MT WRIGHTSON ASCENT - 9/7/13 - 5.2 mi

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the delay in getting the results out.

Last weekend we had our first run of the 2014-15 season at Mt Wrightson. We had 22 runners show up. Thankfully the rain held off except for an occasional scattered drops. at least for me. Reports of it being cool and windy and windy at the top with mist from the low clouds. The results are to the top of Mt Baldy trail. Some came down Mt Baldy while others came down Super trail and taking lots of pictures ( Michelle). Gabe did additional running making a total of 21.9 miles. Ross said he wasn't feeling great, thinking he would turn around but was drawn to the cool clouds at the top. Great job everyone. Next time I'll be in the correct parking lot to get us started on time. Let me know if there are any mistakes.

  1. Gabe Mc Gowan 1:08

  2. Mike Duer 1:18:15

  3. Cameron Green 1:25

  4. Joe Plassmann 1:33

  5. John Sabetine 1:33:40

  6. Benedict Duggar 1:34

  7. Chase Duarte 1:40

  8. Robert Harris 1:47

  9. Andrew Harris 1:47:59

  10. Steve Outridge 1:49:24

  11. Daniel Harris 1:56

  12. Chuck Williamson 1:59

  13. Steve Hughes 2:01

  14. Molly Brown 2:01

  15. Abraham Moreno 2:10

  16. Amy Dillon 2:11

  17. Holly Kirchberger 2:15

  18. Michelle Whetherhult 2:22

  19. Craig Dabler 2:24

  20. Amy Hannon- finished (no time)

  21. Ross Zimmerman 3:04

  22. Trish Duarte 2:02 ( super trail to the saddle)

Tracy Wood

SABINO BASIN - 9/14/14 - 13.8 mi


Sorry it's been so long but we've been a little distracted. It was a lovely day two weekends ago for a nice Sabino Basin Run and there was quite a good turn out. A few falls were had and some blood was left on the trail but everyone made it back in one piece! If we've spelled your name wrong, have a wildly off-the-mark account of your route, or the time is wrong, feel free to let us know and we'll correct it, if you care that is. :) Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this another enjoyable TTR run!

Mike & Kristi

GREEN BUG - 9/28/14 - 18.8 mi

It was a day with just about everything, wind, rain, fog, clouds, cold, and a little sun… We had 18 starters with 8 doing the Hitchcock and back, 5 doing the full out and back and 5 doing something of their own design..

Hitchcock out and back

David Sowers 1:49

Kate Woodard 1:55

Yvonne Overson 2:02

Bruce Johnson 2:21

Miro Oljaca 2:42

Tammy Kovaluk 2:42

Gene Joseph 2:57

Pam Golden 3:02

13 miles-ish

Pamela Hoyt 4:17

Linda Whilan 4:17

Full out and back

Dallas Stevens 4:43

Adam McKelvy 4:45

Alacia Sooter 6:00

Amy Hamman ?

Mya Hoeflinger 6:23 (her longest run ever both time and distance)

Missed top .5 short of the full out and back

Ryan Niccum 4:11

19.35 Trail up Road down

Chuck Williamson 5:37


Ross Zimmerman ?

MT. HOPKINS ASCENT/DESCENT - 10/5/14 - 23.6 mi

Thanks to those of you who came out to run Mt Hopkins on Sunday, it was a beautiful day! Also, thanks to Michelle Miller for helping out again, next year we'll have more fresh fruit! Here's the incriminating document: (includes splits at aid station)

Full ascent/descent, 23.6 miles:

Dallas Stevens 4:40 (1:34, 3:10)

Abraham Moreno-Szivek 5:00 (1:41, 3:39)

David Valenzuela 5:10 (1:51, 3:43)

Renee Stevens 5:10 (1:51, 3:43)

Jamie Madden 6:18 (2:15, 4:36)

To the top and back to the gate, 15.8 miles

Amy Hamman 3:26 (1:40)

Andrew Harris 3:49 (1:42)

20.7 miles

Robert Harris 4:42 (1:51, 3:43)

To the gate, 7.8 miles

Daniel Harris 2:07

From the gate to the top and back, 8 miles

Ross Zimmerman, shuffling time lost to the ether.

Happy trails, and be sure to yield to hikers!

Mike & Kristi


This is some of the feedback I heard yesterday:

"There was water running everywhere--there was even a spring about a 100 ft. below the top of Wrightson."

"I think I could see the actual trail only about 30% of the time."

