles under their belts, decided to go directly back for a 50K (although not THE 50K). I’ll add Doug Kelley’s account, which explains where the lost souls wandered, and where he led them further astray. Dallas and Tom still looked good at IS aid, and realized because the route was further than estimated, they could turn only a tenth of a mile past to get 50 miles.

I zipped back to the PC finish, to find Patricia waiting for Wayne. We hung out for a bit, then were surprised to see Ken Greco, who came out via Bear Canyon. He eventually continued on east a bit, found Dallas, and paced Dallas back to Sabino, which turned out to be pretty crucial. Others started to appear, and Chris Fall reported Jerry’s injuries had flaired up and he had stopped at Molino. I went down and retrieved him, designating Patricia my results scribe and Steve Burton my photographer. I also found Dallas waiting for Tom Gormley, who was suffering. We went back to Prison Camp and greeted more finishers, learned Tom was stopped at Molino, and I did another retrieval. Turns out Tom had climbed over Molino Saddle despite a migraine attack, which had never happened to him before in a run. He was surprisingly good-humored considering.

We re-returned, saw the rest of the finishers, and saw Ken and Dallas leave for Sabino. As I left Prison Camp and headed down, I encountered Brian Walker, one of our members, trotting up the road with plans to hitchhike down. I continued home while Renee and Steve Hughes went around to greet D and K at Sabino. I got voice mails and emails reporting Dallas’ success.

So we had several firsts, both good and bad. Dallas’ first 50 miles, Mari’s first 50K. The first run by one of our group to Chimney Rock and back. The first DNF due to migraine I can remember. Thanks to Pete as usual, but also thanks to Tom W, Patricia, and Steve B, not to mention Dallas and Renee’s 50 mile management. The route and starting time for the 50 mile was Tom G’s idea, and I think it was great; thanks Tom. Ken’s drop-in turned out to be important to Dallas’ successful finish; thanks Ken.

I had fun. Let’s do this again next year. I've posted some of the photos from the run, plus some more I took on Bellota Trail the weekend before at http://picasaweb.google.com/ross.zimmerman/Solstice5050AkaSabRed5050#

The results get a bit complicated. First here are the times Pete took as people arrived at IS aid. If you did an out and back to the AZ Trail sign, kept track of your time, and want that included, drop me a note.

IS aid times-

Steve Burton - 2:14 to aid

Chris Fall - 2:36 to aid

Jerry Riddick - 2:36 to aid

Steve Hughes - 2:42 to aid

Tonja Chagaris - 2:43 to aid - she told me her total time was 3:38

Joe Plassman - 2:43 to aid

Mari Lam - 2:46 to aid

Wayne Coats - 2:55 to aid

Joan Dalonzo - 3:04 to aid

Alli LaCroix - 3:55 to aid - after getting lost

Glenn Vencill (SP?) - 3:55 to aid - after getting lost

Renee Webb - 4:01 to aid - after getting lost

(RBZ; also sweatshirt chick, no time recorded)

50 milers:

Tom Gormley and Dallas - arrived at the aid at 10:20 AM, I wasn't 100% sure when they started.

Then here are the Prison Camp finish times. However you, only get the full effect of these results if you look at the scan of the results sheet--


Prison Camp times--

Bruce Johnson 3:28 15.09 mi out and back

Monica Durazo & Pam Golden 10:30 AM finish, start somewhat before 7:00 AM ~ 10.4 mi to La Milagrosa turnoff and back

Doug Kelly 4:39 22 mi. to Chimney Rock and back

Patricia Wiercinski 3:23 ~10.4 mi. to La Milagrosa turnoff and back

Ken Greco 2:40 from Sabino Canyon VC via Bear Canyon

Chris Fall 6:02 Marathon to IS aid and back

Steve Burton 6:12 First actual Redington 50 K finisher

Jerry Riddick 5:40 about 24 mi. Stopped at Molino

Steve Hughes 7:07 Red 50K

Joe Plassman 7:09 Red 50K in Vibram 5 Fingers

Dallas Stevens No time recorded at PC

Tom Gormley No Time Recorded ~ 36 mi. Stopped at Molino

Wayne Coates 7:28 Red 50K (noted as OLD)

Renee Webb 7:32 Lost Souls 50K (see special note in scanned results)

Mari Suzuki Lam 7:34 Red 50K First 50k!

Alli LaCroix 7:35 Lost Souls 50K

Glenn Vencil 7:42 Lost Souls 50k

Finally, there were the Sabino 50 mile and Ken's run. I added 2 of the photos Renee took to my Picasa Web Album of the event.

Here are the results for Ken Greco and Dallas:

Dallas - 50 miles - 12:24

Ken - 26.3 miles - 6:07

I attached a pic of them coming in and a few others of them. I'll upload my pics to Picasa later (I didn't take too many today). Steve Hughes waited with me at Sabino Canyon for about an hour and 15 minutes before the guys came down the road. Dallas looked very good and was so happy about his finish. They were running strong when they came in! Dallas said they ran the road the whole way, even the last hill! I was so proud of him, and also proud of Ken for accompanying him. Dallas did say that he probably wouldn't have gone past Prison camp if Ken hadn't offered to go back with him. Dallas said Ken talked to him the entire run, which made the time pass, and he just really enjoyed the company. He said Ken is an awesome pacer.

So, it was a great success. Dallas' first 50 miler, and a hard one at that.

Other Accounts. Here's Doug's story--

Oh gosh, ok. Here's the story.

