Mt. Wrightson Ascent, 6Sept09, 5.2mi.

It was a perfect early season start. The morning was cool and cloudy, with the threat of rain and the sound of thunder, for most of the run. The big storm visible from Tucson stayed just north of Wrightson, while other smaller storms were scattered about to the east for our viewing pleasure. Above Baldy Saddle, it was windy. And unless you had the foresight to not sweat on the ascent it was downright chilly on the top. This runner stood there, savoring the coolness (coldness!) all the while trying to lower core temperatures after a summer of *&%! hot. It took all of 3.5 seconds!

Everybody made their ascent in good order, with a couple of runners taking a longer way to the top via Super Trail from Josephine. There was no coordination for the return trip as all permutations of the figure 8 Old Baldy, Super Trail routes were taken. All of the springs on these routes were in disrepair; i.e. the pipes into the tanks were disconnected. At most of these, though, there was water available nearer the source, although on this perfect run day, extra water was not needed. Sign of both bear and mountain lion were seen on the Super trail return. (Piles (BIG) of scat!)

Mer was the courageous blood donor at this year's Wrightson Ascent and we thank her for that.

It seemed that a good time was had. At the finish line festivities, there was sun, cool temperatures, camaraderie and Kirkland drinks! This run was voted best in the 09-10 season so far. gj

Here are the results:

Wrightson Ascent, Sept. 6, 2009 5.2 miles ascent

Daren Sandbank 1:41

Harry Fagg 1:43

Jerry Riddick 1:48

Wayne Coates 1:51

Gene Joseph 1:53

Ken Greco 1:58

Mahendra Jani 1:59

Dave Bertagnoli 2:15

Ron Lumm 2:25

Patricia Wiercinski 2:29

Ascent via Partial Super Trail

Bruce Gungle 2:01

Chris Fall 2:01

Baldy Saddle

Mer Otis 1:53

Josephine Saddle

Kathryn Varden 1:20

Cherie Stallman 1:20

Sabino Basin, 20Sept10, 13.2mi.


It was a wonderful day for a run yesterday. Several people GPS'd the route and reported numbers from 13.7-13.8 miles

for the roundtrip up Phoneline to Sabino Basin and 13.1-13.2 miles for the run to the Basin with a road return. We figured the run up Phoneline to the top of the switchbacks and back by Phoneline must be 9.8 miles and the run up Phoneline with a road return must be 9.1 miles. I saw plenty of happy faces and only one slightly wounded leg so I will declare the run

to be a success.

Phoneline to Sabino Basin, back on Phoneline:

Joel Stamp 2:20

Chase Duarte 2:26 (breaking in new shoes; good luck at Bear 100 mi!)

Raoul Erickson 2:26 (plus 15m penalty for not signing in = 2:41)

Harry Fagg 2:31

Tonja Chagaris 2:37

Tom Gormley 2:44

Gene Joseph 2:53

Ken Grecko 3:32

Joe Dana 3:54

Steve Kanoza 4:03 (walking fast on a repaired knee)

Patricia Wiercinski 4:18 (saw a 1.5 ft long, orange, non-venomous snake)

Ross Zimmerman 5:10

Phoneline to Sabino Basin, back on the road:

Joe Plassmann 2:28

Renee Webb 2:51

Mahendra Jani 3:01

Phoneline to the top of the switchbacks, return by Phoneline:

Bob Bachani 2:07

Phoneline to the top of the switchbacks, return on the road:

Doug Kelly 1:18

Celestino Fernandez 2:00 (did extra ramblings to reach 2h)

Kim Fernandez 2:03

Johanna Royo 2:14

Mer Otis 2:37

Kelly O'Brien 2:40

Amanda York 2:40

Andrew Zimmerman 2:56

Roundtrip to top of road (7.4 mi):

Jennifer Aviles 2:06

Enrique Aviles 2:06

If you need more ice cream or sorbet, come out for the Los Robles adventure run on January 17. Doug

Mt. Hopkins Ascent, 27Sept09, 23.6mi.

Nine runners and four bikers ascended Hopkins this morning (plus one on Saturday). Almost everyone did the full 24-ish miles to the very top, with some blazing times:

Joel Stamp - 3:42

Darren Sandbank - 3:55

Dallas Stevens - 4:09

Bruce Gungle - 4:24

Wayne Coates - 4:46

Gene Joseph - 4:50

Renee Webb - 4:54

Ken Greco - 5:07

Kandi Karuza - 6:12 (Saturday)

16 miles (to the gate and back):

Patricia Wiercinski - 4:14

By bike to the top:

Ross Zimmerman - 6:45

Kelly O'Brien - 6:56

Amanda York - 6:56

Gabe Zimmerman- 6:56

Almost everyone got a bear sighting in the top section, with several reporting seeing a mother and cubs. The biking group spent enough time on top watching the wildlife that we wondered what was keeping them, but apparently no one got eaten. Good time had by all (especially me sitting in the lounge chair....) Jane and Jim

Romero Pass, 3Oct09, 13.2mi.

Fourteen runners set off under partly cloudy skies and cool weather for the Romero Pass/Romero Pools run on Saturday. The run was closer to 14.1 miles and not 13.2 as originally stated.

There were no wildlife reports, but Joel did spot some metate (mealing stones) near old camp trail on a previous ascent. The trail was in fair shape. Those who went to the pass got varying degrees of catsclaw scrapes... faster runners got deeper scrapes Paul

To the pass and back:


Mike Wilke - 3.00

Doug Kelly - 3.27

Bruce Johnson - 3.42

Bob Bachani - 3.53

Joe Plassmann - 4.05

Kandi Karuza - 5.43

Daren Sandbank - 4.53 (ran 5 miles beforehand)

Pam Golden - 5.53

Ross Zimmerman - 6.34 (sum of moving and stopped time)

To the pools and back:


Joel Woppert - 0:57.25

Joyce Vyriotes - 2.02

Geno & Emily - 3.07

Other variations:


Mer Otis - 3.02 (pools + canyon loop + nature trail)

Green Bug Run, 11Oct09, 18.8mi.

Dog enthusiasts,

This was the all-time highest dog attendance at a Tucson Trail Run. 25 humans and 7 dogs came out to the start of the First Annual Green Bug Run. I was very pleased by the turnout. I didn't know whether to be pleased or concerned when I asked who had been on the trail before and no one would admit publicly to prior exposure. Conditions were cool but not cold at the start and in the canyons. As the day progressed, it got a bit warm for the people out on the long course, especially in the exposed section of lower Bug Spring trail.