"That route is a tough son of gun."

"That route is a keeper."

"I think that was tougher than Esperero" (followed by deep discussion comparing the two routes)

"I can't believe I can't find a Coke can with 'Sion' on it."

"There was no way I was gonna do Wrightson a second time, but once I got back to Baldy Saddle I couldn't think of a good reason not to" (Jerry Riddick first said this in May, followed by Sion, Mike Duer, and Dallas, each separately, yesterday afternoon).

So, like all trails around the region after this wet summer, Florida Cnyn was kind of over grown, and then the Crest Trail that runs from Florída Saddle to Baldy Saddle was saturated and soggy, but getting to see the lush vegetation, views, and water running all over the place more than made up for the modest trail difficulty.

Five of eleven did the complete course, 26 mi that includes two Wrightson summits and 9,750 ft of climb. Other variations included Wrightson out and back (4), and Florída-Madera, no Wrightson with a bushwhack up the creek for 45 min immediately after the start (huh?) (2). For future reference: the trail crosses the creek right out of the gate and never crosses back, although Chris A. reports that it was a worthwhile side trip up a beautiful box canyon.


2 Wrightsons (26 mi):

ToD Finish Elapsed

Sion Lipowitz - 1:39: 6:39

Mike Duer - 2:14: 7:14

Dallas - 3:56: 8:39 (7:17 start)

Renee - 5:47: 10:30 (7:17)

David V. - 6:02: 10:45 (7:17)

Wrightson Out and Back (~15-16 mi):

Charlie Ware -10:49: 3:49

Catlow Shipek -10:55: 3:55

Jesse Vondracek -10:55: 3:55

David Sowers -11:19: 4:19

Florìda-Madera (no Wrightson; 11 mi)

Jeff Turman - 11:53: 4:53

Chris Avery - 12:08: 5:08

Up the dirt road a bit (no Wrightson; 4.5 mi)

Bruce Gungle - xx:xx: 1:00

Sir Clydesdale Huntington McBride - xx:xx: ~1:00

Dallas and I discussed some ideas about how to deal with the long day the run brings on while keeping the route. One would be to use a cut off time at the Madera turn around. Another would be to use a two person RD set up, one through ~noon or 1:00, another from then to the end of the run.

Finally, a ton of thanks to Joe Dana for manning the Madera aid station and dropping back over to Florída w times so I knew when to expect the over-and-back runners--couldn't do it w/out him.

Fun fact: In the case of this canyon, trail, spring, and saddle, "Florìda" is not pronounced the way we pronounce the southeastern US state with the big peninsula. Rather, it's "flo-REE-da."

MT KIMBALL ASCENT - 10/18/14 - 12+ mi

Only one runner got horribly lost last Sunday during the second Mt. Kimball run. Because Benedict already did a write-up about that misadventure, I won't recant it here.

Those that didn't go down the wrong canyon nonetheless went off the trail for several short detours, but always found their way back. That, and the condition of the trial when they stayed on it, made for some slow times.

Runner Time

Sion Lupowitz 3:18

Mike Duer 3:41

Ryan Niccum 3:42

Dave Sowers 4:11

Raoul Erickson 4:45

Benedict Dugger 5:40 (unknown return route)

BEAR CANYON LOOP TRAIL (BCLT) - 10/26/14 - 17.5 mi

It was near perfect weather and a very successful Bear Canyon Loop. Everyone had fun, no one got lost. As has been mentioned, it was Gene's 500th Bear! My apologies for any typos in the names. Becky and I tried to take notes about who did what distance.

Name :: Time :: Route

Korey Konga :: 1:52 :: His own stuff

Pam Hoyt :: 2:10 :: 7 Falls

Samantha Palm :: 2:24 :: 7 Falls + extra (9 miles total)

Dennis Pollow :: 2:49 :: Full Loop

Sion Lupowitz :: 2:49 :: Full Loop

Anne Neuenschwander :: 3:19 :: Full Loop

Dari Duval :: 3:19 :: Full Loop

Ross Zimmerman :: 3:25 :: 7 Falls

Raoul Erickson :: 3:47 :: Full Loop

Joel O'brien :: 4:09 :: Full Route

Jorge Reynaga :: 4:31 :: Full Loop

Gene Joseph :: 4:32 :: Full Loop

Amy Pillon :: 4:40 :: Full Loop

Tammy Kovaluk :: 4:44 :: Full Loop

Alfonso Albason :: 4:44 :: Full Loop

Kristina Rask :: 4:57 :: Full Loop (tram road return)

Jamie Madda :: 4:57 :: Full Loop (tram road return)

Joan D'Alonzo :: 5:14 :: Full Loop (tram road return)

STARR PASS-ROBLES PASS LOOP - 11/9/14 - 18-20 mi

The inaugural Starr Pass - Robles Pass Loop took place on Sunday with eight runners taking part. Thanks Steve O for helping me put this run on.