I had a good run out to Chimney Rock. A new guy Steve caught me on the downhill towards Molino Basin and decided to stay behind me because he didn't know the trail past Molino. I got a little clearance on the climb up to the ridge, but he quickly passed me on the downhill. I was fighting sun glare and fogged up glasses so took it slowly. I caught him again when he stopped at the La Milagrosa junction. We ran together to Bellota Road. I was very glad to have him along because I knew the way based on your directions but I couldn't see much because my glasses wouldn't clear.

Steve took a good look back at the trail when we hit Bellota Road. I didn't. That was a mistake. We said goodbye where the AZ trail picked up again on the other side. I ran another 30 yards to the gate, then continued on to Chimney Rock.

I had fun out there. I played around on the rocks for about 20 minutes. There was a big 4-wheel drive group camped out there, but we didn't cross paths at all. My only mishap was a slip and scraped hip while traversing some rock two feet above ground level. Running shoes do not provide good side-to-side traction! I was a bit more adventurous than expected because of there being help nearby, but I still was trying pretty hard not to die.

I was running well as I got back to Bellota Road, and I figured I had about a mile to go to get back to the gate and the AZ trail junction. I only went about 100 yards before I saw Alli, Glen, and Renee cresting over a hill in front of me, heading in the direction of Bellota Ranch. They asked where the heck I was going. I asked if they were going to Chimney Rock. They had no idea where they were. They had missed seeing where the AZ trail splits off the road 1.2 miles past the La Milagrosa junction and had continued on the road past the ranch. They went another 1.5 miles to the gate just meters from the AZ trail crossing. The gate had a sign on it for Bellota Ranch. That really confused them, and they turned back to look for the earlier turnoff. Since I was able to figure all this out and knew exactly where they were, they asked if I would stick with them until they got back on trail. I said sure.

We got back to the gate after a bit. I knew the trail was only a short distance past it, but I hadn't remembered quite how close it was. I was looking for the trail on the left and not really paying attention to the stuff on the right. We went right past the AZ trail. Then we came to where the AZ trail goes off to the right towards Molino. I had only seen it through thick fog earlier so didn't recognize it and led them another 3/4 mile or so before becoming convinced that we had grossly overshot the trail. Alli said then that Renee had spotted the AZ trail right after we went through the gate and I had said "no, keep going". So my brain was clearly not working for a while there, and I feel really stupid for leading them an extra 1.5 miles out of their way. If they got lost again after that, I am not responsible.

Once back on the AZ trail, I was a bit more tired and a lot more sheepish than I expected to be, and that made it a bit of a struggle getting back to the finish. I wasn't sure where to look for The Lake and I was now running late for meeting my sister-in-law so I decided to skip it. Still, the weather was awesome and I had a lot of fun. I hope the other three were happy with their run as well. They probably won't ever follow my lead again though.


Wasson Peak, 2Jan11, 14.2mi.

Feliz Ano Nuevo! The first run of the Calendar year was seasonally cool but clear. Turnout was great and we all got to see the sunrise over the

Tucson mountains. Fortunately the Park service, in their infinite wisdom, has not installed any more steps on the Norris trail.

Other than that, this is some of the finest single track in the west ( west Tucson).Doug ran the course in reverse to get the

stepping over with. It didn't seem to slow him down so I'll be willing to reverse the direction next year and see what happens. Most times were fast. There were also a number of new faces we hope to see in future runs. No one got lost , the day and company was great, all in all a fine way to start the year. Of note were Wayne and Patricia who drove in around 11:00 to start the run. Apparently they had a warmup chasing their

pet cows around town. See Patricia's writeup below. Thanks for the good stories and please come back next year! jr Results: Norris Loop: Craig Dabler 2:00 Tonja Chagris 2:04 Christy Hall 2:04 Partial Loop: Mary Croft 2:29 Full Loop: Doug Kelley 2:15 Steve Burton 2:32 John McLane 2:36 Sarah Dasher 2:41 Ken Greco 2:41 David Sowers 2:42 Boone Unrast 2:49 Steve Hughes 2:49 Joe Plassman 2:49 Runner ? 2:50 Chris Avery 2:55 Gene Joseph 2:58 Joe Dana 3:03 Wayne Coates 3:24 Kamran Talattor 3:25 Joan D'Alonzo 3:47 Patricia Weirszinski 3:48 ( including 7 minutes talking with Ross) Ross Zimmerman 4:49 Patricia's Tale: The atomic clock in the kitchen had died, an ominous beginning to the day, but we proceeded onward, leaving at 5:07AM.

When we arrived at our final gate, it was open - not good as the last time we had seen the girls they were heading out the

road towards the gate. The next gate had been left open because that herd had been gathered up the for the big house -

you may find them at your local Safeway. Needless to say, we drove not only on the road but over the hills and valleys and

cowpies in search of our girls. Nothing. We did find Ferdinand - our breeding bull, but no girls. We came home, where I proceeded to put myself under a blanket and sleep until sunrise. Of course, Wayne worked. We

then left the house again in search of the girls. We got out of the car along the road to bushwhack the land, hoping the girls

were laying and chewing their cud somewhere in our field. Again, no sign. Wayne went over the one 30 acre piece and came back to the car to find he had lost the car keys. I don't know what was worse - having lost car keys in 30 acres or

1800 pounds of beef called Maddie and Lucy somewhere in Sonoita. I finally decided to go running out to the highway and

search, while Wayne found the keys and got hay to lure the girls home. We found the girls had made it to the highway and

then traveled another 1/2 mile down another road. We arrived at the "adopted" home and went in to get the girls to follow

me back down the road, to the highway and homeward. Lucy was in "heat" and Maddie was attempting to mount her

continuously. This was definitely not a Kodak moment. The girls were pretty compliant for a mile or so (except for the

mounting thing), but we did get them home to Ferdinand, who suddenly took an interest in Lucy - hoping for a calf in

10 months. Needless to say, my boss drove by on the highway and I am sure I will have to explain why I was walking my girls along the

the highway with a bucket of hay. Only someone married to Wayne would be able to tell such tales. After this 2 or more

hour escapade, we proceeded on to Wasson Peak for our run. Better starting temperatures than those poor souls who

showed up on time.

