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We take turns directing the runs in our series. When the schedule is prepared in the summer, a run is only finalized if it has a run director. The run director's tasks are as follows:


1.  Send out a note to the group a few days ahead to remind people of that run and share any additional information that's not in the schedule, like current trail conditions.  

    * Note: if you are unable to stay on as run director due to an unforeseen circumstance, seek out a replacement RD. If unsuccessful, send a note out to the group requesting help. If that fails contact Mike Duer for a fill in or cancellation notice.

2.  If there are any aid stations on the run, make sure helpers and supplies are accounted for in advance of the run.

3.  Arrive well before the run begins and sign up participants using the form.

4.  Provide a trail briefing and possibly a map.

5.  Start runners.

6.  Keep an eye on the event and make sure everyone is accounted for. Normally that's a list of finishers, ages, what they ran and how long it took, and perhaps their comments.

7.  If a runner becomes lost, the run director may need to call 911 and arrange a search.

8.  Provide some post-run refreshments. Others may contribute if that's a burden for the run director.

9.  Write a report for the Google Group ttr_az that describes the event within one week after run.

10. If a runner wishes not to have their name listed in the run report - do not use a pseudonym in place of their name - leave them out as these will not be entered into the database.


TTR Run Director Responsibilities


Run Directors (RD) have a few very important responsibilities. First, if for any reason you cannot serve as RD as scheduled, it is your responsibility to find someone to take over. A few people have volunteered to step in as RD; their names are on the schedule. If that doesn’t work, send a note out to the list, hopefully well ahead of time. If you still cannot find someone, contact Mike Duer, 520-867-8594 or sunradolphy@yahoo.com


Before the Run

1) Reminder -- About one week ahead of the run, send a reminder to the TTR list (ttr_az@googlegroups.com). It is good to copy the run description from the year’s schedule. Also note anything else runners might need to know -- how to find the trailhead, odd start time, etc. 

2) Aid -- If you have others helping with aid, be sure to check in with them to confirm they are helping and to coordinate aid. 

3) Refreshments -- It has become custom in recent years for the RD to provide refreshments (non-alcoholic) for the finish. This can be whatever the RD likes to have after a run and does not need to be extravagant, but has included cold water, sports drinks, sodas, chips, cookies, etc. TTR AZ has no funds, so this is the responsibility of the RD. For those who are not RD’s in any year but still want to help out, approach an RD and offer to help with the costs. These costs depend on the number of runners of course, but could be as little as $10 for some drinks and some chips and water. 

 4) Map – Maps for many of our routes are available at the ttr_az web site. When you send out a reminder, you might want to include an attached map from that site or one that you provide. It is a good idea to have maps available to hand out at the run, especially if it is fairly new run for the group or especially difficult to follow.


At the Run

1) Sign Up – Arrive at least 15 minutes before the stated start time. Sign-in sheets are available on line (http://ttraz.net) – click on “Run Director Information”. Be sure to bring several along with pencils/pens. For winter runs, it is often dark before the start, so you may need a couple of flashlights. The information that is required of every runner: name, emergency contact phone number, and make of vehicle and license number of the vehicle that runner arrived in (and is expected to leave in). Ages are also good because that is how times are entered into our database.

2) New Runners – Ask if any runner is new to the course, or hopefully not, new to trail running. In the schedule information, we ask new runners on some runs to contact the RD before the event. This will give the RD time to evaluate and make suggestions to the new runner (“Why don’t you play it safe today and do the 5K Turkey Trot instead!?”). If you find a new runner at the start, be sure to talk to the person and get a sense of the person’s experience and ability to do the run. You can ask some of the other veterans on hand to help with this.

3) Head Count -- Get a head count and make sure that everyone has signed in. Check to see what everyone is doing. If a runner is doing something other than the scheduled run, that should be noted on the sign in sheet. Although it is the runner’s responsibility to tell the RD what’s up, make sure you know what everyone is doing.

4) Trail Briefing -- Give a general description of the route and conditions, mentioning only the most important specifics.  (“At Head-Splitter turn left, NOT right!”)

5) Take Times – Tell people their times as they come in and write them down so you can send out results later.

6) Wait for Everyone -- It is imperative that the RD not leave the finish until all runners are accounted for. In the case of runners who are still out on the course, but who have told the RD not to wait, it is the RD’s responsibility to either trust them to get in or to wait. In the case of leaving with runners on the course, make sure those runners have your phone number to call when they get in.

7) In the event of an emergency, the RD must be prepared to call 911 in a timely manner – they will contact Search and Rescue. It’s better to call early and then call them off than to wait too long. The RD should also call Mike Duer, 520-867-8594


After the Run

1) Results – Send out a note to the TTR list (ttr_az@googlegroups.com) with results - names and times (and ages for the database). Please also include a description of how it went, weather, unusual happenings, etc. Try to do this within a few days of the run.


Questions about being a Run Director? Contact Mike Duer, 520-867-8594 or sunradolphy@yahoo.com


Questions about the schedule? Contact Mike Duer, 520-867-8594 or sunradolphy@yahoo.com

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