Tim Stackhouse- 3:22 (full loop)20.5miles

Jorge Reynaga- 5:05 (full loop)20.5miles

Michael Duer- 3:18 (minus cascabel loop)19miles

Benedict Dugger- 3:38 (minus cascabel loop)19miles

Tammy Kovaluk- 4:38 (minus cascabel loop)19miles

Alfonso Albason- 4:38 (minus cascabel loop)19miles

Rick Mick- 2:07 (to Sarasota Trailhead)11.64miles

Joe Plassman- 2:07 (to Sarasota Trailhead)11.64miles

MT. LEMMON ASCENT - 11/23/14 - 18.6 mi


It was a chilly, windy day on the hill. There was some bushwacking and some folks got a bit lost. All are safe and sound, btw. Special thanks to Ross, Renee, and Joel for helping with transportation.

Here are the results (some of whom I missed getting times):

Mike Duer 4:16:27

Tim Stackhouse 4:37

Ryan Niccum 4:43

Dallas Stevens 5:13

Tim Spriggs ?:??

Robert Harris 6:09

Craig Dabler 6:47

Tammy Kovaluk 6:47

Alfonso Albason 6:47

Joe Plassman ?:??

Andrew Harris 7:01:39 (19.81 miles)

Kristina Rask 7:39

Jamie Madden 7:39

Abraham Moreno 7:53

Renee Stevens 5:09 (Reverse Sunset Loops - 16.8 miles)

Raoul Erickson 7:00 (7:40 start time)

Thanks to all participants!

Jim and Tricia

REDINGTON 50K - 11/30/14 - 31.2 mi


As always, Redingtion 50K turned out strangely. The newbies ran the furthest for the day, although both Corey and Luis are ultra runners, just new to TTR. Mike, Dallas, and Renee all decided at the aid station they weren’t running back, although Mike did make it to the turn around and back. Myk, Molly, and Dan did an out and back, probably with a side trip to Bellota Ranch Headquarters, as did Luis. Steve Kanoza helped me with the aid. In addition to water and an ice chest with some interesting items, without him we would have had to throw some people in the bed of my wife’s pickup truck. Nice weather. Everyone I talked to enjoyed the day, even if they got off or weren’t happy with their body's performance. I enjoyed the company.

Here are a few photos— https://picasaweb.google.com/110662191413265788752/Redington50K20141130?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKzZ1bWsru_z3gE&feat=directlink

Molly, Myk, and Dan, any more comments on your adventures?

Ross Z

Runner Time Distance Comments

Luis Leon 6:20 31.2 mi. Got to see Bellota Ranch…

Cory Keppel 6:18 28.1 mi. Hitched a ride at Molino. Still 2 miles further than planned

Mike Duer 3:14 17.5 mi. To turn around and back to aid station

Renee Stevens 3:19 13.1 mi. To aid station

Dallas Stevens 3:19 13.1 mi. To aid station

Molly Brown 2:57 13.1 mi. Out and back

Dan Kinler 3:06 13.1 mi. Out and back

Myk Brown 3:26 13.1 mi. Out and back

Steve Kanoza 2 mi. O and B from aid

Ross Zimmerman 2 mi. O and B from aid

COWHEAD SADDLE - 12/7/14 - 17.3 mi

With clear skies and temps in the 70s it was a beautiful day. Overgrown trail seemed to be the biggest compaint and most came back with scratched up legs. Corey said he fell a few times. Please let me know if there are any corrections.

Corey Keppel 3:29 - Cowhead Saddle

Joel O'Bryan 4:22 - Cowhead Saddle

Tammy Kovaluk 4:24:33 - Cowhead Saddle

Joe Plassman 4:27 - Cowhead Saddle

Tonja Chagaris 3:03 - Douglas Springs

Geno Foushee 3:30 - Douglas Springs

Ross Zimmerman 2.5 miles

Chris Fall 2.5 miles

See you on trail.