Tortolita Mountain Loop, 9Jan11, 16.5mi.


Star Pass Scramble, 15Jan11, Various


Winter Bear Canyon Loop, 23Jan11, 16.8mi.

Congrats to all the Runners, I hope everyone is accounted for on these results. Steve

Bear Canyon

Doug Kelly 2:29

Glen O’Brien 2:34

Tom Gromley 2:45

Steve Burton 2:46

Dallas Stevens 2:49

Joe Plasman 3:00

Harry Fagg 3:01

Mike Dewer 3:02

Sarah Dasher 3:02

Steve Hughes 3:04

Chris Avery 3:05

Bruce Johnson 3:13

Glen Vencill 3:18 & 4:01 (double!)

Ken Grecko 3:18 & 4:01 (double!)

Boone Unrest 3:19

Miro Oscala 3:31

Jerry Riddick 3:31

Darrel Cummings 3:31

Raoul Erickson 3:34

Renee Webb 3:41

Pam Golden 4:36

Donna Kanoza 4:37

Doug Tillman 4:43

7 Falls

Joel Woppert 1:12

Ann Rerill 1:29


Ross Zimmerman ???

Arizona Trail Canelo Hills, 30Jan11, 50Kish

Fellow Runners

Great day for a run, weather cool but clear. Wayne started out a few minutes before 6:00 to mark the course with the

temperature around 20 degrees. Half way up the first climb (after crashing on a rock), I looked back and thought I saw a

headlight down at the bottom (turned out to be Tonja and Christy who caught up to me after Red Bank). Patricia arrived at

6:30 to find Joe in the parking lot. (Chase - we have your gaiters.) Soon others started to show up with Jerry and Chris

pulling in a bit after 7:00 - delay due to something about red flashing lights stopping them on the highway. Not a good start

for Jerry to the run. The large RV, with its shades drawn, was probably not happy to be found in a non-camping area

camping. The RV was gone before we returned from the run.

After checking everyone in Patricia headed to the Canelo trail head with Christina who was planning to run the half only as

was Patricia. Emily and her niece followed Patricia to the trail head so they could hike and view the countryside. Joe

followed in his newly washed car that appeared to take on about an inch of dust from the 3 mile road into the trail head, and

then off he went to Parker Canyon Lake. I met Christina, Patricia and Emily and her niece on my way to the turnaround at

various spots along the course. Upon arrival at the turnaround, set up the aid, turned on the radio and waited for the

onslaught. We heard that Ken had fallen and had injured himself but was "lucid". Ken, please update us on how you are

doing - some reported blood and bumps and some reported only bumps. Others took tumbles as well - John was going

home to clean up and check on his tetanus shot record. Maybe that might be a requirement for the runs - are you current

on your shots/vaccinations? Tom and group did some bushwacking through the thorny mimosas to get to Harry - not sure

Harry was worth the damage done to the legs, but they got there upright. The marker of the course (Wayne) needs to

remember that people starting at the turnaround have not traversed the trail so more flags are needed to allow runners from

both directions to find their way (wife went through the gate and saw the solar panels again). Many runners ran their

farthest ever that day - Aly, Boone, Jimmy, and Ben. There might be a name missing from this list, as this is all I could

remember from the tales told. Gene took a little excursion as well and probably did a true 50K. Christina made her mistake

at the damn dam. Patricia went over the dam issue with the runners who were leaving from the start letting them know to

make a right and go over the dam - but never thought about the reverse for Christina. Other than getting a few extra miles,

she seemed okay by our failure to give her the details needed.

At the end, we were left with a camelback bottle and a sweatshirt from the unknown female runner from several weeks ago.

We will bring these (along with Chase's gaiters) to the next run we go to and hopefully things will find their rightful owner -

or you could always bid on them on ebay :)

Wayne and Patricia

Time of arrival at the turnaround were as follows:

Adrian - 9.33

John - 9.39

Joe, Harry, Tom, Sarah, Chris, Jerry - 10:00

Steve, Jimmy, Ben - 10:05

Aly, Boone - 10:11

Darrel - 10:27

Gene 10:30

Official times:

Christina from Canelo to start - 3:22 after a bit of exploring for a total of 16.5 miles

Patricia from Canelo to start - 4:21

Wayne from Start to Canelo - 3:32

Total trip times.......

Adrian - 5:06

John - 5:22

Chris - 5:31

Harry 5:45

Jerry - 6:09

Sarah - 6:09

Joe - 6:09

Tom - 6:09

Boone - 6:33

Ali - 6:33

Steve - 6:40

Jimmy - 6:40

Benny - 6:46

Tonja - 6:50

Christy - 6:50

Darrel - 6:56

Gene - 7:12

Soldier/La Milagrosa Loop, 5Feb11,15.2mi.

The weather was wonderful and nobody got lost on trail. Doug Kelly had a nice bloody leg and I think that was it for slip,

trips and falls. Another great day on trail.

Here are the results:

The Soldier Trail La Milgrosa Loop - ~15 miles

Chase Duarte - 2:31.