I got 18 people and 1 dog started off at 7:02. Emily Scotland-Foushee, plus Sam I Am and Frank (poodley guys) headed off, as did Tonja and Pete Chagaris plus Layla and Cade (big dogs), all with hiking plans. Adrian and Kirsten Korosec collected what they needed for the Bear Canyon (5.1 mi.) aid station and headed up. Rachel Hilgeford, plus Casper (Catahoula) and Lila (German Wirehaired Pointer), got what they needed for upper Green Mountain trail head (9.6 mi. ). Both aid teams got to go out on the trail a bit after they got to their stations.

I drove up to check on my assistants and took a few photos at Bear Canyon. When I got back to Prison Camp, Emily, Sam, and Frank were just getting in (http://lh3.ggpht.com/_wP3k08HLj18/StKYORcDmbI/AAAAAAAAIGo/A6tSg4fhFFE/s800/P1040678.JPG) . The saddle mules were getting ready to leave (http://lh3.ggpht.com/_wP3k08HLj18/StKX7PgIIvI/AAAAAAAAIGM/XJh023_YJ9E/s800/P1040677.JPG ) . I think Tonja, Pete, and their canines had already taken off. Runners who had done various permutations of the Bug Spring Trail started to appear. Jane Larkindale was the first person to come in from the full run. Based on my GPS bearer's track (Gene) that distance is about 19.15 miles once you include the total climb of over 5000 vertical feet. Several people commented that it was a tough route.

Some ambiguity in my map making came to light when we learned that Patricia Wiercinski, Wayne Coates's wife, was nowhere to be found. We were pretty sure she took a side trip to someplace like Maverick Spring, although we later learned there was more to it. Gene and Carmen went off in his truck to see if she came out on the road. Patricia did make her way to the highway, but flagged down her own ride. Check out my photos and maps at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. . In particular, see the exclusive interviews with Wayne (http://picasaweb.google.com/ross.zimmerman/GreenBugRun2009#5391546127888576466) and Patricia (http://picasaweb.google.com/ross.zimmerman/GreenBugRun2009#5391549437942194530) at the end of the photo series. Remember to click on images to enlarge them, and download any you'd like to keep.

Thanks to all 2-legged and 4-legged participants and helpers! Ross Z

Bug Spring and Green Mountain Round Trip, 19.15 mi.

Jane Larkindale 3:59:53

Jim Holmes 4:19

Carmen Cortez 4:32

Daren Sandbank 4:35

Bob Bachani 4:42

Bruce Johnson 4:46

Harry Fagg 4:49

Gene Joseph 5:08

Wayne Coates 5:27

Ken Greco 5:40

Kandi Karuza 6:46

Ascent only with Modification

Patricia Wiercinski 17.9 mi. (wondered the wilderness)

Mer Otis 10-10.5 mi. (started down the road)

Bug Springs Round Trip 10.2 mi.

Jerry Cagle 2:35

Renee Webb 3:01

Taos Webb 3:01 (first Catahoula to complete a TTR_AZ event)

Shorter Out and Back excursions on Bug Spring

Nina Foushee 2:49 9.8 mi.

Geno Foushee 2:49 9.8 mi.

Ken Webb 3:15 7 mi.

Emily Foushee 4.3 mi.

Sam I Am Foushee 4.3 mi.

Frank Foushee 4.3 m.

Unknown excursion on Bug

Tonja and Pete Chargaris and 2 Big Dogs

Bear Canyon Loop, 25Oct09, 16.8mi.

Agua Caliente Ascent, 8Nov09, 15mi.

It was another glorious day for the classic Bear Canyon Loop. A large group of runners started out at 7:00 AM, joined by three later in the morning and one on Saturday for a grand turnout of 27. Most were veterans of the loop, but there were several people who had never run it before.

I started looking for the first full loop returners at 2 hours 30 minutes, figuring that Doug and Joel wouldn't be far off that time. They were right on track - coming in at a sprint, Doug first with Joel three seconds behind, at 2:33. Mark Martin joined us just 4 minutes later.

A couple of people new to the loop chose the wrong trail and ended up at Seven Falls, requiring some backtracking, but no one was seriously lost. Bruce Johnson

Full Loop (16.8 M)

Doug Kelly - 2:33

Joel Stamp - 2:33

Mark Martin - 2:37

Dallas Stevens - 2:53

Raoul Erickson - 3:04

Bob Bachini - 3:08

Tanja Chagaris - 3:09

Joe Plassmann - 3:09

David Mariande - 3:09

Pete Chagaris - 3:14

Gene Joseph - 3:30

Steve Hughes - 3:32 (early start)

Kelland Thomas - 3:35

Renee Webb - 3:49

Ken Greco - 3:54

Mahendra Jani - 3:55

Steve Outridge - 3:56

Rachel Hilgeford - 3:58

Jerry Cagle - 4:12

AJ - 4:34

Kandi Karuza - 4:54 (Saturday)

Gabe Zimmerman - 4:56 (late start)

Ross Zimmerman - 6:18

Seven Falls RT (8 M)

Troy Martin - 1:57

Pam Golden - 2:04

Linda Peery - 2:30

Liz Walker - 2:30

(Linda & Liz went a bit past Sevens Falls and also stopped to talk to Ross along the way, which we all know can add a few hours to any run.)

Soldier/La Milagrosa, 6Dec09, 15.2mi.

Reddington 50K, 29Nov09, 50K

Mt. Lemon Ascent, 22Nov09, 18.6mi.

Saguaro West Loop, 15Nov09, 22mi.

Hey All,

A good day was had by all. The weather was great & the ice cream cake was better. There was a fair amount of blood on this run as Joel Stamp took the prize for bloodiest runner with Johanna Royo coming in with a close second. All was made good with a few beers & some ice cream cake. Although I must say the closet to death award goes to Mark Dorion. Thank god for Joe Plassman & his magical hands or we may have lost Mark.

Full loop to top of hill 15 miles

Joel Stamp 2:45

Chase Duarte 2:45

Mike Wilke 2:47

Jane Larkindale 2:59

Raoul Erickson 3:06

Chris Fall 3:07

Joe Plassmann 3:09

Jim Holmes 3:09

Jerry Riddick 3:09

Mark Dorion 3:29

Gene Joseph 3:31

Lois Lane 3:33

Johanna Royo 4:47

Gab Zimmerman 4:47

Kelly O'Brien 4:47

Andrew Zimmerman 5:17 --13 miles to top of hill & ride back from road

Pam Golden 5:28

Monica Durazo 5:28

A.C. Loop 11 mile option

Wayne Coates 2:29

Linda Peery 2:32

Trish Duarte 2:52

Joe Dana 2:58

Heather Morzinski 3:28

Amy Frank 3:29

Billie Gormley 3:29

Ross Zimmerman ran it backwards (disqualified for failure to sign in)


Patricia Wiercinski 7.8 to tank & back 2:13

Ross asked if I would post a 'report' of our informal gathering to run the Saguaro West (up Wasson Peak) Loop.