Long Live TTR

Chris Fall

LOMA ALTA - 12/14/14 - 14-28+ mi

Sunday's weather turned out to be perfect conditions for trail running in the Rincon Mountains. After almost half an inch of rain the day prior, we were blessed with clear skies, no wind, and temps in the mid 50's. The runners were on trail 10 minutes before sunrise. As the sun rose in our faces we were treated to a magical sparkling landscape of frozen and thawing droplets on every cactus needle and tree branch. It was awe inspiring! Catlow reported a dusting of snow at top-out but not enough for a snow angel. Hopefully I got everyone's routes and times correct.

Here is a compilation of results from the day's activities:

Manning Camp

Catlow Shipek 4:53 (30M)

Corey Keppel 6:13 (26M, turned around before Manning)

Cowhead Saddle

Michael Duer 3:55 (22M)

Dari Duval 4:06 (22M)

Patrick Muldowney 5:43 (22M)

Grass Shack

Abraham Moreno 5:00 (20M + rode his bicycle to TH from midtown)

Manning Intersection

Mike Roche 3:14 (14M)

Christy Hall 3:18 (14M)

Cathrun Lovepain 3:14 (14M)

Myk Brown 3:24 (14M)

Morey Brown 3:52 (16M, went past intersection)

Dan Kinler 3:30 (13M, turned before intersection)

Molly Brown 4:03 (18M, went past intersection)

Other variations

Amy Dillon 2:23 (10.4M)

Chris Fall 1:49 (8.5M)

Jerry Riddick 1:49 (8.5M)

Mountain Bike

Bruce Gungle 1:30

Chase Duarte 1:30


Joel O'Bryan - thanks Joel for the great shots.

See you next year,


WASSON PEAK - 1/4/15 - 14.2 mi

This years 1st TTR run was held last Sunday. Turnout was lighter than previous years, but the quality of the participants was high.

There were a number of variations , but all seemed to have a good day. Weather and course were perfect as always.

Thanks for coming and we'll see you all next year.

-Jerry R.D.

Full loop

Sion Lupowitz 2:07

Mike Duer 2:22

Ryan Niccum 2:38

Rick Mick 2:39

? 2:59

Joel O'Bryan 3:08

Kamran Talattof 3:08

Alicia Sooter 3:10

Renee Stevens 3:21

Robert Harris 3:27

Alternate Routes (Norris Out and Back)

Mike Roche 2:10(?)

Andrew Harris 2:56

Daniel Harris 3:22

Robert Harris 3:27

Dallas Stevens (Norris Trail)

Kristi Sager (Norris Trail)


It was a warm and beautiful morning in the Tortolitas; it seems like we usually have the coldest weekend of the winter for this run, so this was a nice change. We had 8 runners, 4 did the whole route and 4 did the Wild Mustang part. No reports of wild burros or mustangs along the trail, though a couple of people commented on a large number of rocks on the steep sections of the trails - and lots of reports of great views form the ridge tops. No one got lost, though 3 people missed the final turn back into the parking lot at the end. See you at double Bear next weekend.

Bruce Johnson

Full route

Mike Duer 45 15 miles - 2:49

Sion Lupowitz ? 15 miles - 2:49

Adam McKelvy 32 15 miles - 3:14

Tammy Kovaluk 40 16 miles - 3:51

Wild Mustang loop

Jerry Riddick 63 9 miles - 1:54

Brian Stark 42 9 miles - 2:12

Jorge Reynega 28 9 miles - 2:13

Alfonso Albasan 31 10 miles - 2:13


Bruce Johnson - 60 - 4+ miles

BEAR CANYON LOOP DOUBLE 1/18/15 - 16.8 mi x2


Turns out my record keeping skills could use some work...see corrections below. I also added the times for the double BCL runners (not counting the aid station break) for loop 1 & loop 2 if I received that info at the finish if you are interested.



Double BCL Time

Dennis Pollow 5:12 (loop 1 2:23 / loop 2 ?)

Mike Duer 5:58 (loop 1 2:31 / loop 2 3:12)

Benedict Dugger 6:48 (loop 1 2:45 / loop 2 3:55) - correction

Tim Stackhouse 6:03 (loop 1 2:46 / loop 2 3:13)

Abraham Moreno 7:43 (loop 1 2:52 / loop 2?) + misc swimming miles

Brian Stark 8:59 (loop 1 3:51 / loop 2?)

Corey Keppel 6:47 (loop 1 2:57 / loop 2?)

Patrick Muldowney 8:20 (loop 1 3:30 / loop 2?)