Doug Kelly - 2:37

Mike Wilke - 2:39

Joe Plassman - 3:22

Jay-Z - 3:22

Beyonce - 3:23

Chris Avery - 3:26

Gene Joseph - 3:27

Sarah Dasher - 3:29

Darrel Cummings - 3:37

Wayne Coates - 3:38

Renne Webb - 4:02

Dallas Stevens - 4:02

Mari Lam - 4:03

Kim Fernandez - 5:03

Celestino Fernandez - 5:03

Out and back on La Miligrosa trail - ~10 miles

Patricia Wiercinski - 3:00

Trail at end of Roger Rd and other stuff - ~8.5 miles

Joe Dana - 3:30

Steve Kanoza - 3:30

Pavement runners around Tanque Verde - ~9 miles

Joel Stamp - 1:10

Chris Fall - 1:10

Long Live TTR, Chris Fall

Tanque Verde Loop, 20Feb11, 28.5mi.

Runners and other's, We had a great Day for running yesterday, a total of 29 persons and Two Canines. I believe there was

only 1 crash ( Sore Shoulder) Hope it's better Chris. I hope I spelt everyone's name right. Steve & Donna, Riley, CC and

Hombre. sk

Whole Enchilada

1. Sion Lupowitz 4:56

2. Chase Duarte 5:09

3. Doug Kelly 5:14

4. Tom Gormley 5:45

5. Dallas Stevens 5:51

6. Steve Roarke 5:55

7. Mike Duer 6:22

8. Sarah Dasher 6:24

9. Harry Fagg 6:25

10. Ken Greco 6:33

11. Wayne Coates 7:10

12. Darrel Cummings 7:32

14. Scout Phillips 7:42

Javelina 21.5

1. Chris Fall 4:41

2. Jerry Riddick 5.00

3. Joe Plasman 5:00

4. Steve Hughes 5:00

5. Chris Avery 5:00

Cow Head Saddle

1. Renee Webb 4:49

2. Patricia Wiercinski 6:06

Douglas Springs

1.Tonja Chigaris 3:30 14 mi.

2. Tim Varner 3:01


1. Ross Zimmerman 13.7 mi. Black Hill & Tanque Verde Ridge

2. Steve Kanoza 5.25 mi. Black Hill

3. Denise Fall 5.25 mi. “

4. Joe Dana 5.25mi. Black Hill

5. Riley Kanoza 1.1 Tanque Verde Ridge W/ Ross

6. Sierra Kanoza 1.1 Tanque Verde Ridge W/ Ross

Guest Apearances

Dillon Chocolate Std. Poodle

Hombre Trail running Chihuahua

Esperero Canyon Loop, 13Mar11, 21mi.

It was a beautiful day for the Esperero Run, a bit toasty for the latter half. This was Jeff’s first run with the trail runners.

Welcome Jeff.

Full Loop

Michael Duer 4:26

Tom Gormley 4:49

Chris Avery 5:22

Jeff Thompson 5:22

Miro Oljaca 6:04

Pam Golden 2:31 cardiac hill & ¾ mile and back

Ross Zimmerman 4:23 10 miles

Great job everyone. Glenn

Mica Mountain Marathon, 27Mar11, 26.8mi.

Another beautiful spring day in Tucson, this is why we live here. Cool at the start and a bit breezy and cool at the top and

warm as the last runners finished. A couple of minor trail errors, one going to Bridle Wreath falls oops but back to Douglas

Springs trail and one started up from Cowhead then got thinking to much came back and off toward Grass shack finally

realizing the correct way was the first choice decided to just come back. Chris had a Raven accompany him coming back

to Cowhead. Hawks were spotted soaring on the up current above Cowhead. There were also deer and jack rabbits sighted.

No injuries to speak of but several runners ran short of water, solved by snow, pools and the trickle at Douglas Springs.

A good day.

Sion had a great run with the best time since I've been RD. Renee finally decided on Cowhead at Douglas Springs!

First timer Barry had a good run to Cowhead. jd

(sorry if I misspell you name let me know and I'll correct it)

Sunday Mica

Sion Luruitz 4:51

Dallas Stevens 5:52

Doug Kelly 6:04

Brice Gungle 6:48

Tom Gromley 6:53

Chris Avery 6:59

Raoul Erickson 7:20


Geno Foushee 4:10

Bruce Johnson 4:28

Barry Spencer 4:34

Darrel Cummings 5:14

Renee Webb 5:15

Douglas Springs

Scout Phillips 3:20

Joan D'Alonzo 3:37

Deborah Roloens 4:34 about an extra mile

Non standard route

Mike Duer 4:26 around 22 miles

Ken Greco 2:19 around 9.8 miles

Friday scout trip Mica a walk

Steve Kanoza 10:24

Joe Dana 10:24


Gary Parcher 6:27

Mt. Bigelow Ascent and Descent, 10Apr11, 30.8mi.


Mt Bigelow Ascent/Descent was a great day! Thank you to all who came out to participate and thank you so

much, Mark and Renee, for the fantastic help with aid. Mark brought 2 cases of chicken noodle soup and

Renee brought mac & cheese; both were a hit on an especially cold, white day! The propane ran out just in

time for Ross and Debbie to enjoy both items warm.

Friday afternoon there were e-mails back and forth concerning the government shutdown and if it was to

happen, there would be no access to Sabino Canyon either by vehicle “or” by foot. I was scrambling for a

back-up plan and was ready to send out a “revised route” e-mail, but our illustrious leaders in Washington

decided to get us all worked up for nothing and pass a budget (I think). Anyway … Sabino remained open

and we were still on for Sunday.