I had done a variation of this run before, and it is so pretty out there. I love the Tucson Mountains. Lots of cactus.

Since there was no RD, this run that was scheduled for November 15, 2009 was officially cancelled by TTR. However, I decided to head out anyway, and Jerry Cagle joined me. We met at the Camboh picnic area off Picture Rocks Rd. at 7am. The normal meeting place for this run was at the 'hairpin' turn, which, apparently, is where Doug Kelly departed from. As such, he had a bit of a head start on us and thus, we never saw him (I did see his sign in at some point, so I knew he was out there).

Jerry was planning on doing the shorter route down Sendero-Esperanzo (18 miles) and I was going to run the regular route down Hugh Norris (22-23 miles? - I forgot my Garmin).

We followed Jerry Riddick's instructions (thanks a bunch!) which worked pretty well. We took Camboh trail to Ironwood Forest to Thunderbird and then Sweetwater up Wasson Peak.

However, after 4-5 miles of running with Jerry, I lost sight of him. By the time I reached Sweetwater trailhead, I signed in, but decided Jerry must be lost.

I reached Wasson Peak right when a group of Canyon Ranch hikers were departing. Got one to snap a pic of me and I had the peak to myself for a little bit. The valley was a little hazy, but it was perfect weather that day.

I went down Hugh Norris trail (over 1,200 steps!), reaching Hohokam Rd. I took this road to Golden Gate Rd. and believe it or not, ran into Jerry on the Golden Gate road near the Sendero-Esperanza trailhead! He had gotten off route a bit early on, but figured it out quickly and somehow in the meantime, I passed him and ended up in front of him.

I was relieved to see him, and we ran in the last 4 or so miles together.

We took the Golden Gate Rd. which led back to Camboh trail and then back to the Camboh picnic area.

Total time out for both of us: 5:15

Jerry - 18 miles

Renee - 22-23 miles?

It got a little warm in the end, but it was just beautiful out there.

I took a few pics. You can check out my blog if you want to see them: www.pinkcorker.blogspot.com

See ya'll next week! Renee

The turn out for this year's run was a good one. We had 15 make the entire climb up. Patricia, Bob and Geno ran to the basin and back. Linda did a juaunt to top of the switchbacks at the end of the tram road and back. Ross and Steve, who were supposed to start at 6 am, I'm told were delayed because somebody overslept? I won't say his name, but I believe it starts with Ross. he he. Tonja drove up and ran down to meet an "unknown" runner, which we will call "Hot Flash Gordon" for timing purposes. Tonja covered 9 miles in her venture.

I waited (very patiently) at the top to witness those poor soles drag themselves up. There were some interesting comments made, some of which I cannot repeat (JOE), and even a few were disappointed to learn that they would not be able to "lick" the gate as it is no longer. Dallas told his story of oxygen debt, and Bruce bragged about bringing up the rear. Although, Ross, Steve actually deserve that recognition. Kandi made the trek on Saturday, and actually went on down to the Ski Lodge. She also mentioned that she came in contact with wild turkey on trail. I'm still not clear if it was the animal or the bottle. Nobody was smiling more, however, than David when he finished with Rene. (Inquiring minds want to know why.)

Chase Duarte 4:26

Doug Kelly 4:28

Joe Plassmann 5:05

Hot Flash Gordon 5:10

Dallas Stevens 5:14

Chris Fall 5:25

Wayne Coates 5:49

Harry Fagg 5:52

Darren Sandbank 5:52

Renee Webb 6:01

David Marianti 6:01

Bruce Gungle 6:16

Kandi Karuza 7:21 to top; 7:55 to Ski Lodge

Ross Zimmerman 9:05 (time includes scenic photo shots)

Steve Kanoza 9:05 (time includes poses for Ross' photo shots)

Nice job all! Trish

The day ended a lot like it began. I figured I'd get a few miles on my bike after directing the run. Despite another wave of storm looming, the sheriff's deputy let me past onto Mt. Lemmon Highway. I ended up turning around after getting hit by a wall of hail. It hurt. The bike's front tire was oscillating on the slippery ball-bearings of the hail. This was one weird day.

The beginning of the day at Prison Camp was just as weird. We had a great turnout under the circumstances. Literally 5 minutes before the start, the clouds rolled in as fog, visibility dropped to 50 feet, and it started snowing. To my amazement, everyone stayed in and took off--http://picasaweb.google.com/ross.zimmerman/Redington50K2009#5409732293710601474

Gene turned up late, thoroughly bummed out by the weather. He claimed he was going to go home and build a greenhouse. We ended up down at Molino Basin checking on people. By then, it was clearing. Everyone accounted for and moving forward.

Out at the Italian Springs aid station, Pete was organized when I arrived. People started to turn up, and pretty much everyone went on to the 50K turn around 2 miles past the aid. More bad weather started to develop, and we found 3 folks (Troy, David, and Joe) unaccounted for. Gene thought Troy had turned. David and Joe appeared after exploring next weekend's course a bit. Everyone adjoined for Prison Camp, on foot or in a vehicle.

At Prison Camp we found Troy's Jeep, to my dismay. Once again the weather was fine. Jane arrived as our first 50K finisher. She had found our wander and set him on the path of righteousness. Troy turned up soon and was philosophical about his experience. Others arrived. Lots of stories were shared. Renee was the clear trend-setter.

Strangely enough, a good time was had by all. Pam says everyone deserves medals. As usual, Pete was a big help and great company. I learned Kandi did the event solo on Saturday. This was Dallas's first 50K. I'm very impressed with my lunatic fringe friends.

As the link above suggests, there are lots of photos and videos at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. . Photos first, then videos.

Let me know if I missed any important details, Ross Z

Standard 50K

Jane Larkindale 5:36

Joel Stamp 5:54

Jim Holmes 6:08

Dallas Stevens 6:23

Wayne Coates 7:16

Kandi Karuza 9:48 (Solo on Sat.!)

50K by doing a side trip down La Milagrosa

Joe Plassman 7:28

David Marcianti 7:28

Marathon (turn at aid)

Renee Webb 6:39

Marathon Plus (Molino start and finish)

Gene Joseph 6+

18-20 Wilderness Wander

Troy Martin 6:04

17.5 (Out to turnaround, stop at aid, hitch ride, no times)

Jerry Riddick

Chris Fall

Harry Fagg

Carmen Mendoza

Tonja Chagaris

Molino and Back (injury nursing...)

Patricia Wiercinski 1:30

Sunday turned out to be a great morning to run. It started out chilly, but quickly warmed up to a comfortable running temperature. Ross was our designated photographer. He road out to Molino Basin to catch the runners as they crossed the road, and then road the trail in from the end to catch us all again as we came out of the canyon. Thanks Ross for the photos, and oh yeah, the video!