1 1/2 BCL Time

Morey Brown 5:30 (25.7 miles total) - correction

Single BCL Time

Anne Neuenschwander 2:46

Dan Kinler 2:50

Ryan Niccum 2:57

Tonja ? 3:43

Mike Roche 3:08

Adam McKelvy 3:10

Matt Tucker 3:10

Steve Outridge 3:18

Joe Plassman 3:23

David Hall 3:25

Bruce Johnson 3:30

Joel O'Bryan 3:42

Bjorn Wastvedt 3:37

Raoul Erickson 3:30

Ben Markwart 3:38

Tricia Aldridge 4:11 (back phoneline)

Christy Hall 4:05

Dave Hall 4:05

Jim Holmes 3:18

Alfonzo Albason 3:58 (back phoneline) - correction

Miscellaneous Runs Distance / Time

Myk Brown 13.5 / 3:22

Ross Zimmerman 8.75 / ?

Molly Brown 20+ / ?

Jane Larkindale 8ish / ?

AZ TRAIL 50K - 1/25 - 31.2 mi

Hey all,

Sorry for the late report. I had a family emergency & forgot about the results. So here they are.

Full 50k

Mike Duer 5:54

Morey Brown 6:27

Abraham Moreno 6:31

Kathryn Nealy 6:47

To Aid Station & Back (29 miles)

Tim Stackhouse 5:40

Adam McKelvy 6:00

Robert Harris 6:55

Alfonso Albason 6:57


Luis Leon 4:23 (Kentucky Camp)

Jamie Madden 5:59 (Kentucky Camp + some) 26 miles

SOLDIER/LA MILAGROSA LOOP - 2/1/15 - 15.2 mi

Dense fog, a record two-day rainfall, road closings and a barricaded Mt. Lemmon Hwy. were no match for 17 hearty trail runners who took on the Soldier/La Milagrosa Loop this morning. It turned out to be a great day for trail running with no really dangerous water crossings (they were wet, however) and some epic views.

Below are the results:

Thank you all for coming out today.

Steve Hughes

TANQUE VERDE LOOP - 2/22/15 - 28.5 mi

Hello all, we had another perfect weather run, with only 1 emergency room visit, one runner got into a fight with a manzanita bush and the bush won. 4 doing the whole enchilada with all remaining on the trails.

Whole 28.5 mi.

Bryan Bhark 4:56

Ryan Nicium 5:52

Benedic Dugger 5:59

Matt Tucker 6:32

Cowhead 18 mi.

Anne Neuenschwander 3:18 (wow)

Tom Gormley 4:33

Alfonso Allgash 4:57

Javelina 20 mi.

Adam McKelvy 4:35

Morey Brown 5:22

Jorge Rynaya 5:30

Jerry Riddick 5:38

Steve Hughes 6:06

Pam Hoyt 6:48


Wayne Litwiler 4:36 14.2 mi.

Steve Kanoza 1:45 5mi.

Ross Zimmerman Bike rode many miles

Thanks to all my helpers, Donna, Sierra, Ross, and Gary

ESPERERO CANYON LOOP - 3/15/15 - 21 mi

Another run is in the books. It was a beautiful day although a bit warm and windy. We had 19 people start and 21 finishers. Sion Lupowitz and Linda Whelen, but showed up at the finish. The award for traveling the farthest for the run goes to Lara Mainella who joined us from Wisconsin. Thanks to Geoff Schmidt for escorting her on the course. Snake season is apparently here. Benedict Dugger chatted with a Mojave rattler who was sitting in the trail. Thanks to Benedict for removing his new friend before other runners arrived. Alfonso Albason also met 2 rattlers. Perhaps the best siting was the big horn ram that Seth Wall saw. Everyone seemed to enjoy the run and all returned without injury. Below are the results/information we have. Please let us know if there are any corrections.

Full loop of 21 miles:

Mike Duer 3:55

Benedict Dugger 4:13

Seth Wall 4:23 includes running several miles to the start.

Anne Neuenschwander 4:23

William Meikle 4:23

Corey Keppel 4:30

Raoul Erickson 5:15

Tom Gormley 5:25

Dallas Stevens 5:32

Alicia Sooter 5:41

Bruce Johnson 5:50

Jeff Turman 5:58

Jorge Reynaga 6:20

Steve Hughes 6:23

Alfonso Alboson 6:27

Other routes/distance:

Lara Mainella 2:40 out and back on Esperero.