I am blessed to work on the west side of Oracle Rd in Oro Valley and all day Saturday, I was unable to see the

top of the Catalinas. I was visited, mid-morning, by a very wet and cold Pinkcorker after she ran the Catalina

State Park 10.35 Mile Trail Race. The rain continued until I left work at 5:00pm and I thought to myself,

hmm … we’re going to have snow tomorrow!

I had to run a few errands after work and when I got home I had e-mails from both Bob Bachani and Ed

Centrik. They sent me information about the conditions on Catalina Highway and the need for 4WD vehicles

or chains above Windy Point - thank you! This was really helpful because Steve Burton, who was one of the

drivers to take runners down, didn’t have a 4WD vehicle. I didn’t think the conditions would change

overnight to remove the requirement, so I sent an e-mail to the group and had several people offer to help.

One thing I didn’t realize in this techno world we live in … I should have left my cell # at the end of the e-mail

(thanks Tonja - this is now fixed). Anyway … I was able to drive up the mountain in a Toyota 4Runner

belonging to a very famous ultrarunner! Thanks! J

There were runners taking various routes this day and no matter where you ran – it was beautiful. Steve H.,

Chris Avery, Sarah Dasher and a few other runners decided on Bear Canyon Loop. They reported some

amazing views as they topped out above the cloud cover that had descended on Tucson that morning.

After everyone else headed down the tram road shortly after 6:00am, Renee and I departed for Palisades in

separate vehicles. The ride up Catalina Highway was breathtaking and I repeatedly said to myself, I love living

in Tucson! We met Mark Martin up at the top. We unloaded aid supplies and set up camp. While Renee and

Mark got the soup and mac & cheese going, I decided to blaze the trail up to Mt Bigelow seeing that there

was at least 3” of fresh powder on the ground. Reaching the top before 8:00am, I was in awe of what my

eyes were seeing – I was sorry I was unable to take a picture (having no camera) of Thimble Peak in the

distance with hovering clouds, mist in the air, and an additional couple of inches of white all over! While I

was making footprints going north, Mark and Renee took a hike and blazed a portion going south.

I returned and not long after, Catlow appeared at 2:48, slightly frozen, but still at a pace only he can do –

fast! Mark gave him his hefty leather gloves and he was soon off to the top! Tonja drove up to Palisades,

geared up, and headed down the mountain to meet a 4Runner owner and then came back and headed to

the top of Mt Bigelow. Chase arrived shortly thereafter looking similar to Catlow – cold in another great time

of 3:14! There was a story starting to develop about a large tree and it only got better as each runner arrived.

It was impossible to go under or around – so the only option was to go over it. Runners forced to straddle this

giant ice/snow covered object were lucky to not permanently injure themselves. After that … bark appeared

to the rest providing some grip – not much.

It wasn’t long before Catlow returned from his Mt Bigelow summit with an incredible overall time! We

continued to receive cold runners into our little commune. Doug arrived not looking like typical Doug –

but Doug with running pants on! A very smart thing to do on this day after all was said and done. Harry

came in looking good and headed right over to the camp stove to melt his frozen hands near the flame. He

fueled up and was the first one to head down for the return trip. Raoul arrived - also looking good and was

the second runner to head up to Mt Bigelow. Steve Outridge followed and came in looking like he wanted to

say why do I continue to abuse myself with this run?! Great job Steve! Geno pulled in with a smile and seemed

proud of his shredded shins. He had some food and drink and headed back down the mountain like Harry.

We had a visit from Jim, Jane, and Amelia which was a very nice surprise. Jane looked great and they both

seemed very happy about their new baby girl. Blankets were donned, extra coats handed out, and heated

seats were turned on in Renee’s Outback. Time has a way of convincing even the fastest runners of the group

they didn’t need to bother going back down the mountain; Catlow and Chase seemed to find the warmth

and company reason enough to stay.

Tonja reappeared from summiting Mt Bigelow with a famous ultrarunner and then Raoul was next. More

runners were taken down the mountain and now we were waiting on 4 more individuals to surface. While we

waited, I decided to take a run down the mountain to see this tree everyone was talking about. I came up

on Rodd and Deborah and this was a great trek for both of them even though they wanted to really know

how much further?! I kept heading down the trail and I came across the piece of timber! Yep – it was a big

one and I can imagine the adrenaline increasing rapidly as the first runners straddled this hog and could do

nothing but slide down digging their fingers into snow, ice, and bark! Raoul sent me a picture of Rodd and

Deborah that pretty much explains it! I turned around at 17min and headed back, still not seeing or hearing

Ross and Debbie.

After another 30 minutes and the time going past 7 hours, I decided to head back down and hopefully meet

up with Ross and Debbie. I came upon them both before the tree so they had their enjoyment already. We

hiked it on in and had a little time of rest and relaxation before we closed up camp.