Thanks everyone, it was a great day! al

David Marcianti - 2:55 (who by the way did not get lost)

Dallas Stevens - 2:55

Jane Larkindale - 2:59

Jerry Riddick - 3:02

Jim Holmes - 3:04

Doug K - 3:05

Paula Morrison - 3:13

Chris Fall - 3:13

Joe Plassmann - 3:16

Julie Arter - 3:16

Harry Fagg - 3:29

Bruce Johnson - 3:29

Wayne Coates - 3:46

Sat run:

Troy Martin - 4:29

4 miles out and back, 8 total:

Joe Dana - 2:28

5 miles out and back, 10 total:

Donna Kanoza - sorry, I didn't catch your times

Pam Golden

Alli LaCroix - 2:56

Arizona Trail 50K, 20Dec09, 50K

The day started off cool, 35 degrees, with a slight wind, but with clear skies it warmed up nicely and the day turned out to be a good one. Offering two possibilities with variations within each in terms of length let each runner or biker do as they pleased. Everyone came back and said what a great place to run, that was especially true of all those that went north.

Four bicyclists, thirteen runners and one dog started to do their thing at 7 AM

Of the runners, 6 went north, 7 went south, one dog went north. Times were:

South direction, distance and time:

Jane Larkindale, 50K, 5:40

Harry Fagg, 50K, 6:07

Kandi Karuza, 50K, 8:52

Jim Holmes, Kentucky Camp, 3:53

Chris Fall, Kentucky Camp, 4:16

Jerry Riddick, Kentucky Camp, 4:16

Patricia Wiercinski, Greaterville Road,too long to tell

North Direction, distance and time:

Wayne Coates, 22.5 miles, 4:53

Mary Croft, 21 miles, 5:40

Joe Dana, 18.2 miles, 4:54

Monica Durazo, 18.2 miles, 5:38

Donna Kanoza, 18.2 miles, 5:38; who added 6 pound of weight for 9 miles in the form of a 4 legged creature

Steve Kanoza, 16.1 miles, 4:48

Hombre (the lone canine)ran 9 miles, was carried 9 miles, 5:58


South Direction first, then off to Sahaurita road for more fun

Bruce Gungle, Kentucky Camp road, 2:00

Nick, Bruce's friend

North Direction

Ross Zimmerman, 20 miles, 5:49

Martha ???, 20 miles, 5:49

One thing the RD learned was a thoughtful wife is not necessarily helpful. Letting her take your pack home for you, when the truck keys are in it, is not the best move!

Wayne, and of course Patricia for manning the fort while yours truly was gone. wc

A-7 50 Mile, 27Dec09, 50mi.

As it turned out, our starting temperature was 25, not 30. Starting from a warm home was a good thing. Five people showed up. Only Jamil Coury, down from Phoenix, intended to attempt the entire 50. Renee Webb and Denise Fall came to help with the aid. Taos the dog provided encouragement.

As people climbed, we all noticed the wind spilling over the upland into the basin. Fortunately it warmed up and the wind eased off. The hopscotch aid system worked well, with Renee and I taking turns stopping at approximately 5 mile intervals, and Denise providing ad-hoc support. Our biggest complication was that Jamil was too fast going out to the 25 mile turn around and beat Renee (and me). We had discussed where to turn, and he knew to turn if he reached the 23 mile marker, which gave him a bit over 50 miles at the finish. Renee and Taos shadowed Jamil on the return, so he had personalized support. Denise hauled Jerry and Chris home, while Poppy came out to find Troy. Gene and I cruised back with a few collecting and photo stops (see the turkey photos). Jamil sagged some on the return. Something about a 70 the previous weekend...

Everyone liked the course, so we'll see if we can find a better weekend next year. Comments were made about the great views. There was much less traffic than I had feared we might encounter, although Jamil saw more on the return. The rollers added up--for the 50 it came to over 5600 feet of climb. The out-only options were probably around 3000 feet of climb since the 25 mile turn around is 600 feet higher than our house. I'll need another aid assistant--Renee says she wants to run next time.

Check out my photos, ending with Jamil's post-run interview-- Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. .

50 miles plus

Jamil Coury 8:24


Chris Fall 4:33 (0.7 mile past the 25, then back)

Troy Martin 5:57 (1.2 miles back from the 25)

25 miles

Jerry Riddick 4:22

Gene Joseph 5:12

Wasson Peak, 3Jan10, 14.2mi.

Great weather, with a little dark in the morning, ushered in the first TTR event of 2010. Turnout was great with 16 runners driving in from all parts of the globe.

There were no unusual events which means a good time for all. Doug Kelly jogged in first and had first choice at the apre run goodies. A steady stream of runners followed with no blood or lost trails reported. The remaining hour was jokes and good conversation. See you all next year. jerry

Full loop

Doug Kelly 2:19

Chase Duarte 2:34

Chris Fall 2:34

Harry Fagg 2:34

Joe Plassmann 2:38 ( Requests more steps)

Steve Outridge 2:43

Bruce Johnson 3:04

Gene Joseph 3:05

Christie Bane 3:20

Renee Webb 3:26

Trish Duarte 3:36

Assorted Routes

Steve Kanoza 3:42 13 miles

Wayne Coates 4:01 18 miles- when 14.4 just won't do

Patrica W. 4:23 Top and back

Joe Dana 4:02 13.8 miles

Mary Croft 4:02 13.8 miles

Ross Z. 4:05 11 miles

Tortolita Mountain Loop, 10Jan10, 16.5mi.

Cowhead Saddle, 7Feb10, 17.3mi.

Charaleau Gap, 31Jan10, 13.4mi., 19.6mi.

Los Robles Adventure Run, 17Jan10, 15+/-mi.

Sunday was a beautiful day to run, and 18 people showed up at the Wild Burro trail head at 7:00 AM. For about half, this was the first run on these trails. After passing out maps and trying to make sure that everyone understood how to follow the rather roundabout route, the crew headed out. Everyone made it back smiling, with only a couple of minor leg scratches (and not from rabid javelina) to show. Everyone seemed to have a good run, and many remarked on the great views and plant life. If you missed it, I hope you will join us next year. Bruce Johnson

16 mile route (up Wild Burro, Wild Mustang, Alamo Springs, down Wild Burro) - GPS reports ranged from 15.88 to 16.2 miles

Adrian Korosec - 39 - 3:07

Harry Fagg - 50 - 3:26

Joe Plassmann - 44 - 3:34

Kelland Thomas - 37 - 3:44

Gene Joseph - 57 - 3:48

David Marciani - 43 - 4:06

Renee Webb - 42 - 4:06

Ross Zimmerman - ? - 6:18

10 mile route (up Wild Burro, Wild Mustang, down last part of Wild Burro)

Mike Wilke - 46 - 1:43 (birthday boy!)