Geoff Schmidt 2:40 out and back on Esperero

Renee Stevens Phoneline 10 miles

Kristi Sagar 3:10 Blacketts Ridge (her first time to the top)

Linda Whelen 68 minutes 7.4 miles on tram road.

Sion Lupowitz 1:18 did 10 miles somewhere in Sabino.

It was our pleasure to host this. We enjoyed the conversation and stories as everyone returned. Looking forward to Steve Hughes doing this on his Eliptigo next year.

Pam and Gary.

MICA MOUNTAIN MARATHON - 3/29/15 - 26.2 mi

We had an excellent turnout for TTR’s famed Mica Mountain Marathon this past Sunday. The sizzling temperatures didn’t seem to phase anyone, besides the mild hallucinations a few reported. A handful of runners did the traditional marathon, while several others opted for another distance. No one got hurt, lost or eaten by a mountain lion, so the day was a success! Shoutout to Gary and Pam for running to Circle K to pick up more water and Gatorade as my reserves began to dwindle! It was with great pleasure to serve as the RD for such a classic TTR run. Appreciate you handing me the reigns, Joe! Thanks to Kristi McCauley for helping me survive ten hours in the heat, waiting for runners to finish.. Now I know how you feel at all of my races!! BRUTAL! Hope everyone had a blast!


Mica + Spud Rock

Catlow Shipek 04:25


Nate Polaske 04:33

Michael Duer 05:35

Kelly Wild 05:39

Benedict Dugger 06:47

Joe Plassmann 07:25

Jorge Reynaga 07:32

Matt Tucker 08:02

Seth Wall 08:02

Abraham Moreno 08:20

Spud Rock

Patrick Muldowney 08:00

Tim Stackhous 05:57

Manning Camp

Doug Loveday 06:25

Cowhead Saddle

Sion Lupowitz 02:47

Corey Keppel 03:39

Nathan Burk 03:45

Fred Roberts 03:47

Seve Outridge 04:24

Alfonso Albason 04:43

Bob Bachani 05:10

David Valenzuela 05:27

Renee Stevens 05:27

Dallas Stevens 05:27

Tricia Aldridge 05:45

Jim Edwards 05:50


Jerry Riddick 22mi 05:37

Joe Dana 3mi 01:00

Christine (unk) 6mi 01:14

Ross Zimmerman 5mi


The new TTR Keystone traverse in the Sierrita mountains was a success in that all runners made it back to the finish with a smile. The Weather cooperated with some cloud cover and mild temps. No wild animal encounters were reported but there were a few cow sightings.

results for the 15 mile course

Mike Duer 2:35:28

Tim Stackhouse 2:35:28

Ryan Niccum 2:59:06 with 16.7 miles (1.7 bonus)

Abraham Moreno 3:03:03

Chris Fall 3:03:03

Steve Outridge 3:14:14

Renee Stevens 3:55:05

Brian Stark 3:55:05

Thanks for coming out and hope everyone had fun!

Robert Harris and Family

MT. BIGELOW ASCENT/DESCENT - 4/12/15 - 30.8 mi

TTR faithful,

Another Mt Bigelow TTR is in the books. It was a perfect day for running - overcast, cool temperatures, moisture in the air. 18 runners headed up at 6:02 am start, plus one later start for 19 total. Cool running into the mist and clouds above Mud Springs was had. The Mt Bigelow run offers lots of variations and distance options and out and backs (o/b). As it turned out, we had 10 different variations on distance run, with only one runner who ran the TTR standard Mt Bigelow out and back via tram road - Tim Stackhouse. There was a bee colony somewhere just above Mud Springs that caused some consternation, stings, and at least one variation to avoid them on the way down. Chris Fall got the worst of it with over 40+ bee strings on his head and torso. A few others reported one or two bee stings. Only one person took a wrong turn, ran a few extra miles than intended but managed to figure it out.

Anyhow, here are the distances run and finishing times I had listed on the time sheets. Let me know if corrections are needed. Thanks very much to Mark Martin setting up and running the upper aid station (a/s), and great watermelon and goodies. The parking lot a/s worked out well with easy access to the transportation and facilities.