Great conversations all day with everyone, including stopping by Gene’s, after dropping Ross and Debbie off

at Sabino Canyon, and him telling us how sorry he was he couldn’t have been out there this day due to a

glass show he was hosting. As we were leaving Gene’s, Chris Avery showed up and talked about the Bear

Canyon Loop experience he had with the others and showed us some pics from his cell phone he took. It was

a great day to be out in nature for sure! Thanks for taking all the pictures Renee – it really tells a good story

without words! Congrats to Raoul who was the only runner to complete the entire route and all he suffered

were sunburned legs. ds

SCVC - Palisades - Mt Bigelow - Palisades – SCVC

Raoul Erikson - 4:01/8:45

SCVC - Palisades - SCVC

Harry Fagg – 3:49/7:20

Geno Foushee – 4:32/7:52

SCVC - Palisades - Mt Bigelow - Palisades

Catlow Shipek - Palisades 2:48/3:32ish give or take a few

SCVC - Palisades

Chase Duarte – 3:14

Steve Outridge – 4:05

Rodd McLeod – 6:11

Debrah Rubens – 6:12

Ross Zimmerman – 7:20

Debbie Ingraham – 7:20


Doug Kelly – Prison Camp – Palisades – Mt Bigelow – Catalina Hwy – San Pedro Vista – Green Mtn – Bug Springs

– Prison Camp 7:00/25mi

Matt Bejar - East Fork/Palisades Junction O+B 2:59/14.8 mi

Joan D'Alonzo - SCVC to the junction of East Fork and Palisades O+B 3:43/14.5 mi

Pam Golden/Monica Durazo - SCVC – tram road to the top of connector O+B

Steve Hughes/Chris Avery/Sarah Dasher - Bear Canyon Loop

Tonja Chagaris – Portion of Palisades - Mt Bigelow

Catalina Peaks, 1May11, 21+mi.


Thank you to everyone who came out for Ross' inaugural Catalina Peaks run! We had 12 runners (inc. Renee

and myself) come out and really enjoy a part of the Catalinas most have never seen. We had a few runners

miss the sharp right turn and head up to Incinerator Ridge Peak and turn around, but everyone made it safely

out to Barnum Rock and witnessed a fantastic view on a cool sunny day. Renee and I met Joan on the way

out and then ran into Chris coming back - he decided to take another trip up with us. Chris and I were having

too much fun up on Barnum causing Renee to express great concern about the potential drop off point!

Eight runners made it to the Steward Observatory (SO) fence and four runners completed the whole route. It

was definitely cooler today than the past two weeks but minus the wind. Doug had an unfortunate fall

almost at the top of Aspen Trail and still ran to the SO fence but decided to stop and get a ride back. He was

the first runner to the top.

The mileage averaged out to 22 miles for the entire round trip. Chris F. finished the whole shebang first.

Chris A. had a modified run needing to be back to his vehicle by 11:00am and Tom took my directions and

went "left" too soon and ended up on the road. Joan wasn't sure about the run distance she would be able

to do just getting over a cold, but stuck it out all the way to the top! The general mileage of the ascent was

12+ miles. scout ended up with 14+ as she took Aspen trail all the way to the top from Marshall Gulch - but

hey - your aid and ride were waiting for you today! Joe P. showed up in his new Merrell Trail Gloves that

actually covered the outline of his toes and he still got comments thrown at him. Nice kickers Joe! Many

people thought the section of trail heading up to Sunset TH off of Bear Wallow Rd was beautiful. Tucson really

has it all - you just need to get out and find it!

We thought we might have logistical problems with waiting for runners at the top while some would be

finishing soon at the bottom. In addition, Doug and the Famous Ultra Runner had been waiting a while at the

top. So, Renee took them down, leaving me and aid at the top. Before she arrived back, Joan and scout had

showed up at the top. We then headed back down to Palisades with Joan and scout and didn't have to

wait too long before Chris came in. It really ended up being a perfect day.

Thank you Ross for creating this run - the views were amazing! There were several 'new' trails that we've not

had on any other TTR route, which was neat. Great job everyone - Long Live TTR! ds

Palisades - Barnum Rock - Sunset - SO fence 12+ mi

Charleau Gap, 7Nov10, 13.4-19.5mi

Last Sunday was quite a contrast from the last time this route was run. There was no mud to slip around in and no water crossings to navigate. Plus it was light when most people arrived at the trailhead, so you could see where to turn into the parking area for the trailhead.

I also expected fewer runners since it appears that many in the group did the Sedona 50K. So I was happy when I arrived at the trailhead. I live about 5 minutes away and thought I was there early enough; but at least half a dozen eager souls had arrived-one had started already-and all were eager to get going. It was a stunning morning to stand around and watch the Sanmaneigo ridge line as it got lighter and the rest of the runners arrived. The different options for the run were explained and at exactly 7:00 AM everyone was on their way.


To the Gap: 12:28 mi

Doug Kelly 2:10 (early start at 5:30)

Joel Woppert 1:51 (only 10 mi. and he ran the last mile or two with me)

Alastair Lang 2:16

Phantom runner 2:29

Sara Dasher 2:40

Tom Waliser 2:40

Rick Hodge 3:05

To the river-new GPS measurement seems to be about 19.5 mi.

John Artley 3:10

Gene Joseph 4:20

Jerry Riddick 4:20

Harry Fagg 4:20

Darrell Cummings 5:01

Sanmaniego ridge to Mule Ears-18.5 mi.- or beyond

Tom Gormley 4:35 approx. 20 mi and beyond Mule Ears

Geno Foushi 4:45

Bob Bachani 4:45

Ross Zimmerman 7:20

Thanks to all the runners who came to the NW side of Tucson. It seems there are a few more runners who live in the Oro Valley area now.

There are many options for a potential 50K starting at this trail head. I hope to explore the possibility of running to the town of Oracle and back to the trailhead. It would be a limited aid event with one aid station at the turn around near Oracle. I'm open to any suggestions that you all might have.

Mary Croft

Mt. Lemmon Ascent, 21Nov10, 18.6mi.

Mt Lemmon Ascent was on Sunday 11/21. We had 17 runners total, some doing variations of the run. It wasn't that cold at Sabino, but there were lots of heavy clouds over the mountain and it sort of felt like one of those days that could get colder as it went on. Ross gave a briefing and we started the run right at 7:04 AM.

The drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon was pretty cool, it got socked in with heavy clouds and fog right at General Hitchcock and was thick like this all the way to the top with some small areas of rain. We arrived at the top of the road past Ski Valley, and it registered at 30 degrees. It was super windy and the trees had ice all over them. Whenever the wind blew, the ice chunks came off the trees and hit the ground. Some of them were kind of sharp too. It wasn't raining, just snowing lightly and very cloudy, windy and really cold. We weren't able to hang out in our usual spot at the "official" finish because of the cold, so we sat in our vehicles waiting for runners to finish.

Lynda Hendricks and myself greeted the cold, and accomplished runners at the top after their full ascent from Sabino. The icy wind and light snowfall made this years run more challenging and certainly more memorable as a result. Thanks to everyone who came out to do the run and thanks to Ross for the waterproof maps.

Here are the times and routes taken:

Doug Kelley - Alternate route - started at the Charleau Gap trailhead up to Samaniego Ridge Trail to the top of Lemmon

5 hours 30 Minutes for a total of just under 17 miles - Doug, please correct us if we're wrong on the mileage.

Renee Webb (Hutch's Pool and back via Phoneline) in 3:41

Jason Adler (Hutch's Pool and back via Phoneline) in 3:41

Mer Otis (Hutch's Pool and back) Uh.....lost in the wilderness , but had a good adventure in 4:11

Kristina Rask, Celestino Fernandez and Kim Fernandez

Sabino basin and back in 3:11

Full Mt. Lemmon Ascent runners - Start time 7:04

Sion Lupowitz - 4:50

Tom Gormley - 4:50

Dallas Stevens - 4:56 to the top, then ran back down with a total time of 9:49

Steve Roark - 5:03

Sarah Dasher - 5:07

Tom Waliser - 5:20

Steve Hughes - 5:44

Darrel Cummings - 5:54

Christy Hall - 6:05

Tonja Chagaris - 6:05

Palisades - Barnum Rock - Sunset - SO fence - Palisades 22 mi

Barnum Rock +


Chris A.



Pics of the day at: https://picasaweb.google.com/dallas.stevens2010/CatalinaPeaks#

Trail Work Day, 8May11

Hey TTR's

What a day on the Arizona Trail! We had a crew of 11 and worked a couple of miles of Wayne's section, south

of Gardner Canyon road.

It was a pretty tight group at first, but then as we warmed up a little we spread out some, although almost

always within sight of each other. We were carrying picks, bars, shovels, maddocks, mcleods, pulaskis,

camelbaks, ultimate direction, goos, and were wearing Montrails, Brooks, Vasque, North Face, Adidas, goo.

Ultrarunning legend of Badwater fame, Bruce Gungle and Ultrarunning legend Chase Duarte, known for his

numerous hallucinations of insight on the run, were pretty close together for most of the trail. While

Ultrarunning legend Chris Avery (7 Wasatches with one more on the way) and Ultrarunning legend Glenn

Vencil, who OWNS Manning Camp trail and has finished Western under 24, with another one on the way,

weren't far apart; one gouging drainage cuts across trail and the other digging out large rocks. Ultrarunning

and marathon legend Mary Croft, finishing up this year's winter sabbatical from Wisconson, and Ultrarunning

legend and legendary crew member Patricia Wiercinski worked the trail with pruners and some of the above

mentioned tools and easily moved amongst the other trail workers. Ultrarunning legend 'She Who Shall Not be

Named' of so many various ultras (look at any race result and the female name that you do not see is

probably her) engineered trail bars like no other. Up and coming Ultrarunning legend (and the only one

dressed for work) Rev. Brandon Wert (not always with us on Sundays) made the rocks and dust fly. Ultrarunning

legend and finisher of too many Vermont 100's to count (and going back for more), and Arizona Trail Steward

Wayne Coates handled the ratcheting loppers handily. Legendary Arizona Trail Boss of the southern 200 miles

Quentin Lewton and his able bodied partner Ralph Schmitt, who probably did as much as the rest of us

combined, supplied us with all of the tools we needed, finished looking fresh and unwinded. This humble trail

worker, although actually able to get in front of Ultrarunning Legend Chase a couple of times, really just tried

to keep up.

All in all, it was a great day on a great trail with a great group of people and some very great cupcakes.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and special thanks to Wayne and Patricia for hosting us.

Go here for visual proof that we were there and to see the now perfectly manicured trail:



Multiple Wrightson Massacre, 15May11, 10.4/rep

Trail runners,

Until Rauol puts out the official results of the 24 hours at Wrightson from the past weekend, to most of you this is a rumor.

I have it on good authority that Ken Greco completed 6 ascents to Old Baldy finishing around 5pm Sunday nearly 24 hours

after the Saturday 5pm start. To me, this is an incredible feat. Unless someone provides a good argument I say this is the

toughest 100K anywhere. At a minimum, depending on whose GPS is queried, he covered 62.4 miles with over 24,000 feet

of ascent and 24,000 feet of descent. I was out there overnight rubbing elbows with him and Bob Bachani. Several other

runners came out for the 5pm start and most went to bed early. Bob, Ken, and I kept tabs on each other sharing scary

moments about the critter on the side of the hill with blue eyes peering down at Ken and the deer that crossed Bob's trail in

the middle of the night scaring the shorts off of him. I, fortunately did not have any encounters that would have caused me to

curl up in a ball like a baby, although I did have a pocket knife just in case. The moon rose early in the evening and at times

eerily cast your shadow in front of you causing you to look behind and wonder whose headlamp was breathing down your


On my fourth trip up and Ken's third trip down we crossed paths and Ken said he had fallen and hit his head. The fall didn't

surprise me too much, it surprised me that it took him that long to fall. He was concerned about a possible concussion but

he seemed very coherent, probably more coherent than prior to hitting his head. I asked him if he would continue and he

indicated yes. He came back up on a fourth trip as I was coming down from my fourth and final trip. He looked fresh and he

talked like he just started this thing. My legs were shot and I knew if I finished by 8am I would manage to get some rest

before work the next day by quitting early. I was still in the parking lot when Ken finished his fourth and without hesitation

he prepared for a 5th trip and was already talking of a 6th. After he left on his 5th ascent several of us headed to the

showers. I got final word from Bob through Rauol that Ken completed 6 later that evening.