Dallas Stevens - 48 - 1:44

Joel Woppert - 51 - 1:49 (Joel & Paul found an alternate ending)

Paul Vyriotes - 47 - 1:49

Jerry Riddick - 58 - 1:52

Chris Fall - 47 - 1:52

Tom Gromley - 40 - 1:53

Bruce Gungle - 51 - 2:20

Diana Rhoades - 42 - 2:20

Curt Bradley - 41 - 2:35

Eighteen adventure-seeking runners showed up in the cold and dark at 7am on Sunday for the start of the Los Robles run, and adventure is what they got -- dozens of trail junctions, a good map, and no trail signs. One runner described it as a great orienteering trail. Most found their way with only a few minor wrong turns. Nobody seemed to mind getting a little lost, and the attitude of the runners at the end was quite positive.

My goal was to lead the group from the Starr Pass trailhead out to the culvert at Ajo. Mike Wilke knew the way so I let him lead while I dropped back and acted as sweeper, retrieving a few people from 36th Street and getting them on track. The front group stayed mostly intact and got through the course with only a few sidetrips. People enjoyed a host of treats at the end, including homemade chocolate ice cream. Ross says he took a lot of pictures so stay tuned for a link to his picasa page.

The main group ran 15.1 miles, which included brief sidetracks on the BMX loop and on another trail right before Up and Over. Others might have shortcutted Baby snakes. Nobody followed the prescribed route exactly, but that is ok. Here are the times:

2:23 Dallas Stevens Whole loop

2:30 Mike Wilke Whole loop

2:30 Stephen Kobourov Whole loop

2:32 Adrian Korosec Whole loop

2:33 Paul Vyriotes Whole loop

2:34 Doug Kelly No baby snakes; some backtracking to 36th St.

2:39 Harry Fagg Whole loop

?:?? Christie Bane Ran most of it but probably shortcutted Camaro loop

2:47 Bruce Johnson Whole loop

2:47 Kelland Thomas Whole loop

2:50 Raoul Erickson Whole loop

3:09 Jerry Cagle Whole loop plus various sidetrips

3:19 Mike McCluskey Might have missed something but ran extra on 36th St

3:28 Shari Howard Might have missed something but ran extra on 36th St

3:28 Joyce Vyriotes Might have missed something but ran extra on 36th St

3:28 Rachel Hilgeford Might have missed something but ran extra on 36th St

4:02 Tom Gormley Whole loop plus lots of bushwacking on the way back; 19mi

4:24 Ross Zimmerman Whole loop plus more - 16.8mi. Lots of hike-a-bike

Winter Bear Canyon Loop, 24Jan10, 16.8mi.


The moon was almost full and setting to the west but the cloud cover precluded the moonlight from providing enough light to find the entrance to the parking lot for the start. Evidently the light from my parked car provided enough of a signal to turn. Everyone parked to the left side of the road which left plenty of room for the 4WD vehicles, ATVs, etc.

The run started at 7:00 AM exactly without much direction other than- "we just follow the muddy road don't we?" "The muddy road and expect a water crossing in about 1.5 miles". Based on the reports of everyone at the finish it was a very successful day for everyone. Hombre even got to swim. It was fun to be the RD and stand around and visit with all the runners instead of being the last one to finish and getting only a short visit. Thanks everyone for coming out and we will try to plan a slightly different variation for next year, based on input from many of you. mc

The Gap-12.8 miles + or -

Joel Woppert 2:13

Tom Gormley 2:18

Steve Outridge 2:24

Jerry Riddick 2:30

Mark Martin 2:35

Michele Bauer 2:42 ( ran an extra mile at least)

Alli La Croix 2:48

Trish Duarte 3:03

Donna Kanoza 3:44

Pam Golden 3:47

Monica Durazo 3:48

Mike McCluskey 3:41 (late start and extra 2 miles)

Steve Kanoza and

Hombre 3:59

Canada del Oro---19.6 miles per Joe Plassman's GPS and verified by Ross

Chase Duarte 3:09 ( late start)

Chris Fall 3:14 ( late start)

Doug Kelly 3:15 (first runner back from Canada del Oro)

Harry Fagg 3:42

Julie Arter 4:07

Tonga Chagris 4:07

Joe Plassmann 4:10 ( with a serious upper respiratory infection)

Bruce Johnson 4:26 ( looked a little "grey"-struggled with abdominal upset)

Ross Zimmerman 7:45

Some of these times are off slightly due to runners having to fend off calves in the middle of the road near the finish.

What a day! It's quickly becoming tradition that this run brings snow, rain and hail. Tom and I turned around at Douglas Springs and ran straight into a pretty strong bout of hail, it lasted about 15 minutes. Those who went past DS to Cowhead Saddle saw snow on the ground as well as on top of Chase and Doug's head. My cotton gloves were pathetic in the rain, thanks for the warm ones at the finish Ken. Both Doug and Dallas came back with blood and Patricia looked like she slide down the steps on her butt, everyone was OK. cf

Cowhead Saddle (~17 miles)

Chase Duarte - 3:03

Dallas Stevens - 3:09

Doug Kelly - 3:10

Andy Roth - 3:51

Harry Fagg - 4:02

Wayne Coates - 4:23

Joe Dana - ?:?? (Ran on Saturday)

Somewhere between Douglas Springs and Cowhead Saddle

Darrel Cummings - 3:51 (16 miles)

David Sowers - 3:11 (16 miles)

Joe Plassmann 3:17 (15 miles)

Brandon Wert - 3:25 (27 minutes past Douglas Springs)

Becky Graseck - 3:25 (27 minutes past Douglas Springs)

Douglas Springs (~13 miles)

Tom Gormley - 2:30

Chris Fall - 2:30

Kelland Thomas - 2:49

Jerry Cagle - 3:02

Mike McCluskey - 3:23

Reed Harris - 3:29

Patricia Wiercinski - 4:00

Ross Zimmerman - 5:15

Other Runners

Ken Greco - 2:20 (11 miles toward Douglas Springs)

Donna Kanoza - 2:20 (7 miles)

Pam Golden - 2:20 (7 miles)

Steve Kanoza - 1:10 (5 mles)


Hello runners, i hope everyone had a good time, twas a perfect day for running, we had a good turnout, with only 15 cookies left out of 3000:) the results are varied as some came back via the roads, and some came by way of trails, and one by way of head north. sk


Dallas Stevens 5:27 27.5

Doug Kelly 5:29 27.5

Chris Fall 6:08 27.5

Harry Fagg 6:17 28.5

Jamil Coury 6:20 27.5

Adrian Korosac 6:30 27.5

Joe Plassmann 7:23 28.7

Renee Webb 7:32 29

Ken Grecco 7:48 28.2

Mike McCluskey 8:41 28.5


Mystery person 5:21 20.1

Tonja Chagris 5:21 20.1

Joel Stamp 5:25 20.1

Wayne Gates 5:44 20.1

Steve Roarke 5:56 20.1

Randy Bourn 6:11 20.1

Ben Gilman 6:11 20.1


Jerry Riddick 4:11 18


Amy Hamman 2:36 13

Jorg Hader 2:52 13

Pam Golden 3:47 13

Mary Croft 4:25 15


Steve Kanoza Ernie Falls 6mi. 1:30

Donna Kanoza Bridal wreath Junction 1:21 5 mi.