Runner name Dist (mi.) age/gen run time

(Mt Bigelow o/b via Phone Line both ways)

Catlow Shipek 32.9 3xM 5:18

Kelly Wild 32.9 37F 6:56

(Mt Bigelow o/b, up PhoneLine, down Tram road)

Sion Lupowitz 32.0 3xM 5:41

Matt Tucker 32.0 43M 6:59

(Mt Bigelow o/b - standard TTR route as published)

Tim Stackhouse* 30.8 33M 6:10

(Aid station and back + some wanderings off trail)

Alfonso Albason 30.3 (GPS) 31M 7:42

(Mt Bigelow up Palisades, down Box Camp, bee avoidance)

Joe Plassman 29.8 49M 7:56

(Mud Springs and back)

Patrick Muldowney 22.4 xxM 5:45

(Mt Bigelow up down to a/s stop)

Jorge Reynaga 16.0 29M 4:24

Brian Stark 16.0 43M 4:29

Steve Outridge 16.0 45M 4:41

Trish Aldridge 16.0 46F 4:46

Renee Stevens 16.0 47F 5:12

David Valenzuela 16.0 56M 5:12

Pam Hoyt 16.0 xxF 5:44

(Aid station - stop)

Mike Duer 14.8 45M 3:18

Chris Fall 14.8 52M 3:54

Bob Bachani 14.8 59M 4:15

Craig Dabler 14.8 51M 4:40

(Sabino Basin out/back)

Jim Edwards 13.1 54M 2:44

(Something random at top)

Dallas Stevens 53M 4:26

* official Bigelow-standard route winner.

Look forward to doing it again next year.

Next published TTR run on the schedule is a Saturday run; the World-famous Multiple Mt Wrightson Massacre on 5/9/15.

Between then-now is the Zane Gray-50 Ultra on 4/25/15. Best wishes to all those heading up for that Mogollon Fun Run.

Regards to all,


MULTIPLE WRIGHTSON MASSACRE - 5/9/15 - 10.4 mi x ?

We had the coolest weather in recent history for the Multiple Mount Wrightson Massacre. It was also Migration Bird Day which must have been the reason for the largest group of visitors we have ever seen. 22 runners showed at varying times and accomplished from one to four ascents. Our first starter was Brian Stark who was attempting a 24 hour Massacre. He was on the trail by 6:45 pm the night before. Dallas hit the trail at 4am and was off to his second ascent by7:20am. Mike Duer and Tim Stackhouse started around 5:30. Bob and Rene were off to their start at 6am. Other pre 7 am starters were Jeff Truman, Robert Harris, and Karen lane who brought four others with her. The 7am’ish starters included Alfonso, Jerry, Patrick, Shawn, Rick Mick and Kate. A new recruit Hillary Biscay and her sister Cameron arrived at 8am for an accent. Deborah Rubens had a late start but completed an ascent in time to visit with some of the other runners.

We had 8 multiple ascenders, twice that of last year. This year’s multiple ascenders included Brian Stark who started and completed his first ascent the night before. Brian had good sense not to continue into the night due to the cold and windy weather he encountered. He started up for his second at 4:40 am and completed four ascents in less than the planned 24 hour period. If the weather had been favorable he would have challenged the record of 6. Dallas completed two ascents looking strong and on his third attempt he cut it short at Josephine saddle after listening to his body. Kate Woodard completed two ascents looking almost rested after her second. Renee completed two in 7:09. Bob B got his two in 7:17. Patrick completed two and Jeff Turman added a few extra miles to his two ascents by taking the Super trail down.

Most of us were able to spend some visiting after completing ascents. We enjoyed Magpies Pizza, lemon Eegees (with the secret ingredients of cherry and blueberry juice), and chocolate cake amongst a array of other nutritious snacks.

The weather was perfect during the day, no casualties we suffered, we had one record challenger and a good turn out. I hope you are all looking forward to next year’s Multiple Mount Wrightson Massacre.

Thank you all for coming out!


Brian Stark 4 ascents 24hour

Dallas Stevens 2.5 ascents 7:56

Renee Stevens 2 ascents 7:09

Bob Bachani 2 ascents 7:17

Patrick Muldowney 2 ascents 7:23

Kate Woodard 2 ascents 7:03 Super return on second

Jeff Turman 2 ascents 8:20 Super return

Mike Duer 1.5 ascents 2:44 first

Kristi Sagar Josephine hike with Mike

Tim Stackhouse 1 ascent 3:20

Robert Harris 1 ascent 3:47

Rick Mick 1 ascent 2:37 Super return

Shawn Moyer 1 ascent 4:15

Deborah Rubens 1 ascent 6:00

Karen Lane 1 ascent 5:20

Greg Bauer 1 ascent 5:20

Kathy Bauer 1 ascent 5:20

Mike Seidel 1 ascent 5:20

Liz Kline 1 ascent 5:20

Hillary Biscay 1 ascent 4:45 Super return from Joes

Cameron ?? 1 ascent 4:45

Jerry Riddick 1 ascent 3:07

Raoul 1 ascent 3:30

Raoul, 520-444-3244, re@idcaz.com

SANTA CATALINA SCENT - 5/17/15 - 25.9 mi

Dear TTRers,

It took a few days to work up the results, mostly because the tally sheets smell like bacon, and I was getting distracted whenever I pulled them out. But, whatever. Here are the results:

Pam Golden Palisades 5:02

Sion Lupowitz Ski Area 5:39 **NEW COURSE RECORD?!?**

Craig Dabler Palisades 4:27

Lucas Tyler Sunset 4:23

Tim Stackhouse Ski Area 6:31

Brian Stark Ski Area 8:53

Adam McKelvy Ski Area 7:11

Chris Anderson Palisades 5:02

Chris Fall Palisades 3:38

Dallas Stevens Sunset 5:40

Renee Stevens Ski Area 7:51 - Note: reports a course distance of 26.29 and a total ascent of 9600. Anyone else have stats?

Molly Brown Ski Area 8:39

Joel O’Bryan Random 8 miles 2:34

Of special note this year is that I don’t think anyone got seriously lost. Maybe Brian took a short wrong turn before Palisades and Molly ran backwards for a while on Butterfly trail, mostly I think just to run backwards on Butterfly trail. Also, Myk Brown attempted to ride a mountain bike on Butterfly trail, I think just to prove what a dumb idea it is to try to ride a mountain bike on Butterfly trail.

Special thanks to Denise Fall and Angie Brown for helping with staffing the aid stations and hauling runners, Joel O’Bryan, Val and “Ender” Myk for hauling runners, and anyone else I forgot to mention for whatever. I enjoyed everyone’s company. Next time I’ll remember to bring soda.

Gory details:

Maybe we’ll run the Ascent again next year, or it’s possible we might design a different Ascent from Prison Camp. Whatever happens it looks like Sion’s record might be safe for at least the next two years.

Note also Adam volunteered to RD a return of the Romero Ascent run in the 2015-2016 schedule. I vote to hold him to it.


Joe P.

SUNSET LOOP - 6/7/15 - 17 mi

It was a perfect day for this very scenic run up high in the Catalinas away from the valley heat. The temperature was 10 degrees cooler than last years run which probably accounted for overall faster times than previous years. Renee shaved 22 minus off last year’s time. 16 runners show mostly starting at 7 am. For the most part the standard full course was followed. A few runners chose a slight variation. Once everyone was off, Joel O’Brian and I went for a short loop run up to Marshall Saddle. Thank you all for coming out and enjoying a fantastic day up in our beauty Catalina mountains. Tim Stackhouse 3:15 Catlow Shipek 3:25 with an additional trip somewhere Mike Duer 3:25 Charlie Ware 3:34 Ryan Niccum 3:41 Morey Brown 4:08 Renee Stevens 4:22 22 minutes faster than last year Matt Tucker 4:30 Dallas Stevens 4:35 Pam Hoyte 4:52 minus Aspen trail leg Kathryn McNealy 5:00 Abraham Morene 5:00 Tricia Aldridge 2:30 8.9 miles Jim Edwards 2:30 8.9 miles Gary Partcher 3:22 hike to Marshall Saddle Joel O’Bryan Marshall Saddle -- Raoul Erickson


We had a tiered start this AM.

*Sabino to Box Camp to Sunset 5AM start

13.6 miles


Chris Fall

Tom Gormley

*Sabino to Box Camp to Sunset, then up the road and back 5AM start

16 ish miles

5 hours and some

Steve Outridge 5:16

*Aspen Loop (Raoul's Run)

17 miles

Mike Duer. 3:14:52

Tim Stackhouse. 3:31

*Sunset Loop 630AM start

16.4 miles


Renee Stevens

Dallas Stevens

*Lower Aspen trail Marshall Gulch 7AM start

6.7 miles


Bruce Johnson

*Sunset to Marshall Gulch to Carter Canyon to Upper Aspen trail, to Lower Aspen trail to Sunset

10.5 miles

Joe Plassman 2:57

Me, I walked up 3 miles on the road and ran down 3.

It was a beautiful drizzly day, 60 degrees.

Happy 4th all