I don't know if anyone remembers a trail runner named John Mark, I believe. It was maybe 15 years ago that TTR showed

up to the parking lot of Sabino Canyon one Sunday morning probably to run Bear. I got there just before sunrise and

witnessed a guy jog over to the trunk of his car and scurry around pouring water into a couple of bottles. I asked him if he

was there for the run that day and he informed me that he was going back out for his 10th Phoneline loop in order to

complete 100 miles of his own little ultra run. I could not fathom the idea at the time. I know that Wally Shiel completed 5

trips up and down Mt Wrightson in an amazingly fast time that will never be duplicated but I'm pretty sure 6 trips in a row

regardless of the time sets a new standard.

Thank you to Rauol for hosting this year's version of the Mt Wrightson Massacre and thanks to Bob for the sickness of the

24 hour idea. Way to go Ken, you are the man!! Chase

Ken's Take

Thank you everyone for your encouaragement. I only planned on 3 trips but felt stronger than I thought I would.

Thanks Raoul for the great food at the end to help me recover and making sure I got home ok. Gene Joseph showed up

when I was getting ready for #6 I saw him again near the top, he went down with me on the last trip he was a great help. I

mismanaged my water and he ran ahead to sprung spring to fill up. Saving me much frustration. Also thanks to those that

gave gels since I didn't bring enough for a 6th. This is a technical account so it may not intrest some. I may give a story

account later but I am lazy about those things.

Usually for Massacre only # of trips are counted but here's techninal data:

Trip 1 - up 2:00 Down 1:35 Total 3:35 (3/4 flashligt) first fall blood left knee.

Trip 2 - up 2:10 Down 1:32 Total 3:42 all flashlights

Trip 3 - up 2:20 Down 1:42 Total 4:02 all flashlights 1st fall covered in dust and dirt. 2nd fall broke fall with side of head on

rock not recomended unless you for want to do 6 trips.

Trip 4 - up 2:16 Down 1:37 Total 3:53

Trip 5 - up 2:14 Down 1:46 Total 4:00 scrambled to bellows pool for water (only other major trail stop)

Trip 6 - up 2:25 Down 1:55 Total 4:20 fell bad thigh bruise (only stop at top)

Total trail time 23:30 avg 3:55 Trip

Parking lot time 1:36

Total 25:06

1- refuel stop 30 min

others 10 to 16 mins aprox

Do not recomend doing if over 200 lbs (201)

Also not fun with asthma.

Worse post morning affects #1 asthma (coughing of tons of lasty stuff)

#2 feet - bad blisters

#3 wounds (falling)

#4 legs - not too bad just stiff and tight.

The Best data I could come up with is 64.8 miles and 24,798 total elevation gain.

If others would let me know what gps data they have.

I am feeling great and doing a 10 mile run with Gene tonight.

TTR is a great group of people I have known off and on since 98. -Ken

5pm start

Ken Grecko 6 ascents! total time 25hrs 6 minutes!

Chase Duarte finished fourth ascent 7:30 am

Bob Bachani finished 3rd ascent 06:19am

Harry 2 ascents

Linda Van one night ascent second ascent 5:45am start

Jackie (Linda's friend)

3am start

Avery family Sunrise ascent

Chris Avery


Daughter and friend

5:45pm start

Tonja one ascent

Jane Doe first ascent 5am second ascent

Duane one ascent

5 am starters

Pete Chargis one ascent

Glen three ascents 12hrs

7am starters

Geno 20 mile loop 5:15

Matt 20 mile loop

Michelle Miller 3:45 first ascent plus Josephine saddle

Joan Aldonz one trip + a little more 4:22

Brian Willer one trip

Sarah Dasher one trip plus Old Baldy saddle

Chris Fall one ascent 3:20

Jerry Riddick one ascent 3:20

Dallas and Rene one ascent 4:25

Boone Umbash one ascent 3:20

Tom Gormley carrying Logan one ascent

Darrell Cummings one ascent

Deborah Rubbens one ascent five fingers

Gene Joseph one ascent 3pm start

Sunset Loops, 5June11, 17mi.

There was a good turn out including a few new to the group. Many various routes were done. Wilderness of Rocks was

tough on most of us and water managment was an issue. But every one adjusted and finished.

Thanks to all those that showed up to make a good run/day. -Ken

Full Loop 17 mi.

Dallas Stevens 3:44

Ken Greco 4:06

Joe Plassmann 4:32

Christie Bane 4:38

Steve Hughes 5:05

Kyle Chinock 5:50


Kamran Talattof 4:30

15.7 mi.

Chris Avery 4:11


Wayne Coates 3:30

8 mi.

Tim Spriggs 1:58

Patricia Wiercinski ???

Ross Zimmerman ???

Pam Golden ???

Sunset Side-door Festival of Routes, 3July11, 22.5mi.