Joe Dana 3:31 Here, there, everywhere 14.9 mi.

Esperero Canyon Loop, 14Mar10, 21mi.

Good morning everybody

The weather was nice and sunny with a bit of a cool breeze for this Esperero run. The runners that ran the whole loop were grateful for the shoe prints in the snow that followed the trail on the top backside of the mountain. The water was flowing swiftly at the West Fork creek, which everyone crossed safely, although Chris did the side stroke as his side of the body was submerged as he crossed the creek. A few runners ran a shorter distance. It was nice for me to chat with runners I hadn’t seen in a while and to meet some that were new to me. Thank you. Glenn

Esperero Loop

Mike Wilke 4:23

Doug Kelly 4:42

Dallas Stevens 4:45

Gene Joseph 5:21

Chris Fall 5:29

Raoul Erickson 5:29

10 miles

Ross Zimmermen 5:08

6 miles

Gabe Zimmermen 2:01

Kelly O’brien 2:01

Tanque Verde Loop, 21Feb10, 28.5m

Mica Mountain Marathon, 28Mar10, 26.8mi.

Mt. Bigelow Ascent and Descent, 11Apr10, 30.8mi.

A cool and calm morning greeted the participants of the MMM. Runners were off at 06:31 heading for the snow fields near the top of Mica. Chase, Doug and Mark found the top despite having to walk on the snow and route find along the way. Chase was the first back with a new course record. The course record occasioned by the many trail changes that have occurred lately lengthening the course. We have no official measurement but are sure it’s over 27 miles now. Dallas on his first trip up Mica searched in vain for the top. Still his ramblings netted him 27.3 miles on Ross’s GPS.

Mike McCluskey joined us for the last time this winter and will be heading back to Wisconsin next week. Mike it was great having you run with us this year we’re looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Ken Greco did a two falls (Bridal Wreath and Ernie) wander and came back via the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. Innovative but Patricia wins the best of the day by taking a 2 hour nap!

Two runners had all the snow fun they could stand and turned at the North Slope Trail.

Geno and Emily stopped by and went for a leisurely hike. Good to see you two, see you Tuesday/Wednesday Emily. Joe

Top Sunday 27+ miles

Chase Duarte 6:14:10* new course, record

Doug Kelly 6:24

Mark Martin 6:42

Dallas Stevens 7:13 27.3 miles somewhere near the top.

Top Saturday 27+ miles

Chris Fall 8:05

Steve Olson 8:05

North Slope trail ~23+ miles

Jerry Riddick 5:32

Raoul Erickson 5:55

Past Cowhead toward Grass Shack 18.8 miles

Darrel Cummings

Cowhead 18 miles

unnamed person 4:02

Wayne Coates 4:16

Mike McCluskey 5:34

Douglas Springs 13 miles

Tonja Chagaris 2:52

Steve Kanoza 3:29

Ross Zimmerman 4:47

4 mile rock 8 miles

Jennifer Aviles 4:04

Enrique Aviles 4:04

Two Falls wander 7.75 miles

Ken Greco 2:10

Trail runners,

Since Dallas just posted a good set of photos for Bigelow, I should post some results. I'll have some runner photos in a day or two. I'm rebuilding a computer with catatonic tendencies at home and am a bit behind on my information organizing.

15 people and 3 dogs were involved with the run. 11 people started up from Sabino. Several were new to the route. Bob, Maryalice, and Molly (the dog) Bachani drove the Megavan up to the top of Palisades. Mary Croft followed because the people she had thought she might run up with didn't turn up. I followed after picking up more stuff at home.

Bob reported hearing turkeys when I got up. Later on, he and Molly saw 6. Mary trotted down the trail, I trotted up to Bigelow. When I returned Chris Fall and Steve Roark had arrived on foot, and Emily Foushee-Scotland had come up with Sam-I-Am and Frankie (dogs). She ended up taking them down the trail. Other people started to turn up in various stages of (dis)array. Bob kept track of times and give each new person on the route a personalized trail briefing for the 3 mile top segment. Maryalice kept people filled with turkey wraps and other good things. Ken Greco managed to do a knee whack, which slowed him down. Dallas continued to cement his reputation as our wanderer. It sounded like he ended up coming down Bigelow road to Mt. Lemmon Highway, which would have given him the longest distance for the day. There was enough snow to make things interesting without being a pain. Temperatures were near-perfect for running up top. The forest was beautiful, albeit with some tree falls along the way.

Emily hauled Steve Outridge and Jim Fitzgibbon down after they ascended. Once everyone was accounted for on top, I hauled Darrel Cummings and Ken down to Sabino, arriving about 10 minutes before Chris appeared. We had 6 people do some form of round trip. Several people took dips in the creek, since it got warm. Gene brought up the rear, but was his usual sanguine self. Stories were swapped, refreshments consumed. A good day overall. Everyone should be pleased with their efforts. rz

30.8 plus (we think)

Dallas Stevens 8:09

30.8 with minimal wandering (i.e. the full route)

Chris Fall 6:49

Steve Roark 7:07

Gene Joseph 8:34

27.8 (turn around at aid station)

Tonja Chagaris 7:22

Carmen Sosay 7:22

16.9 (Ascent then down to aid)

Steve Outridge 4:54

Darrel Cummings 5:28

16~ (Not quite to top)

Jim Fitzgibbon 4:23

13.9 (To Palisades trail top)

Joe Plassmann 3:59 (plus some additional ascent after he left us to find his ride)

Ken Greco 4:56

Down aways, then the 3 miles to the top and back

Mary Croft, times indeterminate

Down aways, then back

Emily Foushee-Scotland


Arizona Trail 50Kish, 18Apr10, 28mi.

Multiple Wrightson Massacre, 15May10, 10.4mi./rep.

Santa Catalina Ascent, 1May10, 25+mi.

Fellow Runners

A small but happy group of runners turned out for today's run on the Arizona Trail. The RD started out an hour earlier with flagging tape to make sure that no one got lost on this year's "event". Patricia went to the start to greet the runners, send them on their way, then drove around to meet them at the Canelo Hills turnaround.

All went well, all said the marking was great and helped tremendously. Still two unnamed runners managed to get off trail, one for a 2.5 mile excursion. Both said however that is was not the RD's fault, they just did not pay attention (So I am off the hook!)

Ross decided to run the route from east to west so he went with Patricia to the turnaround. His time to the start was (you can subtract - 12:53 - 8:20..............

Ken did the out portion, and some extra, in 4:20

Others who ate the whole enchilada......... (turn time and finish time)

Doug Kelly 2:39 and 5:31

Dallas Stevens 3:00 and 5:54

Jerry Riddick 3:00 and 6:02

Renee Webb 3:13 and 6:34

Darrel Cummings 3:05 and 6:57

Your RD to the turnaround........ 3:20 while marking

Patricia from Canelo to the dam and back - 2:20

Additionally, Darrell's wife and daughter came to the finish. Hopefully, our photographer took the fabulous pic of Macey hugging dad as he finished his longest run.

Great day, great trail, great friends.............Wayne and Patricia

Having voted to let the adventure begin, nine runners stepped up to the plate this year to run SCA. The suggestion to cancel the run due to trail conditions was scoffed at. What a wussy I’ve become. What was I thinking. But when I mentioned that the wind was expected to gust around 50 mph. and temps would not get above 45 a few gave me a side ways look.

I know for a fact that a few runners fell over when on 2 occasions the wind dipped below 30 mph.. With all the downed trees there was quite a bit of meat left up there on the mountain. If Game and Fish knew about it we would be sited for baiting game.

At the 6:am start everyone was all smiles. As usual that would soon change.

Doug came into Palisades and started complaining that all we had was DIET sports drinks. :>) Those front runners are such prima donnas. Hello Doug. Sports drinks are for Electrolyte replacement, Ensure is for Calories. :>)

Mark came in next . Having only drank about an ounce of water in 14 miles he proceeded to collapse in the van, balled up in the fetal position. Did I mention Electrolyte replacement. Marks run was officially over. Dehydration will do that.

Dallas in next, just as happy as could be. That didn’t last.

Stella and Tonja were up next, in and out and then Tonja came back and threw in the towel. A week of partying in NYC didn’t help her a bit.

Gene and Renee came and went . Then Renee had a blonde moment and could not locate the Bigelow trail. We saw her on the road about 45 mins later. So she really gave it a good shot at trying to find it.

Darrel came in last looking like he had learned something from his previous experience at the Bigelow run.

Well, then the wind started. And I mean started. When we arrived at the Butterfly aid station it was howling and it never stopped. As the runners came in we had to tie them to trees so they could eat and drink with both hands. No one stayed long. Everyone wanted to get this puppie over with.

At the finish line we hung out in the van to keep warm. As runners started to show up. We all started getting real cozy in there. I eventually had to throw Ross and Ken out to make room for battered runners. Somehow Ross left wearing my pants. I won’t ask, cause he won’t tell.

6 runners finished this year and all were pretty beat up. But we all had fun and no one got seriously injured or lost for very long.

Congrats to Dallas for finally conquering the Butterfly Trail.

Congrats to Gene for bringing a jacket and gloves. [ and using them ]

Thanks to Ross and Ken for helping out.

Thanks to all of you for showing up. Bob, Maryalice, and Molly

More of the Story

Hey Runners!

What a day Sunday was! I will admit up front that there where times on the initial climb that I was formulating an apology to the group for encouraging Mr. B to not cancel this run. He gave us the option of staying home in bed and eating pancakes and I said 'let's run'! I will also admit that if I had shown up to weather conditions at the start that we had at the finish, I would have returned home to go to bed and eat pancakes.

So here's some of the story. The climb up to Palisades was hard, as expected, and I hit my head again on that stupid phone line. There were fewer trees blocking the trail in this section (from three weeks ago) and there was no more snow below Organization ridge. The aid at Palisades was great and the short climb to the Butterfly Trail head was uneventful. There was concern about the first part of Butterfly being under snow, but I was with two other runners and with three sets of eyes we had little problem following the footprints of two(?) previous runners and spotting the trail. That upper snowy section was runable (one runner had spikes) and was less than a half mile long before we were below the snow. The middle and ending sections of Butterfly were notable because there were high winds and lots of dead standing and recently fallen trees. This worked in our favor though, as it kept a steady stream of adrenalin in the blood at a time when the caffeine from the cola at Palisades was waning. This trail is in bad shape as it was blocked by numerous fallen trees and more importantly had large linear cracks running down the middle. Without major work, it seems that the next large rain event will take this trail down slope. Upon arriving at the end of Butterfly/ beginning of Sunset, the wind was screaming and the sun was behind clouds. The aid was great again and then off on the final leg. There were some major trees down before Marshall Gulch but the climb up Aspen on Radio ridge was amazing. Essentially all of the big trees are dead from the fire and they are continuing to fall down, mostly in response to strong winds. And the wind was howling! An interesting thing for this runner is that the action of climbing over and under the fallen trees was like taking a short stretch break and had the effect of loosening me up and making the subsequent running somewhat easier. There was little problem following the trail here and I arrived at the top with Joe P. We scouted out the beginning of Aspen draw, looking down upon what looked like spotty snow, and decided to go down. For about the first 1/3 of a mile or so, we followed some shoe prints in snow on what was clearly the trail. The snow cover increased, and we soon realized that we were following tracks that were obviously off trail. By now we were committed and well on our way down a large, steep draw with no trail in sight and mostly snow around us. It was at this time that it started to snow. Joe, being more snow experienced than me, would simply fall on his rear end and slide down slope. Being afraid of impalement and a slow, bloody death on the branch stubs of the fallen trees, I tried to stay upright and in control. It worked, mostly, but the 'stretching' mentioned above was not enough to loosen me up for this. We did make it down and exited via the bottom of the ski run. Within seconds of finishing, we were in the Bachani rolling aid station, sitting on soft upholstered chairs, warm, drinking G-aide and beer and eating turkey wraps. I have grown to love running in the 21st century!

Long live TTR!! gj

And more:

Yup, that was a pretty exciting excursion. I'm glad we were able to stick together on the last section, I don't think that was the smartest decision on my part to commit to Aspen Draw, but it was sure a lot of fun bum sliding those slopes!

I looked up the topo for Aspen Draw and realized I was mistaken, we were correct in that is was pretty much impossible to get lost, but it was definitely possible to stay off trail, and there was no real way to accidentally end up in Summerhaven. I'm convinced now that the trail WAS below us the entire time. My apologies to Bob, Maryalice, Ross, Molly, Bubba, and the rest for having to wait while we figured out how not to kill ourselves getting down.

Thanks again for everyone for scheduling, scouting, supporting, and participating in such a hard, exciting, and committing run. I just sure hope that there's some chainsaw activity up there before we do it again.

Joe P.

Standard Route

Doug Kelly 7:25

Dallas Stevens 7.50

Joe Plassmann 8:26 30min. late start.

Gene Joseph 8:56

Palisades/ Cat. Hwy/ road down from top

Renee Webb 7:27

Down road from top

Stella Stupinski 8:14

Palisade Finish

Mark M. 3:19

Tonja C. 3:44

Palisades/ shotgun finish

Darrel C. ??????????????

We had 26 runners for a total of 42+ ascents for this year’s Multiple Mount Wrightson Massacre. Chase’s well advertised goal of attempting six ascents must have shamed everyone to come out and try. Even Wally Shiel, 5 ascent record holder, showed up to pass on his title to Chase. A notable attempt, but Wally still holds the record. Tonga now holds the woman’s record at four ascents.

I am taking orders for next year's event.

Thanks Chase for the great write up.

See you all next year!


All ascents/descents were on Old Baldy unless noted otherwise

Four Trips Old Baldy

Tonja Chagaris! dawn to dusk 10:12 first three

Chase Duarte dawn to dusk Plus one Josephine Saddle

Three Trips Old Baldy

Steve Roark 9:50

Jane Doe 10:12

Bruce Gungle 12:00

Two Trips Old Baldy

Catlow Shipek 4:45 attempted a third

Doug Kelly 5:40 1st up Vault Mine, 2nd down Lower Super

Dallas Stevens 7:08

Renee Webb 7:45

Kandi 9:51

Susann Paige ?? not part of TTR yet \

Raoul Erickson ?? too busy serving Eegees to keep track of himself

One trip Old Baldy

Ken Grecko 3:45 one Baldy plus more 15 miles

Pam Golden 3:46

Mari Lam 3:46

Wayne Coates 3:47

Mary Croft 5:30 down Super

Monica Durazo 5:46

Ross Zimmerman 6:10

Joe Theobald 7:30

Connie Theobald 7:30

Trish Duarte ??

Alli ??


Patricia Wiercinski 2hrs? Old Baldy to Josephine Saddle Down Super

Totally different

Jerry Riddick some kind of Elephant Head loop 15 miles

Chriss Fall ditto

Sunset Loops, 30May10, 17mi.

Sunset Side Door Festival of Routes, 4July10, various

The weather was great cool temps.

This was Johns first run with the group. –Ken

Full Loop 17mi

John McLean 4:10

Dallas Stevens 4:59

Renee Webb 5:00

Lemon lookout OB 11.6mi

Ken Greco 3:59

Radio Ridge Plus 10.2mi

Kim Fernandez 4:02

Celestino Fernandez 4:02

Runners, hikers, and riders were coming and going in all directions for this year's Sunset Side Door. A base group of 10 people turned up for the 7:00 AM start at Sunset Trail head. They got off a few minutes after 7. I waited until about 7:20 and trotted up Sunset to Marshall Gulch, then a short distance up Marshall Trail to get me past 1.5 miles. Back at Marshall Gulch, I encountered Chase Duarte who was camping at Showers Point and came up to join in the run. Back at Sunset, Joe Plassman appeared, having run Butterfly. He was headed back down the road to join his picnic group at Palisades. Then the 4 Box Camp ascenders appeared; Raoul Erickson, Tom Gormley, Chris Fall, and Jerry Riddick. I had just finished getting all the refreshments spread out and the music playing. People from the gang of 10 began to appear. Billie and Daniel Gormley showed up to collect Tom, Chris, and Jerry. Jennifer Ahearn arrived with Simon and Desmond (sons, age 7) to meet Raoul and they began a hike on Sunset. Pam Golden appeared on her bicycle, up from our house. 20 people did some sort of route on feet or bike. At least one fresh lion track was seen.

Much conversation occurred on many topics. There seems to be considerable interest in the Mt. Lemmon Marathon on Oct. 17. Latest information says it will start in or near Agua Caliente Park (.75 mi. from our house) and finish at Summerhaven, not the top of Lemmon. Renee, Dallas, and Gene discussed trotting up to Lemmon on trail, then going down the Lemmon Ascent route. That would be at least 47 miles, I think. You might contact them if that sounds interesting.

I was interested by Chris' description of going through the culvert on a trail. You'll hear more about the Catalina Peaks Run, aka Rush the Thrush. Pam and I were scouting today...

The weather was extraordinary. It was 54 degrees when we started. I don't think it got to 80 at the trail head, although it did get warmer on Wilderness of Rocks.

Participants are listed in the order they turned up, usually. I somehow missed writing down Geno, but contacted him later. Photos and movies are at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid..

Thanks to all, it was great fun. Ross Z

(Times listed where known. NTR--no time recorded)

Ross Z NTR 3+ miles, out and back on Sunset and Marshall

Joe Plassman NTR 8-9 miles, I think. Butterfly up, road back

Raoul Erickson 4:07 Sabino to Box Camp trail, up to Mt. Lemmon Highway, then back roads and trails, I think

Tom Gormley 4:07 Tom measured this as 13.66 mi. with his wriist GPS

Chris Fall 4:07 Likewise

Jerry RIddick 4:07 Likewise

Kim Fernandez 2:30:46 Up road to gate next to parking lot on top of Mt. Lemmon. 10.6 mi. or so

Celestino Fernandez 2:30:46 Likewise

Patricia Wiercinski 2:57 Sunset, Aspen Loop, Mint Springs, Carter Canyon, Marshall, back. 8-9 mi.

Geno Fuoshee ~3:25 Sunset, Aspen Loop, WOR, Lemmon LO, Radio Ridge, Upper Aspen, Marshall, Sunset. 12.7 mi.

Wayne Coates 3:34 Sunset, Aspen Loop, WOR, Lemmon LO, Radio Ridge, Aspen Draw, Turkey Cr., Summerhaven Rd., Sunset. 12.5

Dallas Stevens 3:45 Sunset Loop Route (SLR) 17.6 mi. by my map...

Pam Golden ~4:37 Arrived on a road bike. 25 mi. there, 50 round trip (I can vouch for her successful finish).

Amy Hamman 4:33 SLR

Renee Webb 4:33 SLR

Gene Joseph 4:48 SLR GPS bearer. First trial of Wintec WBT-202

Ken Greco 5:15 SLR

Jennifer Ahearn NTR ~2 miles out and back on Sunset.

Simon Ahearn NTR Likewise

Desmond Ahearn NTR Likewise

Raoul, again NTR Likewise, but note the warmup earlier...